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Make your own macramé bag – Knot a shopping bag, clutch or yoga bag

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Everything currently revolves around Boho and who wants to fully adapt to the style, can not get around the romantic macramé. Whether as a hanging basket or simple wall decoration, the knotted trinkets look simply wonderful and radiate a special charm. Do you feel like getting a little creative again and would also like to complement your macramé collection with something new? We suggest you a practical macramé bag, which you can not only use sustainably for shopping, but will also be very practical in general for everyday life. After all, we women always have plenty of luggage! How you can make a macramé bag easily and quickly yourself, we show you in today’s article. Included is a tutorial for a shopping net, for a clutch and for a yoga bag.

Macramé shopping bag – free tutorial for beginners

Macrame bag and pouch knotting with homemade straps or those made from rings

A macramé net bag is pretty to look at and very useful especially for shopping. A wide variety of products can be transported in it without the risk of it tearing like plastic bags. And the best thing is that it can be used over and over again, which of course saves the environment . You will need 4 mm thick macramé yarn (or thinner if you prefer), as well as scissors and a ruler or tape measure. Then you can get started and make your own macramé bag.

Weave the handles for the macramé bag

Macramé bag - weave handle for shopping bag

First, you can make two handles for the macramé bag or the net itself. For this, you simply braid the yarn like a braid. This works easiest if you tape the ends to a table or place a heavy object on it. Once you have braided two handles, you can tie the two ends of each rope together using a wrap knot.

Wrap knot to fix the ends of the straps or handles

To do this, take a small piece of rope, form a loop with it at one end, and place the ends of the handle on the loop. Then wrap the longer end of the loop around both ends of the handle towards the loop. You will then put the remaining thread through the remaining loop, after which you will pull on the yarn end on the other side so that the loop is tightened. Repeat with the other handle of the macramé bag.

Make your own macramé bag for shopping - cross knot design for beginners

Alternative to the braided handle

Tip: Instead of braiding handles, you can use ready-made rings made of wood or plastic, and then tie the macramé bag to them. Or just choose a different design that is a little more interesting than the braided one. For example, how about the following variation (rib knot):

Macramé bag - idea for handle of a clutch or other ladies bag

Macramé Bag Instructions

Macramé bag - lark's head knot to tie on the handles

You can now tie the macramé bag to the handles. It is especially easy to work if you pull the handles over a bar and then place the bar slightly elevated (for example, between two chair backs). For a bag with a size of 42 x 23 cm (without handles) you need 14 strings with a length of 2 meters per handle. But of course, you can use more and/or longer strings if you need a larger shopping bag.

Instructions for lark's head knot to tie on a handle or strap.

You then tie the prepared pieces of twine to the handles using the so-called lark’s head knot. For this, choose that part of the handles with the winding knots to conceal them at the same time. For this type of knot, take a piece of yarn, fold it over once in the middle, put the loop obtained around the handle and pull the two ends hanging down through the loop. Then you are ready to tie the macramé bag:

Tie macramé bag with square knot for a coarse or fine mesh design

The bag is first made of simple square knots, knotted from four strands each. In the instructions above you can see how to make this knot. Make three rows of these knots. Then you need to connect the two sides of the bag obtained. Again, you will use the square knot for this. Take the last two strands of each side of the handles and tie as just three rows of square knots.

Tie three rows of square knots for macramé bag

The rest of the macramé bag is made even easier: At a small distance from the three rows tie them again square knots. Then again leave the same distance and add more square knots, but this time staggered. To do this, always take the two right strands from one knot and the two left of the next together. Continue like this until you reach the bottom or the desired length of the bag.

Knot bag from yarn for sustainable shopping without plastic

Macramé bag DIY – Close the bottom of the bag.

Tie shopping net and fix it with glue for better hold

Again, make three rows of square knots as you did at the beginning of the bag. Then you can take the bag from the bar and put it in front of you. Now always knot two strands of one side of the bag with the two opposite on the other side of the bag. Make double knots to make a heavy duty bag bottom. Trim off the excess ends. You can now turn the macramé bag inside out, or leave it as is and use spray adhesive to further secure the end knots.

Macramé handbag – instructions

Make your own ladies bag with tight square knots as a tutorial for beginners

Would you rather make a handbag yourself instead ? No problem! You can use the same instructions and simply tie the knots closer together to make the macramé bag opaque. The macramé handbag DIY will be especially easy if you also use ready-made rings, as already mentioned, to which you knot the actual bags.

Handbag knot like bag but with smaller stitches

Homemade bag bag for ladies

Make front and back by yourself and then tie or sew them together

Would you also like to have some peppy fringes? You can get a macramé bag with fringes, for example, by not cutting off the knotted ends of the bag described above at the end, but just shortening them if necessary and then combing the yarn apart with a fine-toothed comb.

Macramé bag with long fringes as a handbag in boho look

Of course, if you like, you can try your hand at interesting knotting patterns if the design made from square knots seems a little too boring after all. There are plenty of video tutorials online that you can use for this purpose.

Instructions for macramé bag – make clutch bags yourself.

DIY macramé bag - clutch with fringes and straps with rib knot

From the same square knots as for the macramé net, tie such a clutch. Stretch a long piece of yarn and tie to it with the lark’s head knot the desired number of pieces of yarn (depending on how wide you want the macramé bag). These should be about 4 yards long.

Tie clutch with simple square knot in desired length

Then tie many rows of square knots until you reach the desired bag size. You can always fold over the knotted strip in between to check how tall the clutch has already become.

Knotting a diagonal with half stitch as a pretty pattern

Once you are satisfied with the length, you can taper the knot pattern towards the bottom. Then, knot a Diagonal Half Stroke on both sides and from the top to the bottom, or from the outside to the center. From the top, leave a small space and then tie four square knots. From the four hanging strands of this row of knots, take the middle two and tuck through from the top – between the strands where you left a space.

Tie knots as decoration and cut fringes

Pull the strands tight so that you get a large knot that looks like a button. Use the two outer strands that you didn’t just pull through to secure the large knot with a square knot. You now tie the same knot several times along the diagonal, after which you tie the diagonal half-loop again on both sides. Take everything from the bar and place it in front of you. You can now trim the excess ends along the diagonals to the desired fringe length and comb through.

Sew the clutch together

Macrame bag tutorial in German - Sew and make straps yourself with carabiner

Fold the long side over to the beginning of the diagonal. Thread the yarn you used earlier for hanging through a large crochet hook and sew the two layers of the macramé bag together, always passing it through the stitches (just like when you crochet bags and then sew them together). Once you reach the bottom of the corner, poke the needle inside the bag and knot the end. This way the knot will not be visible. Trim off the excess and repeat on the other side. With this, the macramé bag with fringe is also ready and can be used. But you can also add a strap to hang around, for example, by tying yarn with the rib knot ( very popular for bracelets ) to a ring with a carabiner.

Make macramé bag yourself – instruction for macramé yoga bag.

Simple yoga bag in boho mesh look

Stretch a piece of rope as you did for the clutch. Then you can knot the pieces of yarn for the bag to it. Do not pull them too tight, because the opening there should be able to be pulled shut later. Now knot any pattern you like. A simple square knot design as for the grocery bag is quite sufficient. You should end up with a tube whose lower end you simply knot. The top opening remains open so you can slide the yoga mat inside. Then pull the ends of the rope (shorten them if necessary) that you took for stretching to close the macramé bag and tie a bow.

DIY straps with rib knot and rings for yoga mats

Now you can make a carrier, as for the clutch. Instead of a whole bag, you can just tie straps to rings and then tie them around the rolled up mat.

Macramé bag knotting with simple square knots or interesting patterns

Yellow boho bag with narrow and wide stitches