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Make headboard for bed yourself with floating noodles – Cool DIY project to spice up your bedroom

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A bed without a headboard is a nice thing in itself, if you like simplicity. But sometimes you like to spice up bedsteads without a headboard with a board behind the bed – once, because it can give the bed extra charm and also because this way you get a good backrest so as not to dirty the wall. How about making such a headboard yourself ? The board for the bed is perfect to give a personalized touch to your sleeping area. You can use it to create something very special, picking up any style elements of the room. Ever heard of the idea of using pool noodles? What sounds rather kitschy at first turns out to be a wonderfully elegant accessory! Namely, you can make a padded headboard for the bed yourself with swimming noodles!

Create vertical or horizontal stripes for the headboard with velvet or faux leather

Crafting with floating noodles is not a novelty, but the idea of making a backrest for the bed yourself from them, you might not have thought of. We have, among other things, a practical tutorial for you, with which you can make a headboard for the bed yourself from velvet and pool noodles or pipe insulation – and even the biggest beginners can do it!

Make your own bed headboard with pool noodles – elegance in velvet

Make headboard for bed yourself with floating noodles - Simple DIY Project

Our first idea has the curved shape of a rainbow. This also lends itself to making each pool noodle a different color, imitating the rainbow colors (in bold colors for a child’s room, for example, or in delicate pastel shades). This idea is perfect if your bed does not have a headboard or you would like to replace it. Here’s what you need if you want to make this headboard for bed yourself:

  • Approx. 10 pipe insulations (2.5 cm thick)
  • 4 floating noodles
  • PVC rigid foam board
  • Topper for mattresses (made of visco foam, 4 cm thick or not thicker than the diameter of the tubes/noodles)
  • low temperature hot glue gun and suitable glue
  • spray adhesive
  • wide adhesive tape
  • carpet knife
  • 7 meters of fabric of your choice

Make the upholstered headboard for the bed yourself – instructions.

Make headboard for bed yourself with floating noodles and velvet

First, think about how big you want your headboard to be. In the example, the dimensions are 152 x 228 cm. It is wider than the bed and thus also provides a nice backdrop for the nightstands. But you can also make a headboard for the bed itself, which will end with the bed. Now form a bow from the floating noodles and insulation by cutting them accordingly and temporarily sticking them together with tape. The pole noodles are best used on the outside, as they are more stable and keep the insulations in shape.

Headboard for bed make yourself with swimming noodles, pipe insulation and topper

Then cut the plate. It should be a little narrower than the arch. If you determine the dimensions in advance, you could also have it done at the hardware store. Then cover the insulations and pool noodles with fabric by cutting it to size and fixing it with spray adhesive. This works especially easily with the insulations because they are cut open and you can perfectly place the fabric inside there, glue it down and then pull it tight. The floating noodles, you must first cut yourself lengthwise.

Make padded headboard for bed yourself with pool noodles and rigid foam board

Once the noodles are disguised, temporarily fix them back on the plate. Now measure the area underneath and transfer the shape to the topper, as you will eventually build a padded headboard for the bed itself. You can take an old sheet or something similar to help you with this. Cut out this shape from the topper, spray the sheet with glue and attach the topper. After that, spray the topper as well and cover it with the fabric. After that, glue the bow as well and cut off the top two corners so that the plate has the same curve as the bow.

Floating noodles as decoration for the bed headboard

Decoration for the headboard for the bed make yourself with floating noodles, yarn and rope

If your bed already has a headboard, you can still jazz it up with pool noodles and add a nice decoration. Also this accessory to beautify beds with headboard has a rainbow shape and can be adapted to any interior style with the help of the fabrics used. If you want to build the headboard for the bed yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • floating noodles (in the example 8 pieces)
  • thick yarn or thin rope (the thinner the yarn, the longer it takes to wrap)
  • hot glue
  • wide adhesive tape
  • thick rope
  • optional clamps as an aid

How to make the accessory

DIY headboard made of pool noodles in rainbow shape

Since you also make this headboard for the bed itself with swimming noodles, of course, the first thing you do is prepare them. In the example, the smallest and lowest bow consists of a whole pool noodle and a small piece of another. But you could also start with a whole one. It all depends on how big you want your arch to be. You then wrap the cut pool noodles with the yarn, securing it with glue every 3-5 rows.

Wrap the floating noodles with thick yarn and glue them down

Tip: Wrapping works easier if you twist the noodle instead of moving the ball around the noodles. Depending on the thickness of the yarn and the time you have, this can take anywhere from several hours to even a few days.

Rainbow craft from pool noodles - cool accessory for the bedroom

Then, gradually put the finished floating noodles back together like a bow, which also takes a little more time. Take the smallest roll and put on the second. Apply a generous blob of glue to one end and hold the two pool noodles together for a while until the glue dries. Continue to work your way to the other side in this manner at intervals. Use clamps to hold the elements together during the gluing process.

Decorate bedroom with cool decorative headboard

Finally, make the fringes from the thick rope. To do this, always fold a piece in half and insert (and glue) it into the opening of the floating noodle. You determine the length yourself. Be generous with the glue here. You can leave the ropes as they are or thread them apart. Now you just need to attach the accessory to the board above the bed – with glue and a few screws for more support.

Glue thick ropes as fringes into pool noodles for nautical or boho flair

Half floating noodles on a board

Chic headboard in black or bright colors for the children's room

If you have an unsightly board as a headboard and want to spruce it up a bit, you can also transform it with pool noodles. So you don’t have to start from scratch if you want to make a bed headboard yourself, you can make wonderful use of what you have and upholster it. If you want to make a headboard for the bed yourself with upholstery, the inexpensive floating noodles come to your aid again in the best way.

Make your own headboard for bed with pool noodles - vertically or horizontally upholstered

Cut the foam noodles in half lengthwise. Then arrange them on the board, horizontally or vertically as you like. If necessary, combine two noodles again if the individual ones are too short. Now you can cover the individual elements separately, or first glue them and then cover them. If you use wood as a base, you can also stretch the fabric using a stapler instead of gluing it. The staples should then be on the back side.

Imitation leather as upholstered backrest for beds

Make half round bed upholstered headboard itself

Half round backrest for bed design in bedroom