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Remodel the Ikea Tarva dresser: 25 DIY ideas for inspiration.

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Tarva is one of the most popular chests of drawers from Ikea, and we are sure that most of you have one or more of them at home, as they are very comfortable and fit into most interiors. But just like most Ikea furniture pieces, Tarva is plain, and this means you have a blank canvas to personalize. So how can you redesign the Ikea Tarva dresser to fit your space, its decor and style? We have a few ideas ready for you.

Ikea Tarva dressers – perfect for DIY projects.

Ikea Tarva dressers 3 5 6 drawers

Tarva is a series of Ikea furniture that has a simple design. Accordingly, they are also very affordable. In addition to chests of drawers, you can also find a bedstead and a nightstand in the series. The material used is solid pine wood, which is sturdy and durable. By oiling, glazing or varnishing it also becomes very durable. Products from the Tarva series are furniture with a simple design language, which has a timeless design.

Ikea Tarva dresser for kids room pimp ideas

It’s a real shame that the Tarva series chests of drawers have just been removed from Ikea’s range. Whether this is temporary or not, the furniture manufacturer has not yet reported. We can only hope that Ikea will bring them back into production soon, as they offer really great DIY projects for any room in the home. Until then, you can, for example, look for a used dresser or check the internet for similar products.

Tarva dresser Ikea remodel changing table

Chests of drawers from the Tarva series are offered in three variants: with 3, 5 and 6 drawers. You can use the classic Tarva dresser not only in the bedroom. It is wonderful as a sideboard in the dining room or as a changing table in the baby’s room. You can also create more storage space in the bathroom with this simple piece of furniture.

Ikea Tarva dresser remodel – what are the options?

before after picture Ikea Tarva dresser pimp

The best thing about Ikea furniture is that it can be redesigned and “hacked” as you like. For almost every piece of Ikea furniture, you can find numerous hacks and variations to spice it up. The same is true for the Tarva series and especially for the chests of drawers. Even the manufacturer advertises that you can personalize the simple dresser with a new coat of paint. Here is an overview of the different ways you can pimp the Ikea Tarva.


5 drawers dresser Tarva stain vintage look

Staining gives wooden furniture a natural and chic look. Pick a suitable wood stain and use it to renovate your Tarva dresser. A good idea would be to combine both paint and stain: Stain only the sides and paint the front, or frame the stained drawers with paint. Change the handles to match the rest of your cabinetry and voila – your new piece of furniture is ready! Staining is perfect if you want to give the Ikea Tarva dresser a different shade. However, before you stain the wood, it needs to be pre-treated.


DIY changing table for baby room from ikea furniture

This is the most popular way to pimp Ikea furniture . For example, you can paint your tarva by hand in a bright color. Stencils can be used to create different shapes and patterns. You can also create an ombre effect by painting each drawer a different shade. Painter’s tape and paint, on the other hand, can be used to create a colorful striped dresser. If the dresser is used in a child’s room, you can turn it into a real work of art. Paint stars, mountains or any other motif that your child likes. Some great ideas for inspiration follow.

Paint two Tarva dressers blue and assemble them.

assemble two dressers paint blue new knobs

Drawers provide plenty of storage space and can be used in any room. If you’re one of those who is always short on storage space, you can assemble two Tarva dressers with five drawers each and make an ultimate storage wonder for the living room yourself. In this example, the dressers are painted in a dark blue tone and paired with brass knobs for a sophisticated touch.

DIY Ombre triple dresser

Dresser 3 drawers paint ombre effect

Ikea Tarva dresser stain and paint the drawer fronts

Drawers paint green ombre effect

Tarva dresser for kids room – paint white and decorate with colorful stripes.

Tarva dresser paint white colorful stripes paint

In the children’s room it may be colorful. Even the plain pine chest of drawers can be transformed with a beautiful design for children without much effort. For example, paint the whole dresser white and then use painter’s tape to create some colorful stripes on the drawers.

DIY dresser with mountains motif

Ikea Tarva 6 drawers paint mountains motif in dark blue

However, you don’t necessarily have to paint the whole dresser. For example, you can use painter’s tape to conjure up this simple mountain motif and the dresser will instantly shine in a new light. This design becomes even more playful if you color the knobs brightly.

Pimping drawers

Drawers with groove look do it yourself like

You can spice up the drawer fronts of your dresser with more than just paint. It’s even easier with stickers, for example, with which great patterns and motifs can be conjured up quickly and easily. And if you no longer like the motif, simply remove the stickers . Another option is various details that you can stick to the drawers to beautify them. Although this variant takes a little more time and effort, as a result you get a dresser that no longer looks cheap and plain at all.

DIY dresser with chevron pattern

Tarva dresser from Ikea pimp instructions

With some wooden elements, you can give the Ikea Tarva dresser a completely new look. For this great hack, for example, a chevron pattern is created from thin wooden strips. The round knobs from the original model are replaced with discreet handles. For more on this DIY project, check out the video.

Carve and paint drawer fronts

Ikea hack Tarva dresser 3 drawers pimping

Wood carving is a beautiful art that creates great designs on the wood panel. However, you don’t have to be an artist to carve a simple pattern on the drawer fronts of your dresser.

How to carve pattern on drawers

Geometric motifs, for example, are not at all difficult to replicate with a saw. Just sketch out the pattern you want first, and then use the saw to cut the lines just a few millimeters into the drawer fronts.

Spruce up the drawers of the Ikea Tarva dresser with jute.

Tarva dresser pimp with jute

In this DIY project, the Ikea Tarva dresser gets a new, original look with some fabric. First, stain the wood in the desired shade and then it comes to decorating the drawers.

Pimp drawer fronts with jute and wooden boards

For this, suitable pieces of jute are measured and glued directly to the drawer fronts. Then the drawers are framed with wooden strips and assembled after a certain drying time. Simple and inexpensive!

DIY Ikea Tarva dresser with beach flair.

great Ikea hack Tarva dresser drawers pimping

We really love this DIY project. With new handles and some rattan fabric, the Tarva dresser is transformed into a real designer piece. And you can do it without painting or staining it, too.

Ikea Hack Tarva dresser pimp

All you need for such a project is a jigsaw and the material you want to showcase in the resulting opening. Use the jigsaw to cut a rectangle in the drawer front and then stretch the fabric on the inside. The project is not at all difficult for a DIYer to execute, and the result is more than satisfactory.

Wallpaper remnants can also be used to spice up the inside of the drawers

decorate drawer with wallpaper remnants inside

Here’s another great idea for personalizing your dresser. Simply line the inside of the drawers with wallpaper remnants or adhesive film to jazz them up.

Replace the knobs of the Ikea Tarva dresser.

Ikea Tarva dresser 3 drawers blue paint leather handles

If just a new color of the dresser is insufficient for you to fall in love with the simple design, then you can also embellish the handles of the dresser or change them altogether. Handles and knobs are usually not expensive at all, but can completely change the look of your furniture. Here are a few ideas.

Ikea’s leather handles are perfect for pimping the Tarva dresser

Tarva dresser paint white attach new handles leather

Seahorses, shells and anchors as knobs for the dresser in a room decorated in a nautical style

Ikea hack dresser paint handles change

Mid-Century Modern dresser: replace the boring knobs with elegant brass handles

Ikea dresser remodel in mid century modern style

New feet for the old dresser

plain dresser from Ikea remodel DIY

The feet of the Tarva dresser are very simple – two rectangular blocks of wood. Although at first glance they do not play such a big role in the design of the dresser, four new legs can completely change the look of the piece of furniture. Just dismantle the old legs and attach the new ones – it’s that simple. You can find great variations at Ikea, as well as other furniture stores.

Kids room idea dresser pink paint

Instead of completely replacing the legs, you can give them a different shape. For example, cut off part of them so that they stand a little at an angle. This may not have such a great effect at first glance, but when the legs are painted and assembled, the difference is already clearly visible.

Ikea hack Tarva dresser remodel in vintage style

The wooden legs can also be shortened or omitted completely, so that the chest of drawers simply stands directly on the floor. If there is already other furniture in the room, simply adapt the design of the chest of drawers to them. Thus, the interior will be coordinated and the room will look harmonious.