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Neodymium magnets: How to use the rare earth in the home

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In the living room photos from the last vacation are to be attached to the wall , in the bathroom a towel should be hung up ready to hand. Of course, you could use conventional nails or classic towel holders for this purpose. These tools for the household are available in any specialty store for little money. However, there are other alternatives that are not only practical, but also look pretty. Neodymium magnets, for example, are well suited as a fastener, they are versatile.

Neodymium magnets: No home without decoration

neodymium magnets pictures living room wall mount

If you believe a recent survey, for most people pictures on the walls are indispensable accessories. They give the living room a cozy atmosphere and provide comfort. Whether one likes landscape pictures on the walls or whether it may be photographs from the family, is a question of personal taste. In almost every room there are small and larger objects to be attached to the walls. Some of them serve exclusively for visual embellishment, while others must serve a practical purpose. Even in small rooms, space can be made for them, as chic towel racks in a mini-bathroom with shower show.

Neodymium magnets on the wall in the baby room attach shelves and pictures

An attractive alternative to conventional nails are magnets. Modern magnets are characterized by a high adhesive force. This means they hold firmly to the wall or to any surface, making them suitable for fastening a wide variety of items. Neodymium magnets can be used in commercial and private areas and are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. To the magnet store click here, on this page you will find a selection of raw magnets for industry, leisure and hobby.

Neodymium Mangete: Stable hold on many surfaces

Neodymium magnets in the office on the blackboard

Neodymium magnets cannot be compared with conventional magnets. Although they function like a classic magnet , the adhesive properties result from their design and from the material used with its physical properties. An essential component of the magnets is neodymium. This material belongs to the so-called rare earths . The extraction of rare earths is very complex and expensive. These metals are found in only a few places worldwide and in small quantities.

magnets on refrigerator hold notes and family photos

They are often found in areas that are difficult to access and where it is hardly possible to excavate the deposits on a large scale for geographical or political reasons. Nevertheless, rare earths are extracted and used for a wide variety of technical devices. Against this background, magnets made of neodymium are somewhat more expensive than conventional models. Due to their strong hold, they are used in industry, but are also suitable for private use.

Neodymium magnets: Caution at high temperature

Advantages of magnetic board at a glance work

Due to the metal contained, magnets with neodymium content should not be used in high heat. It can reduce the adhesion of the material, so that the magnet detaches from its base. People with a pacemaker should not use these magnets, here there may be an interaction with the device that affects its function. Neodymium magnets should be kept out of the hands of young children. Older children and teenagers may have fun using them when they go for a walk in the great outdoors and try out what these little helpers can be used for. In the household, they are suitable on the one hand as a fastener on different surfaces, on the other hand, they are a pretty decoration in the cabinet or on the shelf due to their smooth surface.