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Simple macramé lantern tutorial to dress up glasses for pure romance

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Whether pretty dressed up lanterns for the table or hanging lanterns for even more romance – with the beautiful macramé simply every area becomes a place of well-being. So if you want to create a particularly cozy and nostalgic atmosphere, opt for the typical macramé for the boho style. Today we will show you two variants of how to make a lantern yourself. The first idea simply involves creating a jar with a pretty knotted design, while the second is meant for hanging. It’s best to combine the two to get extra lanterns and at different heights to illuminate and decorate your area. But now let’s get to our first macramé lantern tutorial:

Macrame Lantern Instructions – You’ll need:

Craft ideas for decorations - romantic lighting for indoors and outdoors

For each macramé lantern tutorial you will need almost one and the same materials, namely:

  • any glass jar with a neck (for example, preserving jar or jam jar).
  • Macramé yarn in any color
  • scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Washi tape
  • Candles

For the hanging lantern, also prepare a ring for hanging.

Macramé lantern tutorial – dress up a simple jar with square knots.

Macramé lantern tutorial for dressing up a jar of jam

For this macramé lantern tutorial, start by cutting a piece of yarn that is slightly longer than the circumference of the glass neck. It should end up being long enough to be tied together comfortably. Place this piece in front of you. Then you will need several more pieces (odd number) that are at least twice as long as the glass if you lay them double. Now tie these pieces close together using the lark’s knot on the first piece (lay the yarn double, slip the loop under the other piece of yarn, fold the loop forward over the yarn and the ends through the loop). Don’t forget to leave the two ends free. Tie the yarn around the neck of the jar. The other threads hang freely down.

Macrame lantern tutorial for the lark's knot from yarn

Tie the square knot

Macramé lantern instructions for the square knot

Now you can start tying the knot . The macramé lantern instructions for this seem complicated at first glance, but you will quickly find that they are not. Take two of the lark’s knots. You now have 4 strands to tie. Leave the two middle ones hanging, take the two outer ones and tie a square knot for the macramé. To do this, place the left thread over the two middle ones, then pull the right one through the loop and tighten the two threads.

DIY knotting instructions with macramé yarn for easy projects

Make a total of three or four such knots and repeat with the other strands. Next, make three rows of square knots, only this time they are offset from the first row. This means that you use two adjacent outer strands of two knots as the middle one (the left strand of one knot and the right strand of another). The next one is again staggered and in this way an interesting zigzag pattern is created.

Crafting with thread and preserving jars for beautiful decoration

Knotting pretty patterns

Macramé lantern instructions for tying the strands with square knot

Finishing with zigzag pattern

Pretty macramé design with zigzag look do it yourself

Half stitches as a finish

Half blow as a finish for macramé

The end is formed by so-called half strokes. From the four strands that stick out on one of the sides of a zigzag, take one of the outer ones and hold it. The other three strands are then knotted tightly to this first strand, one after the other, twice with half strokes. In the picture above you can see how half strokes are knotted. Repeat this on the other side. Then you can put tea lights in such jars hanging macramé and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns knotted with yarn with simple design

If you want to make a hanging macramé lantern yourself, you can use this macramé lantern tutorial. This version is made even faster than the first one. You will need five pieces of yarn of the same length. Don’t skimp on the material. The longer they are, the better, because you can always shorten if necessary. Take the ends together, pull them halfway through the ring and tie a knot. Tighten the knot really tight.

Simple model for hanging lanterns with knots

Now lay the ring with the ten strands in front of you and spread the strands out well. At a height of about 1/3 (from the ring), now tie a knot with two strands at a time. Make sure that all the knots in a row are also at the same height. Then make another row of knots, only this time you always tie a strand of one knot to one of another knot. Finally, a little further down, tie all the strands together with a knot and you’re ready to put the lantern in and hang the macramé. A quick, easy, yet impressive macramé lantern DIY!

Macrame lantern tutorial - tie knot and hang with ring

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