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Make bird feeders from plastic bottles yourself: it’s so easy and cheap!

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Bird feeder dispensers are a great family project for bird lovers and a great way to do something good for the birds during the cold season. Today we’re going to show you two easy DIY ideas using materials you probably already have at home – empty plastic bottles. While crafting, kids can learn more about the value of recycling and protecting wildlife.

Craft bird feeder from PET bottle to hang up.

make your own bird food dispenser from plastic bottle and stirring spoons

You can make a bird feeder in 10 minutes from an empty plastic bottle and two stirring spoons. This is one of the easiest bird feeders you can make yourself.

bird feeder craft from plastic bottle

For crafting you will need the following:
1 empty water bottle 500 ml
2 stirring spoons
Bird seed
Jute string

food dispenser for birds do it yourself

1.Cut a hole about 25 mm in the side of the bottle near the bottom. Stick a spoon handle through it until it meets the other side of the bottle, and cut a small hole there for the handle to fit through.
2. Repeat step 1 further up the bottle for the other spoon.
3. Tie a piece of string around the neck of the bottle as a hanger for the bird feeder.
4. Fill the bottle with birdseed and hang the feeder outside.

make food dispenser for birds from plastic bottle

The seeds will fall onto the spoons as the birds eat. Refill as needed! What do the birds particularly like? In this article we have listed some suitable ingredients.

By the way, you can also use wooden round sticks, unsharpened pencils, chopsticks, twigs or other similar sticks as perches.

The children can also colorfully paint the wooden spoons

bird feeder made from pet bottle and wooden spoons

You can also use a larger bottle, but be sure to clean the bird feeder regularly and replace its contents to prevent the spread of bird diseases. The concentration of birds in one area encourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria, so regular disinfection of feeders is necessary.

Bird feeder with hanging collection tray

bird feeder dispenser hanging with catch tray crafting

In addition to water bottles and sports drink bottles, empty plastic ketchup bottles are also ideal for this DIY project. Instead of just throwing the empty bottle in the recycling garbage can, you can repurpose it into a great hanging bird feeder.

What you need:
1 ketchup bottle, transparent
1 small plastic plant collection tray
700 mm long jute string
Craft scalpel

bird food dispenser from ketchup bottle tinker

Step 1 – Gather your materials
Heinz head bottles work very well for this project because they are transparent, but there are other similar alternatives. Be sure to wash out the bottle thoroughly to remove any ketchup residue. Use a mixture of soapy water and white vinegar to clean the inside of the bottle as well. It is important that you rinse it thoroughly several times. Let the bottle air dry for several hours or better yet overnight. Be sure to remove any residual moisture from the inside of the bottle or it may spoil the seeds later.

bird feeder dispenser from plastic heinz bottle tinker

Step 2 – Create four openings for the seeds.
Using a sharp craft knife, make four evenly spaced openings in the top of the bottle. A triangular cutout works very well.

Step 3 – Make two holes for hanging.
Using the craft scalpel, make two holes in the bottom of the bottle to attach the string for hanging.

bird feeder station to hang yourself tinker

Step 4 – Attach the hanging string.
Cut a piece of string and put the ends through the two holes you just made. Make sure the string is long enough so that both ends hang out of the bottle opening by at least 10 inches. Tie the ends of the string into a tight knot and then pull the knot into the bottle to form the hanging loop.

attach catch tray to plastic bottle

Step 5 – Cut a hole in the center of the plastic planter. Make sure the size fits your bottle. Also make three or more holes around the bottom of the planter to allow for drainage.

Step 6 – Fill your new bird feeder.
Fill your bird feeder with your garden birds’ favorite food. Use a funnel to make filling the feeder easier.

bird feeder craft from ketchup bottle

Step 7 – Attach the collection tray
Place the catch tray on the bottle and screw the bottle cap back on to make sure everything fits together.

Now all you have to do is hang your new feeder in the garden and wait for feathered visitors!

bird feeder homemade from ketchup bottle