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Make your own wind chimes from driftwood: Instructions for beautiful sound chimes with shells and glass beads.

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A wind chime creates soft sounds that relax us and turn the terrace or balcony into a true oasis of peace and serenity. If it is made of natural materials, it also makes a visual impact. We explain how you can make a wind chime from driftwood yourself. Bring a maritime feeling to the garden with shells, sea glass and glass beads!

Make your own wind chime from driftwood

Wind chimes from driftwood and vuka wood DIY instructions

A wind chime made of driftwood creates a typical sound that relaxes the senses and makes you dream of the sea and summer. Below we explain how you can make such a wind chime yourself. The first instruction is for a wind chime made of vuka and driftwood. Since the vuka wood naturally has holes, you can save yourself the trouble of drilling and just hang the driftwood branches instead.

Wind chime from driftwood as garden decoration tinker

For the second craft idea, you will need several driftwood branches, ceramic beads, string, wooden drill and a knitting needle.

Proceed as follows:

1. first drill a hole in each driftwood branch.

Then thread driftwood branches and ceramic beads alternately. You can use the knitting needle to guide the threads through the holes as you do this.

3.Close the holes with a nice pendant and a double knot.

How to make wind chimes from driftwood and ceramic beads yourself

Of course, you can replace the ceramic beads with glass beads. Choose colors like grass green or azure blue, as they bring a nautical feel to the outdoor space.

Craft wind chimes from driftwood and shells: Instructions

Wind chimes made of driftwood and shells and buttons instructions

Do you have shells and sea glass from your last vacation at the beach or are you planning a weekend at the seaside and then want to collect materials for a wind chime? Below we give you an idea how you can craft a beautiful wind chime with them. You can still spice it up with small buttons, wooden and glass beads and balls of sea glass.

Not all materials can create sounds. If you are not satisfied with the final result only from natural materials, then sound bars or metal bells offer. They can be found in all craft stores and are quick and easy to attach. But other household items, such as spoons made of metal, will make melodic sounds with every touch or in the wind.

Make your own wind chimes from driftwood and glass beads

Wind chimes made from driftwood and glass beads instructions

For the next craft project you will need the following materials and accessories:

  • Glass beads
  • Driftwood
  • Acrylic paints
  • Adhesive tape
  • 7-8 galvanized eyebolts (for wood)
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • an impact drill
  • a suitable wood drill for the impact drill

With a little skill and maybe help from the kids, the wind chime is quickly finished. And thanks to its cheerful colors, it also makes a visual statement and is great for garden decor.

Wind chimes made of shells and driftwood instructions

For the craft project you will need glass and stone beads, string, a long driftwood branch, acrylic paints, a paintbrush and tape.

Wind chime from driftwood paint yourself

The first step is to clean the driftwood branch, let it dry, and then tape strips of tape all around the wood. Leave a 4-6 cm gap between the tape strips. Now you can paint the wood as you like. First apply a base color, let it dry and then dot the wood. If you wish, you can also paint different motifs such as stars, suns, waves and so on. Let the colors dry and then carefully remove the tape. You can carefully wipe off any paint or glue residue with a sponge.

How to make wind chimes from driftwood DIY ideas

Next, you need to screw the screw hooks into the driftwood. The quickest way to do this is to pre-drill the holes first, then hand screw the eyebolt as far as you can. For the last turns you can use pliers.

Wind chime from driftwood with glass beads ideas

Starting at the two ends of the driftwood branch, knot first two 15 cm, then two 20 cm, then two 25 cm and in the middle a 30 cm piece of twine to the eyebolts. Then thread beads onto each piece of twine. Then tie a double knot.

Wind chime from driftwood DIY ideas with glass beads

The finished wind chime is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye with its cheerful colors.

DIY wind chime made of driftwood, shells and sea glass.

Wind chimes from driftwood and shells do it yourself tutorial

The last DIY idea is super simple and can be realized without much effort and tools. For the wind chime made of driftwood, shells and sea glass, you will need the following materials:

  • Shells
  • Sea glass
  • two pieces of driftwood
  • Jute cord

Simply cut several pieces of jute cord and use them to hang the shells and sea glass pieces. To do this, wrap the cord pieces around the wood twice and tie a double knot.

Hang half of the shells on the first piece of driftwood and the rest on the second. Now all that remains is to connect the two driftwood branches – simply knot a piece of jute cord first to the top piece of wood and then to the bottom piece. Just to be sure, check to make sure the chime is balanced.

Wind chimes made of driftwood and shells and buttons instructions