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Make your own Christmas games – fun DIY ideas for home & to give as a gift

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At Christmas, the family finally gets together and quite often even good friends are there. So it’s a wonderful idea to play some Christmas games and have some real fun, isn’t it? You can even make such games yourself. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make really entertaining Christmas games yourself! And today we will show you a few such ideas, the making of which will not take much time and effort. Or are you still missing a Christmas gift for some friends or colleagues? Then you can give them a game for Christmas, which they can then play right away at Christmas!

Christmas games to make yourself - ideas for children and adults

Make your own Christmas games with cups – Santa hat

Building a tower with children - Stacking red cups and white pom-poms

Are you looking for Christmas games for kids that are just as fun for adults and therefore perfect to use as family games at Christmas, this idea might be just the ticket. All you need are red plastic or paper cups and small white pom-poms (if you can’t find red cups, just paint them or wrap them with red paper) if you want to make this Christmas games idea yourself. All materials are then placed on the table and the game can begin:

A cup is placed upside down on the table. Now the first player puts a pom-pom on the cup, the next puts a cup over it, then comes another pom-pom and so on. This creates a leaning tower, which sooner or later falls over (or the bobble falls down because it is too crooked). The player to whom this happens is eliminated. Play continues until only one player is left, who is of course the winner.

Alternatively, only one player can stack at first and, once the tower has fallen over, it is the next player’s turn. Count the number of cups reached in the process. The winner is the player who has stacked the most cups. This game can also be packaged (several cups stacked inside each other and filled with the pom-poms) and then given as a gift. However, don’t forget to include game instructions.

Ring toss game with a difference

Ring toss as Christmas games to make yourself with reindeer antlers

A game for Christmas that is guaranteed to get lots of laughs! For one thing, you’ll need reindeer antlers for the head. Hair bands with antlers made of felt can be found everywhere and are perfectly suitable. Alternatively, you can also use large inflatable antlers, which are available on Amazon and elsewhere. Then you will need pipe cleaners in red and/or white or green. Make the rings out of two of them by first twirling them together and then forming them into a ring. Now just put on the antlers and the Christmas game for kids and adults can begin!

Funny Christmas games to make yourself - antlers from felt or inflatable and rings from pipe cleaners

Christmas games do it yourself – Snowman Bowling

Make your own Christmas games - bowling out of boxes for kids

Use a free afternoon to do handicrafts together with the children. And in the process, you can also make creative Christmas games yourself. A great idea, for example, is this snowman bowling. Make the snowman out of simple shoe boxes. Paint the boxes with white paint and let them dry. From orange paper cut out a pointed triangle for the carrot nose and with black paints paint on eyes and mouth (mouth can also be red). The buttons are made of white pom-poms and the arms are made of real twigs. If you want, you can also make a hat or cap out of paper.

Make your own Christmas games - instructions for a snowman made of shoe boxes

Tic Tac Toe – Crafting the classic for Christmas

Tic Tac Toe as Christmas games make yourself with corks and felt

So simple, yet so addictive – Tic Tac Toe is one of the best time-killers and games for two, as it doesn’t in itself require any special materials to be played – simply draw a grid and then take turns drawing either a circle or a cross in one of the squares you get. The first person to be able to place their mark in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally wins. So this is one option if you want to make Christmas games yourself spontaneously and without any preparation for Christmas.

Tic Tac Toe on a little bag made of linen and give it as a gift

However, you can invest a little time in advance and prepare a game board along with game pieces. You will need 10 corks, half of which you will paint with white acrylic paint and the other with beige or brown acrylic paint. Probably several layers are necessary to get an opaque color. Then glue wiggle eyes on the brown corks and draw snowman details on the white ones. You can then cut antlers and some hair (like for Olaf) out of felt and glue them to the corks. The game board is also made of felt. You can use a simple zigzag seam to create the squares or the grid (draw the lines in pencil). However, a simple textile pen or a sharpie is also suitable if you make a game board for this kind of Christmas games yourself.

Idea: You can also use a small bag as a game board and paint the grid there with textile paints or a sharpie (or glue pieces of string). The game board can then be conveniently used to store the game pieces.

Funny Christmas games for groups – Lucky you

Christmas games - The classic

Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht is such a game that you either love above all or simply hate. If you belong to the first group and are looking for Christmas games as gifts to roll the dice, you can make this classic as an idea for Christmas games yourself by making it in a Christmas variant. So, no classic game pieces, but ones that remind you of Christmas. The perfect idea for a Christmas gift for family, friends or if you do Secret Santa with colleagues ! You will need:

  • Air-drying craft clay
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brush
  • Shish kebab
  • Cork board (20.5 x 20.5 cm)
  • Cutter or carpet knife for cutting the cork plate to size
  • ruler
  • paper and pencil
  • black sharpie

Play figures themselves for Christmas games from craft clay - snowman, fir tree, candy cane and Santa Claus cap

And so you can do yourself this fancy idea for Christmas games: You can make any game figure shapes from the craft clay. You can choose one figure and paint it with a different color for each player, or make it even more interesting and choose a completely different figure for each of the four players (like in Monopoly). In the example, snowmen, fir trees, candy canes and Santa hats were chosen. Perhaps you can think of other ideas as well. In the instructions you can see which elements were used to make the example figures. It is important that you make a level surface for the figures to stand on later. Once the clay has dried, you can paint the figures with acrylic paints.

Making the game board

Paint a cork board and use it for a Christmas board game

Next, make the game board. Paint the cork board with white acrylic paint and let it dry. Then apply another coat or two if necessary. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, you can paint on the game boards. We recommend that you first draw them on a piece of paper the same size as the corkboard. You can then cut this out and use it as a template for the plate. Transfer paper, which you should be able to find at a craft store, is also suitable for transferring. Once you have drawn the squares with the sharpie, you can color the squares where it is necessary (in the example: red for the Santa hats, white for the snowmen, green for the Christmas trees and white and red stripes for the candy canes). Done! Isn’t this a really wonderful gift idea? Perfect for Christmas games for family and friends.

Board games for Christmas tinker as gifts - idea with cork and clay

Christmas games for toddlers

Christmas games for toddlers - Pinning game with colors in the shape of a Christmas tree

Children also want to be kept busy at Christmas and this is especially true for toddlers who cannot yet participate in the game ideas already mentioned. So you need suitable games for Christmas for them too. So that the adults can play in peace without the child getting bored and interrupting everyone all the time, make sure that he has his fun as well. How about this sorting game?

  • Cardboard
  • Construction paper in green and in the colors of the balls
  • Wooden pole
  • Cable ties
  • 2 wire baskets
  • glue
  • scissors
  • wide adhesive tape
  • plastic balls in different colors

Christmas tree from cardboard craft for small children

Cut out of the cardboard either two equal right-angled triangles, from which you will then assemble the fir tree, or equal to one large isosceles triangle. Place it on the green paper, trace the outlines and cut out the triangle obtained. Now mark on the cardboard the points where the holes should be and cut them out. Put the cardboard back on the green paper and trace the outlines of these holes. Cut them out on the green paper as well and use the cut out elements to make the colored rings of the correct size.

Sticking game for toddlers at Christmas - Learning colors with balls

Glue the green triangle on the cardboard and then glue the colored rings around the holes. From paper in yellow color you can now cut out another star and glue it to the top. Fix a wooden pole in the center of the back of the fir tree with adhesive tape and then attach this pole together with the tree to the wire basket with the help of cable ties. This way, when the balls are put through, they will land in the basket and not roll all over the room. Fill the other basket with the balls. Done!

Christmas games with gifts – can throwing with snowmen.

Can throwing in a different way with cups as snowmen

This idea for Christmas games for adults and children is equally quick to make and can be expanded by “hiding” small gifts in the Christmas game. For example, you can put candy under all the cups or just under one of them. The candy under the overturned cups can then be kept by the thrower. Other small gifts are also suitable. Would you like to make this simple idea for Christmas games yourself? Then you need:

  • 6 white cups
  • foam rubber, felt or construction paper
  • white socks or large white pom-poms
  • glue
  • Scissors

Cut out the elements for the snowman’s face from foam rubber, felt or paper and glue them onto the cups. Stack the finished cups on top of each other in a pyramid shape and the game can begin! Since balls are not necessarily suitable for playing indoors, you can use soft pom-poms for throwing or rolled-up socks.

Make your own Christmas games – paint a snowman on your own head.

Drawing at Christmas on paper plates - Funny Christmas game for several people

A paper plate and a felt tip pen per player – that’s all you need for this super fun game. Everyone holds a paper plate on their head and then has to draw a snowman (or another pre-determined motif) themselves with the pen. However, you don’t just draw away. One of the people present does not play along directly, but reads out the tasks:

Painting snowman on the head - family game for Christmas with few materials

  • Draw a line for the ground/snow.
  • Draw a big ball for the snowman body, on top of it a medium sized one and on top of it a smaller one for the head.
  • Now draw a carrot for the nose.
  • Add two eyes and dots for the mouth from pieces of cabbage.
  • Now you are missing a scarf.
  • Now come the arms from twigs.
  • And finally you draw the hat.

The finished pictures will look so funny that everyone is guaranteed to have a good laugh!

Christmas gifts distribution in the game

Unwrapping Christmas presents with oven gloves - Funny game for the whole family

Wrapping the gift and tearing apart the wrapping paper full of excitement and curiosity – no way ! This year, unwrapping Christmas presents will be a real challenge that will make the excitement even higher. Everyone gets oven mitts on and has to unwrap their gift that way. It’s harder than it may sound. The whole family will laugh tears, I promise!