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Reuse old baskets: Great ideas for what you can do with them to beautify the house and garden

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It’s amazing how many great ideas can be realized with little effort. Creative recycling of ordinary items leads to unique pieces of furniture and decoration in our home, adds charm and a pleasant feeling to our everyday life, and also saves money. For example, if you are planning to buy a shelf, look around, maybe you can build a more interesting and beautiful shelf yourself. Besides looking good, you will feel proud of yourself, have fun and reduce the amount of waste. We will show you innovative ideas on how to reuse old baskets to beautifully decorate your home or create new and modern furniture pieces.

Upcycling old items

Upcycling old items

Upcycling is the process of transforming old, unused or discarded materials into something useful, new and beautiful. It’s about saving an item from the landfill, creating something new from it, and using it in a different, unique way. Upcycling doesn’t have to be a time-consuming project. Using a basket for something other than its original purpose is an example of simple upcycling.

Upcycling - wicker as a bed for your pets

Upcycling helps declutter the home and reduces stress in the family. It also helps keep usable waste out of landfills, where it can often have harmful effects on birds, animals and the environment. That’s why you should start upcycling today and breathe new life into old, forgotten baskets that are no longer needed.

Reuse old baskets on your balcony or patio

Reuse old baskets - great ideas

What can you do with old wicker? With a little effort and imagination, you can create something new that no one has ever thought of. So just start from the outside in. Be creative and take care of your plants: Use the old wicker as planters! Woven baskets are stylish and functional planters. Just be sure to line the inside with a plastic bag or keep the plant in its growing pot. Real plants like small fragrant plants or herbs in a wicker basket are a nice addition to your garden, balcony or patio.

Do not forget old baskets in the living room

Basket with logs next to the fire

Use old wicker basket for logs

There are many people who love winter. Maybe you are also a fan of this cold season. You are sitting on the sofa, the fire is blazing and you are watching a movie. You drink a hot chocolate while it’s cold and rainy outside. Your wicker basket is the perfect addition to your fireplace to store logs for those cozy winter nights.

New piece of furniture – a side table

Old baskets as new pieces of furniture - side table

Turn a wire basket or rattan basket upside down to use as a makeshift end table. You could add a painted wooden top to the basket, but you can also omit the top if you want to use the table to stack books or papers.

The beautiful basket lamp is hip

Beautiful and modern wicker lamp - a decorative trend

One of the best ideas we can give you as upcycling fans: Make a new wicker lamp instead of buying those! This lamp will add charm to your living room because it is very modern and stylish. Besides, it perfectly matches all the new decoration trends for spring and summer 2022.

Organize books and magazines

Organize your books and magazines with the help of baskets

If you have a lot of books and magazines and nowhere to put them, a basket can help. Use these containers to keep reading material organized and in one place. A basket looks much nicer than a box or the books lying around everywhere.

Tip: You can also keep the nightstand books in your bedroom just as neat. Attach a rectangular basket to the wall where you will store your books. This is a clever solution if your room is too cramped for a real, larger nightstand.

Reusable old baskets in the kitchen.

Use for napkins, cutlery and more.

Reuse old baskets for cutlery and napkins

A basket lined with a napkin or linen is great for serving bread or crackers at the table. If you’re setting up a buffet, the wicker can also be used for napkins and cutlery.

Beautiful tray for your kitchen

Upcycling - beautiful tray for your kitchen

A shallow, hand-woven seaweed basket can be used to hold small plants or a selection of spices on your kitchen counter. You can gather your herb plants in an old basket to easily relocate the collection to a windowsill when the plants need some sunlight. Or, as an alternative, you can turn this old item into a tray for serving tea. Just be creative and innovative!

Old baskets as vertical storage

Wire baskets for vertical storage

With just a few screws to attach wire baskets to the wall, you can store everything from fruits and vegetables to beautiful flowers , kitchen towels and table runners.

Old baskets can create order in the bathroom

Create order in the bathroom - use wickerwork

You can reuse wicker baskets in your bathroom in a variety of ways: Hung on the wall to serve as open shelves and stacked on the floor to store towels. Vintage items are also perfect for storing toiletries, toilet paper and cleaning products, adding a homey touch to your bathroom. For example, arrange all the toilet paper rolls in a decorative basket so your guests can easily reach for them.

Bathroom storage for towels, toilet paper, etc.

Store or sort linens

Store and sort laundry in old baskets

Larger braids make great laundry baskets. You can also use smaller ones to sort clothing items like socks and underwear. You can put a small basket in each child’s room so they can just throw their dirty laundry in it instead of throwing it on the floor.

Create pet bed

Woven baskets as cozy cat beds

Does your cat need a new bed? Woven baskets can double as cozy cat beds. Line your wicker basket with blankets to create a cozy den for your pet.