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Make glasses necklace yourself: Discover cool DIY ideas for a stylish glasses necklace here!

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To be on the sunny side of the street, you need sunglasses. No matter what style you prefer, from cat eyes to quirky sunglasses, it’s important to keep them on hand and looking chic. Create a fashionable necklace that looks like jewelry and holds your sunglasses properly. Below are beautiful DIY ideas on how to make an eyeglass necklace yourself to follow the trend for summer 2022!

When were eyeglass chains introduced?

Make a glasses necklace yourself at home

French designer Emmanuelle Khanh introduced eyeglass chains as a separate fashion accessory along with prescription glasses in 1971. Eyeglass chains are a symbol of the early 70s and are now revived by supermodels and fashionistas alike.

How to wear eyeglass chains?

There are several ways to wear your glasses chains, whether behind the neck, classic or dangling in front. Style what you like, the possibilities are endless. Your eyeglass necklace can also be worn as a beaded necklace or used as a mask holder to keep your face mask handy throughout the day.

Make your own glasses necklace with beads

Accessories trends summer 2022 - DIY ideas

Combine a necklace with your favorite designer glasses or sunglasses . With this summer accessory, you will never lose your favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses again. The glasses necklace will take your look to a new level. It also makes a unique handmade gift for friends and family.

First you saw the eyeglass band on grandma, now influencers and celebrities are wearing them. This new trend is all the rage for summer 2022, so check out our step-by-step tutorials and get to work.

Reuse old necklaces and make glasses necklace yourself

Make glasses necklace yourself - cool DIY ideas for summer

What you’ll need:

  • Old necklaces and chains are great for reusing (acrylic chain links are a must!).
  • Beads, string, jump rings
  • Adjustable sunglasses pins

Make eyeglass necklace yourself - trends summer 2022


  1. First, lay out your necklaces, old chains and strung beads unconnected on a table.
  2. If you are using strings and beads, make sure you have extra strings on both ends to make loops for the rubber connectors.
  3. Take your rubber connectors and attach one connector to each end of the chain. Attach it to the chain and/or the cord, depending on what you are using.
  4. For necklaces made with string and beads, attach the connector to the string and use a bead to double knot it.
  5. Pin the connector to each side of your sunglasses and you’re done! It really is that simple.

Make your own glasses necklace

Make glasses necklace yourself - instructions and ideas

DIY eyeglass necklaces are really easy to make.

You will need:

  • Beading wire or a cord
  • 2 squeeze beads
  • Glasses holder (2 pieces)
  • Beads
  • Wire cutters or nail clippers
  • Creativity

Instructions for making a DIY beaded necklace for glasses:

  1. Take your beading wire or cord and cut it to a suitable length. You can use wire cutters or nail clippers to cut the wire. We recommend cutting the wire at a 45-degree angle, as this makes it easier to thread smaller beads.
  2. Get creative and thread your beads in the order of your choice.
  3. Add the ends of the eyeglass necklace to your glasses and enjoy.

Make elegant glasses necklace yourself – trends in summer 2022

Make glasses necklace yourself - ideas and tutorial

This is a great tutorial for beginners in jewelry making because you can make these quickly and easily without having to use too many difficult techniques.

Needed are:

  • Beads
  • 4 mm and 6 mm thick jump rings
  • Chain
  • eyelets
  • Rubber eyeglass holder
  • round nose pliers, flat nose pliers wire cutter

Stylish accessories - make glasses necklace yourself


  • First, cut two pieces of chain about 5 cm long and attach them to each eyeglass holder with a 4 mm jump ring. They chose a combination of gold, amethyst and pewter for these eyeglass holders – you can choose any color palette you like.
  • Attach the stone connectors to each end of the 5cm chain with 4mm jump rings. Using the eyelet pins, attach several beaded links with the stones and beads of your choice.

Create glasses band yourself - tips

  • Connect your links together in a flattering order – it’s helpful to alternate beads and stones/connecting pieces. You also incorporated a few connecting pieces for that splash of purple color. When adding connecting pieces, use 4mm jump rings on both loops to attach the eye pins. Create two symmetrical strands for each side of the sunglasses holder.
  • Connect the middle strand with a stone connector and again use 4mm jump rings on both sides to allow for more movement.
  • Thread the rubber holders onto each side of the sunglasses.

Make beautiful modern accessories yourself

  • Take an open 6-mm jump ring and squeeze it around the center of the rubber holder, creating a loop. Make sure the holder is not too tight or too loose (so it can move but not fall off) before you squeeze it shut.

Make your own summer accessories - tutorial

Modern chain for glasses

What do you need?

  • Approx. 80 cm of beading wire or beading cord
  • 2 eyeglass holders or jump rings
  • 2 squeeze beads
  • Beads of your choice
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the cord to the length you want. Make sure it is a length that is comfortable when you wear the glasses on your face and around your neck.
  2. Take a squeeze bead and a plastic eyeglass holder or ring. Thread one end of the wire through the crimp bead and then through a plastic loop on the eyeglass holder. Secure the squeeze bead by squeezing it shut with the pliers.
  3. Begin threading the beads onto the cord. Continue threading the beads until you reach the end of the wire or cord.
  4. Thread the other squeeze bead onto the wire or cord so that it sits next to the last bead you threaded. After the squeeze bead, add the second eyeglass holder or jump ring. Feed the wire or cord back through the squeeze bead. Put the loose end through the end beads.

Chain for glasses - DIY and pictures