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Old teapot as garden decoration: 8 original upcycling ideas to copy

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In the garden you can reuse so many old things . From old dishes to clothes to car tires and much more – the possibilities are simply endless. If you want to beautify your garden with an original decoration, you can upcycle old items and give them a new life. In this post, you’ll find some great ideas on how to use an old teapot as a garden decoration.

Do you have some old teapots (or maybe milk or coffee pots?) at home that are lying deep in the kitchen cabinets or basement? Instead of letting them gather dust, you can turn them into an original garden decoration. So what can you do with the old teapots?

1. plant the old teapot

Reuse old teapots as flower pots

Potted plants look just as beautiful in the garden as they do indoors. Instead of always buying new plant pots for the garden, you can simply plant the old unused dishes . Old teapots are great for this purpose. Whether it’s porcelain decorated with a pretty floral motif or a vintage metal teapot, plants will spruce up any old teapot.

Upcycling ideas garden old teapot planting

This is the easiest, and perhaps most beautiful, way to reuse vintage teapots in the garden. To plant a teapot, first drill a few holes in the bottom to make drainage. Then fill the pot with potting soil and plant whatever your heart desires in it.

Planting old teapot in garden with succulents

Low-growing plants and flowers such as groundcovers, spring flowers, succulents and many more are best for planting. If you have several teapots available right now, you can design a corner of the garden as a pretty teapot garden.

Old teapot paint decorate and plant

Old teapots, which are unsightly, you can decorate as desired before planting with the decoupage technique or simply paint them with acrylic paints. This will make the garden decoration more atmospheric and colorful.

Garden decoration ideas with hanging teapots with plants

You can position the planted teapots anywhere in the garden. Whether on the terrace, on the front of the house or hanging somewhere – you decide.

2. use old teapot as a vase for cut flowers.

Use old teapot as vase with cut flowers

You can not handle the drill yourself or simply do not want to drill through your old teapot? Then use it as a pretty flower vase for cut flowers instead! That way it looks just as pretty and the flowers can always be replaced with others. Fill the pot with water and put the cut flowers in it. Such a vase is also wonderful as a decoration for a garden party .

Cut flowers in vintage teapot as vase

3. DIY wind chime from old teapot and spoons

DIY wind chimes for the garden from old teapot and cutlery

Wind chimes are a great addition to any garden. With a little skill, you can turn the old teapot into an original wind chime and hang it from a tree in the garden. The hanging elements can be created, for example, from old cutlery, preferably spoons, so that there is no risk of injury to children.

Wind chimes from old teapots for the garden

4. homemade garden fountain from old teapots.

Water cascades for the garden from vintage porcelain teapots

From old materials you can also build original water features for the garden. The old teapot is perfect for this purpose, since it serves a similar function anyway. You can also use several teapots and make atmospheric water cascades yourself. The gentle splashing of the water has a very calming and relaxing effect and will enhance any garden.

Water feature garden fountain from old teapot and tea cup

Building a small garden fountain yourself is actually not as hard as you might think. With a little skill and the right building instructions, it will definitely work out.

5. design old teapot as a feeder for small birds.

Bird food teapot do it yourself as a garden decoration

Attracting birds in the garden can enrich the outdoor space not only acoustically and visually, but also help you control pests. Therefore, bird feeder is a really useful addition to your garden. Of course, you can build a classic bird feeder, but it will look even more original if you use an old teapot for it.

Upcycling idea teapot DIY bird feeder

The bird feeder teapot is very easy to recreate. You just need to hang the teapot tilted or attach it to a tree, create a perch for the birds (for example, from a bamboo stick) and fill the teapot with birdseed. Your flying garden friends will surely thank you.

6. garden lighting idea with an old tea pot.

Garden decoration idea with old teapot and solar lights

Solar lights can be used to create great garden decorations that will add romantic light accents to your garden after the sun goes down. An example of this is this original design, where an old teapot was made to look as if it spilled light. To make such a garden decoration yourself, you do not really need expensive tools or materials. An old teapot, a solar light chain and some wire are enough. To do this, use a thin string of lights that you can reshape any way you want so that it replicates running water. Then simply stick it in the teapot and hang it, for example, from a shepherd’s hook.

7. make hanging garden decorations with old teapot yourself.

Upcycling ideas for garden decoration from old teapot

An old teapot can look very decorative in the garden, even without being filled. For example, if you string transparent beads on some nylon threads and put them in the spout, you can recreate the effect of running water as well. Hang the tea pot with “water” tilted over a flower pot and decorate an area in the garden with this interesting construction.

8. build towers from colorful porcelain teapots

Colorful garden decoration make yourself with old teapots from porcelain

From old porcelain dishes, including teapots, you can also build small towers as garden decorations yourself. There are no limits to your imagination!

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