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Kids games and craft ideas – how to keep the kids busy during bad weather!

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childrens games bastelideen pappe schloss selber bauen

Toddlers are very active and always want to do something new – unfortunately, sometimes the bad weather just does not allow to spend free time in the garden or in the park. Then creativity is needed – because even indoors the little ones should not be bored and sit in front of the TV. Numerous children’s games and craft ideas offer an alternative to outdoor pursuits – whether alone or together with friends – these suggestions are guaranteed to cause a stir and bring joy. And of course, parents are allowed to join in – so it’s really fun. The activities are also suitable for special occasions – for example, if the child has a birthday in autumn or winter.

Children’s games and craft ideas for indoors – movement games

kinderspiele bastelideen hula hoop reifen spiel

Especially toddlers can not keep their feet still at all – they are often very active throughout the day. In this case, numerous movement games come to the rescue – they promote motor skills, keep fit and bring variety. Besides, they always provide a nice occasion to invite friends at home. Several children can play with a hula hoop for hours – for example, build a “tunnel” from several hoops. Other popular game is the so-called “chain through the hoop” – children hold hands and stand in a circle, one child receives the hula hoop. The goal – all players must get through the hoop without breaking the chain.

Children’s games in bad weather – fishing game

kinderspiele bastelideen angelspiel stoff fische

The fishing game was popular already in the 19th century. Children fish artificial fish from a vessel with a magnet. Pictured above is the homemade alternative – the fish are sewn from scraps of fabric, a paper clip is attached to each fish. A magnet is glued to a string, and the string itself is tied to a stick. The child sits on an armchair and tries to catch the fish. It becomes more difficult when the fish bring different points depending on their color.

Children’s games and craft ideas – thread game in large format

kinderspiele bastelideen fadenspiel flur regenwetter

The witch game (still called thread game) is redefined times. For the skill game you need only string in different colors and tape. Let your creativity run wild and make a “thread trap” for the little ones – they will definitely enjoy the challenge. It’s best to turn the hallway into a playground – the narrow space is best suited for this purpose. Never leave children without supervision while playing, there is a risk of suffocation, especially for toddlers under 4 years old.

Children’s games and craft ideas – car racetrack in the nursery

kinderspiele bastelideen autorennbann klebeband basteln

A car racetrack will keep you entertained for hours – no need to invest in an expensive toy at all! Instead, buy cleaning tape – this is an alternative to masking tape, which does not leave traces even after a long time. With it you can mark on the floor in the children’s room the roads and parking lots for the play cars, from cardboard you can make tunnels and bridges.

Children’s games for indoors – make a skittles game.

childrens games bastelideen bowling plastikflaschen tennisball

You can make a bowling game for indoors in 5 minutes – you need paint, 5 plastic bottles and tennis ball. Fill water into the bottles, paint the skittles set together with the kids and the new favorite game in your house is ready. If you have several children, you can organize a competition.

Children’s games and craft ideas – role play awakens the imagination.

child plays bastelideen drinnen puppentheater

Puppet shows are a special experience for children ages 2 and up. Instead of just being spectators, little ones can now play along and let their imagination run wild. They can play their favorite fairy tale to their parents or bring their own stories to life. Puppet theater increases concentration, develops memory step by step, and offers the opportunity to express and process one’s own feelings. Especially toddlers usually lack the means of expression, so puppet shows enable communication through figurative language.

Space travel in one’s own home

childrens games bastelideen pappe rakete basteln

Role-playing games are particularly popular with children from the age of 3 – mostly dreams, fairy tales or concrete everyday situations are acted out. In the beginning, they are simple stories, later they become more complicated. From the age of seven, the games are agreed upon in advance, the pre-story is determined and the game idea is then developed further. Parents can help children get started in role-playing by providing appropriate clothing and props. Pictured above – a spaceflight in your own home. The rocket and helmet are made from cardboard packaging – the DIY project is extremely simple and suitable even for crafting beginners.

Craft telescope for pirates from cardboard rolls

children's games bastelideen kuechenrollen pappe teleskop

Yo-ho-ho! Especially in bad weather, you can combine a role-playing game with a game of hide-and-seek and organize treasure hunts. Hide slips of paper with different tasks that the children have to solve, create a map with clues to the next station. To help the pirates find the treasure island faster, the appropriate props come to the rescue. A long cardboard roll becomes a telescope. In addition, you can decorate it with colorful construction paper.

Role-playing with friends

kinderspiele bastelideen rolenspiel drinnen

Children prefer to organize role-playing games in pairs – then the arrangement is much easier. In this case, the parents are left to play the role of spectators. Soft toys, dollhouses and game tables help the little ones to get into their roles.

Children’s games and craft ideas during bad weather – role play TV presenter.

kinderspiele bastelideen ferneseher pappe basteln versteckspiel

Craft a TV out of wrapping paper and offer children the opportunity to read the news or a bedtime story. Organize a TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” in their own living room. This way, the little ones can practice reading through play.

Painting and drawing – painting development at kindergarten age

children's games bastelideen hände malen handabdruck

Already from the first year, babies begin to consciously leave traces at the dining table while eating. At this stage, you can already offer the first painting templates – usually finger paints and large sheets of paper. Over time, the eye-hand coordination slowly increases – in kindergarten, usually the first real images of people and animals are created. Great attention is paid to the face, which often expresses feelings. Animals, on the other hand, are usually painted sideways. Especially at this age, parents should provide the little ones with pencils and coloring books. We offer some interesting alternatives to the classic coloring book.

Children’s games and craft ideas – computer and blackboard in one

kinderspiele bastelideen pappe computer schwarze taffelfarbe

The next craft project will stimulate the creativity of children between 3-6 years. The computer is made of cardboard, and then the screen is painted with blackboard paint. The children can draw on it with chalk. A very suitable toy for on the go. In the car, for example, the classic tic-tac-toe game provides variety.

Encourage painting by numbers

kinderspiele bastelideen wasserfarben pappe malen

With a simple painting technique – painting by numbers – children and adults become artists. Create a painting template yourself with the help of a CD. Use the CD as a template on white paper and draw the rainbows shown above. Then have the children paint them with watercolors. You can preset the colors with numbers – this creates stylish color combinations. Optionally, you can make different shades of one color together by gradually diluting the paint with water.

Leisure activities for toddlers – playing with plasticine

kinderspiele bastelideen modeliermasse spielen drinnen

Especially toddlers play with plasticine and like to form simple figures. For children up to three years old, the edible plasticine is suitable – it can be found on the market as a baking mixture. First, water is added and stirred well. This creates a plasticine, which is ideal for modeling. If desired, the finished figures can be baked afterwards.

Children’s games and craft ideas for indoors – magnetic board in the nursery.

children's games bastelideen magnettafel zuhause

Painting and modeling are clearly a lot of fun, but usually leave traces of dirt all over the house. The magnetic board in the children’s room is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative pastime – there are numerous magnetic games, letters and puzzles to choose from.

Craft idea for toddlers – make your own noodle chain

kinderspiele bastelideen drinnen nudelkette selber machen

Toddlers are always trying to play with food. During lunch, this is rarely tolerated, but in the afternoon, the child can experiment with food – of course, only under supervision. One craft idea that is guaranteed to be a lot of fun is the noodle chain. It promotes fine motor skills and awakens the imagination. The materials needed are: Noodles in different shapes, string, wooden beads, glitter stones, watercolor, brushes. First thread the noodles, glitter stones and beads onto the string, then paint them with watercolor. Done!

kinderspiele bastelideen zusammen kochen tipps

While the children play and discover the world, the parents have to do the time-consuming housework. Of course, children are allowed to help out – for example, toddlers can clean up the lunch table, vacuum and tidy the kids’ room. A clear list of the daily tasks of all family members helps further with organization. They can also take part in cooking – and have a say in what is eaten.

Playing with building blocks promotes mathematical skills?

kinderspiele und bastelideen drinnen lego kleinkinder

Playing with building blocks trains three-dimensional perception, develops fine motor skills, awakens creativity and at the same time creates space for creative freedom.  Scientists from Great Britain recently conducted a study and found that playing with Lego and similar toy bricks promotes mathematical skills. It’s no wonder that little ones look forward to it so much – new figures can always be built – whether exotic islands, towers, ships, individual buildings or even a small city – the possibilities are practically endless.

Building blocks as an all-round talent – building stacking towers

childrens games bastelideen bauen holz

When it comes to children’s games and craft ideas for indoors, building blocks prove to be real all-round talents. Babies like to build stacking towers – training their eye-hand coordination in a playful way. Toddlers build complicated figures. One thing is certain in any case – the game pieces provide pure entertainment within your own four walls. When the weather is bad, that’s why a play date can be organized, where friends can get together and have fun together.

Children’s games and craft ideas for indoors – cardboard playhouse

children's games bastelideen Spielhaus Pappe selber machen

Children also need privacy – a playhouse in the children’s room becomes a retreat where they can relax. And in the evening, the cottage can serve as a storage space for children’s toys. The craft project is extremely simple and suitable even for crafting beginners. All you need is a packing cardboard and painter’s masking tape. Thanks to the simple design, the playhouse fits harmoniously into the purist or Scandinavian children’s room. If desired, it can be painted with watercolors.

Making a doll’s house from shoebox

childrens games bastelideen puppenhaus schule schuhkarton

You can make a dollhouse from shoebox in less than an hour. The example above was transformed into a school using chalkboard paint and mini drawings. Lego minifigures serve as the dolls. The space-saving design proves to be extremely practical, especially in small children’s rooms.

Dollhouse made of shoebox for the girls’ room

childrens games bastelideen puppenhaus schuhschachtel selber machen

Girls are particularly fond of dollhouses – this variant was also made from shoebox and provides a new home for Barbie and Ken. Colorful fabrics were pasted on the sides and floor, so that the design looks more cheerful and inviting.

kinderspiele bastelideen puppenhaus pappe verpackungspapier

The third variant for dollhouse can be tinkered with a little skill in one morning. Of course, the little princess can help and determine the design of each room. Colorful fabrics, wrapping paper and felt garland give character to the dollhouse above.

kinderspiele bastelideen pappe tierhaus

Not only Barbie and Ken need shelter, the stuffed animals can also look forward to a new home in the nursery – the cottage pictured above is decorated with stamps of animal motifs.

Whether it’s movement games with friends, role-playing with the family, a pastime with coloring sheets and modeling clay, playing with building blocks or simply relaxing in a homemade playhouse – the possibilities are practically endless and there are no limits to your own imagination. Let our suggestions inspire you and discuss the ideas with the little ones. Above all, it is important that everyone enjoys tinkering and enthusiastically participates in all the games. Because when the weather is bad, the family can enjoy being together, do something together and get to know each other better while playing. Of course, everyone cleans up together afterwards.