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Make your own grave arrangements: Tips and instructions for making a flower arrangement for the cemetery.

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Have you ever seen the prices for cemetery flowers? Of course, the florist has special skills, and we respect that, but it is not always in the budget. You can make your own grave arrangements, and you can, easily and without special skills. Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so!

Make your own grave arrangements

Make your own grave arrangements - you can use silk flowers or fresh flowers

Flower arrangements for graves can be made with minimal time and effort and often at a fraction of the cost of pre-made arrangements. Homemade grave arrangements are an attractive alternative to store-bought ones. They offer a more personal touch that highlights the emotional connection the creator has with the deceased.

These floral arrangements can be designed in a variety of ways. For more visual appeal, add other items to the containers, such as small teddy bears, tags or photos.

Follow our simple instructions to craft grave arrangements on a budget. All you need are a few simple tools that you probably already own.

What to look for in a floral arrangement

Don’t be put off by the idea of making a grave arrangement yourself. It’s really quite simple. It’s all about symmetry. Just keep things reasonably symmetrical. You can make your floral arrangement as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Instructions for making a DIY grave arrangement

Follow our instructions on how to make a grave arrangement yourself

Materials needed

3 bouquets of silk flowers
2 bouquets of greenery to fill in
1 styrofoam cone
1 flower vase of your choice

Once you start adding the pieces, the inside of the Styrofoam cone will get full and you’ll need to get a little creative.

Tools needed

Wire cutters or a good pair of craft scissors
A large empty, clean food can to use as a stand. Use a food can to hold the styrofoam while you make the flower arrangement

What to consider when making a flower arrangement

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1
It’s best to use a large can to hold up the Styrofoam while you craft the arrangement. Just pick up a vegetable can. They clean up well in the dishwasher and we recommend having one on hand for this purpose. Place your styrofoam flower foam cone in the can with the wide side facing up.

Step 2
The goal is to maintain symmetry. Start by sticking a tall flower stem into the center of the foam. You don’t need hot glue because these flower arrangements hold well. If you leave the stems longer, the arrangement will be taller. You will need many flower bouquets for a taller arrangement and a larger foam cone.

What flowers can you put on a grave

Step 3
Place the next four stems on each side, matching the height of the first stem and the other stems so they are symmetrical. Then add silk flowers from there, making sure everything lines up nicely. Cut the stems with wire cutters so they don’t extend beyond the sides of the foam base.

Then add more stems in between these four. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the number of flowers.

Step 4
After you have added all the flower stems, start filling with the greenery. Use everything you have, including the leaves from the flower stems, to make your graveyard flowers very full and beautiful.

Take with you to the cemetery:

A knife in case you need to cut the Styrofoam to make it fit.
Broom to sweep off the headstone
Trash bag for the old flowers you will be removing

What flowers can you put on a grave

Make your own grave arrangements - tips and instructions for making a flower arrangement for the cemetery

Silk flowers are perfect for grave decoration. They stand up well to wind, rain and sun for a few months. It is best to replace them when they begin to fade in the sun. But you can also put fresh flowers on a grave and make beautiful fresh grave arrangements yourself.