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Sea animals tinker with children – fascinating underwater world from all kinds of materials

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sea creatures colored plasticine jellyfish wall shell fish seahorse

Are you looking for ideas for exciting crafts with children in the summer? The theme of the sea and underwater world is undoubtedly something that you immediately associate with the hot months. In today’s post, you’ll find great crafts and ideas to keep the adolescents busy and amused during the summer. Here you will discover many simple and fascinating project and learn how to craft sea creatures. The materials for implementing these craft projects are usually right at hand, too. Create creatures like fish, crabs, jellyfish, seahorses and octopuses and encourage the creativity of your loved ones.

Craft sea creatures with kids – make fish out of shells.

fishes craft underwater world rainbow colors foam shells

If you love to go to the seaside and spent the last vacation with your kids at the beach, then your darling surely brought home some seashells. The shells are a great craft material for your summer craft projects. So, depending on the age of the child, you can craft a rainbow fish together.

sea animals craft shells color wiggle eyes craft materials

Older kids can let their imaginations run wild and get creative. Have the little ones paint the shell in rainbow colors one strip at a time. Cut out the fish fins from foam and attach them. Finally, glue on a wiggle eye and the pretty fish is ready in no time.

Craft fish out of paper – create colorful puffer fish

sea animals craft ideas diy children colorful paper puffer fish

Is your child fascinated by the unique body shape of the puffer fish or spiny fish? Then make the colorful, spherical creatures. Paper is particularly suitable as a craft material for the youngest. Once cut out of paper using a stencil, you can vary the colors to your heart’s content. The cheerful and colorful puffer fish are a beautiful decoration for the long-awaited underwater world party.

Craft sea animals from toilet rolls

koi fish sea creature crafting toilet paper roll sticking painting

Instead of throwing away the empty toilet paper rolls, you can make a koi out of them. These cute sea creatures are also easy to make and require very little materials and time. Squeeze one end of the toilet roll with your fingers and cut off the corners. Glue the fish with construction paper in colors and patterns of your choice and attach the fins. Small wooden beads are ideal for eyes.

koi fishes craft toilet paper roll diy projects for kids underwater world

how to make fishes out of paper koi underwater world

Fish folding made simple

fish folding sea animals craft paper diy ideas

You can fold pretty fish from paper. Of course, it does not always have to be an origami fish. If you are not yet proficient in the origami folding technique or are looking for last-minute craft ideas, you can make accordion sea animals. For the pretty, swimming fish in the picture above, all you need is colored construction paper and a hole punch.

Stick colorful paper scraps on old CDs and turn them into fishes

diy projects for kids fishes paper cuttings glitter stones

sea animals craft materials cd paper glitter

Make fish out of clay

fish making from clay painting decoration gift idea

Fish fishing game to make yourself

magnet fish craft game fishing sea animals

Make underwater animals out of bottle caps and paper

bottle cap paper glitter gel fish crafting

Sew a fabric bag in the shape of a fire for children

fabric bag fish craft sewing diy ideas sea dwellers

Simple ideas for making sea animals – crab and crayfish craft.

crab craft pipe cleaner styrofoam paper sea animals

Other great sea creatures that will immediately make you think of summer, sun and sea are the crabs and crayfish. For example, such a fun crab will look great as a decoration at an underwater birthday party. Made of paper, some bending wire for the crab legs and styrofoam balls (two small and one large half of the ball), the cute creature is quickly made.

Make a crab out of paper plates

crab craft pipe cleaner wiggle eyes dyeing

You can also create a funny crab together with your kids from paper plates and red pipe cleaners. Let your sweetheart paint the paper plates red and create the legs together. The kids will undoubtedly be proud of the oversized crab.

Create underwater world picture

crab craft underwater world picture design shells pipe cleaner

Cute crab topper for straws

crab craft straw decoration paper diy projects for kids

At the next theme party, everyone present will find such a pretty straw topper adorable. At the same time, this decoration is made only of paper. Dare to try and surprise the little guests of honor.

Make an octopus from fleece

sea animals craft with fabric octopus styrofoam ball

Curious and undoubtedly interesting sea creatures are octopuses. What do you think about it, if you together with your child make a sympathetic and cuddly octopus. For the great toy you will need the following materials:

square piece of fleece
a styrofoam ball
narrow, colorful strips
a piece of wide ribbon
felt scraps in white, gray and black

how to make sea animals fabric styrofoam fabric tape wiggle eyes

First cut out a 5 x 5 cm square from each corner of the fleece and then make fringes all around the square. Wrap the styrofoam ball with the fleece and tie a rubber around it. Pull the fabric smooth and braid a braid for each leg.

octopus fabric styrofoam make yourself sea animals craft

Cut the ends of each leg neatly and as straight as possible and embellish them with pretty bows made from the thin fabric ribbon. Tie the wider ribbon into a bandana on the cute creature’s head. From the felt scraps, create the little eyes of the animal. Last but not least, sew the mouth of the octopus.

Craft octopus from paper

diy toilet paper rolls octopus crafting simple sea creatures

If you are looking for suitable DIY projects for small children’s hands, then you can also make this sea creature from a sheet of paper. Simply roll up the paper, make small incisions and roll each strip of paper on a pencil. Then, to their heart’s content, little ones can paint the face happy or angry.

Ideas for cute crochet animals

amigurumi crochet octopus craft sea animals underwater creatures

These cute octopuses are made using the interesting amigurumi crochet technique. What amigurumi crochet actually means as well as great ideas for cute crochet animals and figurines can be found here .

octopus crafting amigurumi underwater world

Make octopus from fabric and decorate with bubble wrap and paint

octopus craft fabric decorate paint bubble wrap diy

Making seahorses from paper plates

seahorse craft paper plate glitter stones sea dweller

If the talk is about the unique sea creatures, then we can not simply pass by the charming seahorses. Children can cut out this fascinating creature from the animal kingdom from the paper plate edge and design it with color of their choice according to their own imagination. Below you will find a template that you can easily transfer to the paper plate.

Create little seahorses out of paper and glitter stones

seahorse craft foam glitter wiggle eyes paper

Create the unusual animals from empty toilet paper rolls

sea animals craft seahorse diy children toilet paper roll wooden stick

Fold origami seahorses

sea animals craft with paper origami folding seahorse

Make sea animals with felt

felt seahorse design seafood craft sewing

Sea animals templates – seahorses free printable

sea animals templates seahorse free printable

Sea animals craft – jellyfish from paper plates and fabric ribbons

paper plate jellyfish craft with kids fabric bow wiggle eyes

You are welcome to make colorful jellyfish with your child. They are a beautiful decoration for the children’s room or for the next garden party. From sturdy paper, paper plates, floating noodles, ribbons and paper strips, the adolescents can create the interesting creatures themselves.

jellyfish craft paper gift ribbons paper craft ideas sea animals

Make jellyfish from floating noodles, bubble wrap and paper

jellyfish craft swimming noodle bubble wrap paper sea animals design

Jellyfish from transparent foil as window decoration

sea animals craft jellyfish foil gift ribbon glitter

jellyfish crafting with kids beads glitter grinding diy for kids

Create a unique underwater world from egg carton

underwater world craft egg carton paper jellyfish fish mermaid

Making starfish out of paper

starfish craft paper sea animals templates paste paint

If you want to bring the summery and sunny mood to your home, you can also make a colorful starfish. With the help of a template, the five-pointed star is quickly cut out. For the decoration you can use glitter, crystals, small shells or sand. Let your kids swing the brush over the paper starfish and conjure up imaginative and colorful sea creatures.

paper starfish crafting ideas

starfish craft with kids decorate sea animals diy

Sew decorative starfish

template starfish fabric buttons decoration sea animals crafting

Starfish template

starfish variations sea animals printable templates

What you can craft for animals in the winter, we show in this article .