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Last minute Christmas gifts for loved ones: simple DIY ideas that you can make before you give them presents

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The Christmas season is very beautiful, but also very exhausting. Decorating the apartment, buying gifts and planning the menu all takes a lot of time and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. If you’re not done with gifts yet, but want to avoid the shopping chaos in the remaining days until Christmas, we have the solution! Simply make the remaining gifts yourself instead of buying them. Check out our DIY ideas for last minute Christmas gifts that are anything but boring and ordinary.

Simple Christmas gifts to craft last minute

DIY last minute Christmas gifts to craft candles and snow globes

Homemade gifts are beautiful, inexpensive and personal. You don’t have to be a real crafting enthusiast to make a beautiful gift with your own two hands. The following ideas are great for both women and men and can be DIY’d in less than 1 hour – no special materials or skills required.

Make your own snow globe scented candle as a gift for Christmas.

DIY last minute Christmas gift for women to craft personalized candle

With this idea, you can turn any simple lidded scented candle into something really special. All you need is a divisible, transparent plastic ball that has the same diameter as the candle lid. Once you find such a ball, the rest is really easy. Glue a photo, a picture and/or small Christmas characters on the lid, spread some artificial snow on it and stick the half of the ball around the decoration using a hot glue. Add a bow and your unique gift is ready.

Easy last minute Christmas gifts: tea trees.

DIY last minute Christmas gifts for tea lovers

If you have already bought some pretty cups as gifts for your loved ones, then you can turn them into an original Christmas gift by making these pretty fir trees with tea yourself. All you need are cones made of cardboard (which you can easily make yourself), glue and individually wrapped tea bags. Glue them to the cone from the bottom up so that they overlap slightly until you reach the top. There, glue on a bow or other tree topper. Then put the little trees in the cups and the original gift is ready for its recipient.

Last minute Christmas gifts from the kitchen

Eating and preparing goodies is a must during the Christmas season! And as for Christmas gifts, homemade ideas from the kitchen always go down well. Even if you’ve already bought the perfect gift, you can make it more unique with an idea from the following list.

Christmas ball filled with hot chocolate

Christmas balls with hot chocolate DIY last minute gift for Christmas

Christmas and chocolate go hand in hand. Thus, you simply can’t go wrong with chocolate as a gift. Plus, the variations are pretty much endless. If you’re short on time, you can even Christmas wrap a simple bar of chocolate and the gift is already at your fingertips.

But we’d like to take it a step further, and present a great DIY hot chocolate idea. The drinking chocolate mixture is filled in a transparent Christmas ball and looks really decorative. But the best comes after the holiday, when you can put the drinking chocolate in a cup and enjoy it with hot milk.

Tip: Add a label to the gift that says both a greeting and how to make the hot chocolate, such as “Merry Christmas!”. Mix me with 250 milliliters of hot water or hot milk.”

Hot chocolate bombs or chocolate spoons

Make and give hot chocolate bombs for Christmas yourself

Okay, for this idea you need quite a few things, but if you have the necessary utensils, you will make a really great Christmas gift. You can also ask friends if they have such a silicone mold for balls and can lend it to you for a short time (of course, only if the gift is not intended for that person). It may not be the easiest task, yet it is certainly fun and you will like the result if you follow the steps carefully. You can find complete instructions as well as several flavor combinations in this post .

Spoon with hot chocolate as DIY last minute Christmas gift

However, we also have a faster alternative for you! These cute little spoons filled with your choice of chocolate and also dissolved in hot milk or hot water are much easier to make, but just as cool. Simply melt chocolate of your choice and pour it into the spoons. Decorate with other ingredients and let the chocolate harden before wrapping the chocolate spoons.

Make your own Christmas trees from gingerbread

Edible Christmas gifts last minute idea for Christmas tree made of gingerbread

Christmas time is baking time and if you’re planning a baking session anyway, you can use star-shaped cookies to put together this great Christmas tree as a last-minute gift. All you need is a good dough, star cookie cutters in various sizes, and time to bake.

How does the tree hold together?

The trick to keeping your gingerbread or cookie Christmas tree from falling apart is icing. Make simple icing from powdered sugar and lemon juice and use it to glue the stars together and decorate the tree.

To make the gift yourself

Prepare gingerbread dough, roll it out and cut out the stars. Bake the big stars first and then the small ones so they are baked evenly. Let the gingerbread cool completely before continuing. In the meantime, prepare the frosting. It needs to be thick. To make the tree, place the largest star on a flat surface and put a blob of icing in the center. Stick the second largest star on top in a chess-like fashion, and continue in this manner until you attach the second smallest star. Attach the smallest gingerbread as the top of the tree. Decorate the sweet Christmas tree as you please with more icing, edible sprinkles, powdered sugar or whatever your heart desires. All you need is a pretty wrapping and your gift is ready!