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Rocket backpack craft with materials from the household: simple upcycling ideas for little astronauts

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Looking for a cool craft project for your budding astronaut? Then how about a DIY project that sparks the imagination? Whether it’s for play or to complement a carnival costume, you can craft a rocket backpack from simple things you already have at home. Here are a few ideas and instructions that are sure to delight your little astronauts.

DIY rocket backpack from PET bottles

DIY idea for rocket backpack from PET bottles

If you are planning a birthday party on the theme of “outer space” or just looking for inspiration for the children’s costume for carnival, a rocket backpack is the perfect accessory. Not only will the little ones look great, but they’ll also have plenty of creative play options at their disposal. And the best part is that you don’t need any special materials to make a rocket backpack. The following DIY project with PET bottles proves it.

Rocket backpack craft for space costume

You’ll need:

  • two empty PET bottles, at least 1.5 l
  • black felt or other thick fabric
  • yellow, red and orange tissue paper
  • two plain party hats (optional)
  • silver fabric tape
  • metallic silver spray paint
  • hot glue
  • scissors

Here’s how:

  1. Spray the plastic bottles with metallic paint and let them dry completely.
  2. Tape two bottles in place by placing a strip of tape down the center of each bottle.
  3. Cut black felt into five-inch wide and thirty-inch long strips. You will need four strips per backpack.
  4. Glue two pieces of felt to one strip of tape, creating a long strap. The felt adds comfort to the shoulder straps, while the tape adds stability. Repeat the process to make two complete shoulder straps.
  5. Attach both straps to the bottles with a wide strip of tape.
  6. Apply glue to the inner edge of the party hat (if used) and stick it to the bottom of the bottle.
  7. Cover the neck of the bottle with a small piece of tape.
  8. Cut several strips of orange, yellow and red tissue paper and use them to make two similar sized tassels by tying or stapling one end of each tassel together.
  9. Glue the tied ends of the tassel into the spout of the bottle. Repeat the process for both bottles. (You can also use an old tassel garland left over from a child’s birthday or summer party).
  10. Cut the “flames” of the tassel to the desired length. Thus, the rocket backpack is ready!

DIY rocket backpack for kids from PET bottles

Rocket backpack craft from cardboard

With Mardi Gras coming up in a few weeks, now is a good time to make the kids’ costumes. It’s just not worth it to buy an expensive disguise when you can make so many great carnival things yourself without much effort. For example, this idea for crafting a rocket backpack from cardboard is also suitable for crafting beginners.

DIY rocket backpack from cardboard and tape

The following materials are needed:

  • old cardboard
  • packing tape or fabric tape
  • yellow and orange construction paper
  • scissors
  • marker


  1. Use the floppy part of the box to form the main body of the rocket pack. Secure with tape.
  2. Use the long, horizontal part of the box to form the wings. Attach them to the back of the backpack with tape. If you like, use scissors to cut the top of the cardboard rounded.
  3. Cut orange and yellow construction paper into strips. Bring one end together and secure it with tape. Tape it to the inside of the backpack so the “flames” hang out the bottom.
  4. Make ribbons with the tape so your child can wear the rocket backpack.
  5. Ask your child to decorate his cardboard rocket backpack as he likes.

Turn a simple backpack into a rocket backpack

Decorate a backpack with motors

If your child already has a space-themed backpack, you can use a simple trick and turn it into a rocket backpack. It’s really quick and easy!

Materials needed:

  • Children’s backpack (preferably with rocket or space motif).
  • Streamers made of crepe paper (or strips) in yellow, orange, and red
  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard tube
  • black adhesive tape
  • Scissors


  1. Measure the bottom of the backpack and cut a piece of cardboard the same size. This will be the base.
  2. Cut two rings out of the cardboard tube for the motors.
  3. Place the rings on the base to determine where to place them. Mark the base in the center of each ring.
  4. Cut several strips of red, yellow and orange crepe paper. Attach them to the cardboard base where you marked the center of the ring.
  5. Thread the strips through one ring and tape it to the base. Repeat with the second cardboard ring.
  6. Tape the entire cardboard ring with black tape.
  7. Attach the base to the bottom of the backpack and you’re done.