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Summer DIY: paint and embellish wicker bag yourself

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One of the most important accessories for the beach and the outdoor pool is the basket bag. Their natural look and large capacity also make them an ideal companion for every day. Bast baskets are very durable and keep their shape for many years, but they usually have a plain, classic design that can quickly become boring. So how can you jazz up a basket bag and add color? Here we have compiled four of the most beautiful and easiest tutorials!

Spice up basket bag with lettering

paint basket bag yourself with cool saying

A great way to personalize everyday items and accessories is through lettering. First, we’ll show you a tutorial on how to personalize basket bags by painting lettering with a paintbrush. You don’t need to know calligraphy. This is all about drawing and painting!

Materials needed:
Basket, acrylic paint, brush, pencil, black marker (or printer and computer), white multi-surface marker, paper, carbon paper, tape measure and pom poms.

Hello Summer Lettering Template

Step 1: Using a tape measure, measure the area you want to personalize. It is desirable that this is not too small so that it is easier to paint each letter. The larger the letters, the better. Also consider whether you prefer a horizontal, diagonal or even a curved design. You can even combine it with squiggles or a simple pattern.

Decorate basket bag with red lettering

Step 2: You have two options to create your design: You can draw it yourself or print out a design that you created on the computer. Both options are described below. You can use any font for the design: Italic, ligature, uppercase, serif… the possibilities are numerous! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your letters should be wide. This way you can paint them better and they will stand out better against the background of the basket bag. Try different fonts until you achieve the look you want.

Typographic design: download a free font that you like, such as in Dafont. Just install it on your computer, open your text or drawing program, and type in your saying at the size you want. It will be easier if you use a landscape page. Then print the design in black and white and you’re done!

Good Vibes printable template

Handlettering: If you prefer to draw or learn handlettering , all you need is a pencil and paper. Once you like the composition, color the letters with a black marker. The drawing should be fitted into a rectangle with the same dimensions that you took from your basket bag. The most important thing is to visually fit the design to the size of the basket bag.

Step 3: How can we transfer the finished lettering? Simple. Place a piece of carbon paper directly on the basket bag and place your design on it. Then go over the outline of each letter, leaving the inside blank. If it’s more convenient for you, you can cut out the design.

Transfer saying to basket bag

Step 4: It’s time to paint. Prepare acrylic paint and two brushes, a thicker one to cover the entire surface of the letter and a thinner one for holes and small details. You can use both brushes to make your work easier. Since it is a surface with relief and texture, it will be more convenient for you.

basket bag pimp with lettering

Step 5: When the paint is completely dry, you can add some volume to your design by applying a shadow to the outside of the letters with a fine multi-surface marker. There are many brands on the market that can help you. Posca pens, for example, come in a wide range of colors and thicknesses.

Step 6: Finally, you can add your personal touch to the basket bag by adding some pompoms or other pretty decorations. You can make pom poms in different sizes from wool thread , which will perfectly match the colors of the letters.

Watermelon look basket bag

paint basket bag yourself with watermelon motif

Among our favorite summer activities are concerts in the park, open air cinema events, beach days and picnics. So a basket bag is perfect for bringing a beach towel or picnic blanket, snacks, drinks and a warm sweater for chilly evenings. Nothing puts you in a summer mood like a watermelon look!

Materials needed:
Basket bag
Spray paint – pink, green and white (jade green optional).
Black acrylic paint and paint brush
Clear lacquer

Painting this basket bag isn’t about perfect lines, it’s about making it fun and having the colors blend into each other a bit. Kind of like an ombré color gradient. For this reason, don’t use painter’s tape, just hold a piece of cardboard over it so the paint spills over a bit.

basket bag embellish as watermelon

Start by spraying about two-thirds of the bag in white. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so just try it out. The easiest way to paint is to turn the bag upside down and tuck the handles inside. That way they won’t get inked either.

After applying a few coats of white paint, spray on a few coats of green paint. Let each layer dry completely before applying the next. At the border between the white and green paint, you can also spray on some jade green. Next up is the pink. Apply two coats of this color as well.

The last step is to paint watermelon seeds with black paint and a brush. To protect the paint from the weather, spray the bag with clear varnish and everything is ready.

Creative design with stencils

basket bag design with chalk paint

Painting a basket bag with a motif, such as a star or heart, is also not difficult at all. You simply need the appropriate stencil and painter’s tape to attach it to the basket bag. It is simply important to cover all the areas that you do not want to paint. To prevent the bag from constantly collapsing while painting, you can stuff it with kitchen paper or newspaper.

Then you can either use a paint brush and acrylic paint or Chalk Paint Spray. It’s much faster with the spray, though. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry well.

You can also experiment with two or more color designs

basket bag colored self paint

Personalized basket bags for a JGA party.

paint basket bag for JGA party

You want to organize a very special bachelor party at the beach and are looking for cool accessories for the girls or for the bride-to-be? For this occasion, personalized, self-painted basket bags and summer hats are perfect! The best part is that you can color coordinate your designs with the other party elements.

paint basket bag yourself for bachelor party

To paint the basket bags, you will again need only a few materials: acrylic paints in a color of your choice, masking tape, letter stencils, a thin brush and a sponge brush.

*If you don’t have stencils, you can use the carbon paper method.

basket bag paint red and pink

This stripe look is super easy to make. The letters add a personal touch to any basket bag. First, apply the tape to the area where you want the stripes. Make sure to tape off an empty area in the middle for the letters.

basket bag pimp with name

Paint your stripes the color you want! Apply two coats of paint to get good coverage. Only when the paint is completely dry, start stenciling the letters. A sponge brush is the easiest way to do this. Be sure to tape each stencil in place so it doesn’t slip while you paint. After you remove the stencil, you may need to touch up with a small brush and fill in the missing spots. This step can be a little tricky because you are painting on a surface that is not very flat.

spice up paint craft bag

Painting a summer hat


For a well-rounded beach or summer look for the JGA, personalized straw hats are perfect! You can either write the girls’ names or something fun like Bride’s Babes.

You will need:

  • Wide brim beach hat
  • Pencil
  • Black paint (acrylic or fabric paint)
  • Eye shadow sponge brush
  • (optional) pom pom ribbon

Summer hat self paint with lidschatten sponge brush

Here’s how to paint beach hats:

You can draw any name on a hat with a pencil. If you are not sure that your handwriting is nice enough, you can also print the name on paper and transfer it to the hat with the help of carbon paper.

Stylish JGA sun hat do it yourself

Next, take black acrylic paint and a brush with a foam tip and start dabbing the paint along the pencil lines. Be sure to press down a bit as you do this so that the paint can penetrate the straw fibers. Dab as if you were trying to make a line of dots along the pencil lines. Once you have all the pencil lines painted out, let the paint dry. Finally, you can decorate the beach hat with a nice pom pom ribbon.

Make your own sun hat for bachelorette party