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Tricks with clothespins: beautiful and practical DIY craft ideas for your home and garden

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Clothespins can do much more than just hold laundry on the clothesline. They are cheap and have many uses in the house. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to follow our tricks with clothespins and create something beautiful for yourself. Get yourself a pack of clothespins and let’s get started:

Our creative tricks with clothespins

Clothespins in the kitchen - tea bag holder

Clothespins are versatile in the kitchen, and there are undoubtedly more uses for these little accessories than you can imagine. We offer you some interesting and practical craft ideas with clothespins .

Clothespins for use in the home – a popular hack.

Storing packaged food with clothespins

Chip Clips – You don’t need special chip clips to close bags of chips, nuts and other snacks. A clothespin works just as well.

Bag Clamp – When you’ve used up part of a bag of frozen vegetables, close the bag with a clothespin before putting it back in the freezer.

Garbage Bag Holder – Use a clothespin to secure the garbage bag to the edge of the garbage can to keep it from sliding into the garbage can.

Cute napkin holder made from clothespins.

Clothespin craft ideas - make your own napkin holder

Part of hosting is making the place look worthy of a party. This can be in the food, the decorations, or the little details on the table. This project is a simple homemade party helper that you can make with clothespins and a hot glue gun.

Start with a base of about four clothespins pulled apart and glue them together sideways (this base can be as wide as you like). Then pull apart a few more pins and glue them into two fan-like shapes; one fan goes on each side of the base and you have a unique holder for your napkins!

Tricks with clothespins in the kitchen: trivets.

Clothespins tricks - make your own trivets

If you’re serving large dishes, you’ll need a trivet to place them on and not damage the surface of the table. If you pull clothespins apart and glue them together to form a large, fanned-out circle, you’ll have a simple trivet in minutes!

Use clothespins in the bedroom and bathroom

Practical use of clothespins - toothbrush holder

Keep a supply of clothespins in your bedroom and bathroom. Here’s a list of clothespin ideas and tricks we found for you:

Organize your messy closet with a few clothespins. Hang skirts, ties, and other clothing items over a wire hanger and secure them with a few clothespins. You can hang scarves, gloves, socks and other soft accessories by attaching them with clothespins. Basically, you just need to attach one side of the clothespin to a board or other flat surface that you hang on the wall. Another option is to attach the clothespins to the bottom of wire hangers.

Tricks with clothespins - you can use them in many ways in the household

Makeshift toothbrush holders: when you’re traveling, you don’t have to worry about your toothbrush touching the countertop. As long as you have a clothespin, you have a toothbrush holder.

Toothpaste holder: squeeze your toothpaste at the end and secure it with a clothespin to keep the paste from running back into the tube.

Mail organizers made from clothespins help keep your desk neat and tidy

Tricks with clothespins - Mail Organizer

Sorting out new and old mail from huge piles is a tedious task. Solve this problem with mail organizers made of wooden clothespins.

Tricks with clothespins for your garden: flower pots.

Tricks with clothespins for the garden - plant vase

A DIY clothespin flower pot that is perfect to hold small plants and looks very good.

  • Buy some small flowers that you can immediately repot into a pot.
  • Gather all the materials you need for the project and make sure you find a large and clean area where you can try your artistic skills.
  • Here is a list of the materials you will need to make such a special flower pot: A small plastic yogurt cup (but you can use any other cup you have), a bunch of wooden clothespins , a lot of different colored glitter, some clear spray (optional) and a lot of fun.

Craft wooden planters

  • Match the size of the plastic cups to the size of the clothespin, so you don’t see a plastic rim when you pin it to the cup.
  • Optionally, apply glitter to the clothespins, a different color on each clothespin, let dry and then spray on some clear spray to set the glitter and keep it from spreading everywhere.
  • Let the clothespins dry and attach them all around the plastic cup, leaving no space in between.

Stars made from clothespins: Craft ideas for kids

Wooden stars for children - ideas for decoration

With clothespins, even children can make a lot. Clothespins games can be very well organized for children.

About 10-15 minutes

Clothespins (8 pieces in 2 different sizes)
Hot glue

Start by disassembling the clothespins. To do this, you will need to remove the wire spring.
Two parts remain per clothespin. On the backs you will see a small wooden slot. Make sure that these slots face each other and glue the two parts together with hot glue. You will need a total of 8 pieces of this type.
Start building your star by gluing the pieces together. Have fun!