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How to create a mini pond with water feature for balcony and terrace!

  • DIY

If you want an eye-catcher on your balcony or terrace, a mini pond is a great solution. It is not only space-saving, but also extremely easy to maintain. With our simple instructions, you can create a mini pond in a mortar bucket in no time. The real eye-catcher is the little sparrow that enlivens the pond as a gargoyle.

Creating a mini pond – you will need the following materials

Create mini pond in mortar bucket or wooden barrel for balcony and terrace.

For a simple mini pond, you will need a container with a diameter of about 45 to 50 cm and a depth of 18 to 20 cm, a small water feature pump, a gargoyle figurine, suitable water plants, a clear vinyl tube, clean cat litter, pearl gravel or small pebbles and a nylon stocking. Instead of a mortar bucket, you can also use a zinc tub .

First, a few tips and hints

  • The mini pond is designed on two levels to create different conditions for the aquatic plants used. Water lilies, for example, have rhizomes that grow horizontally in the soil and sprout leaves and flowers upward. Incidentally, dwarf water lilies of the genus Nymphea, such as Nymphaea Pygmaea, Nymphaea leibergii and Nymphaea tetragona, are ideal for a mini pond with a water depth of 10 to 20 cm. The pond edge plants, on the other hand, grow upright and prefer the shallow areas. The two zones of the mini pond can be separated with stone, bricks or another heavy material.
  • Pearl gravel beautifies the water garden and prevents the soil from washing up in the water. Wash the gravel in a separate bucket before pouring it into the container.
  • Pull a nylon stocking over the pump before placing it in the cup. This will create an additional filter so gravel and kitty litter don’t get pulled into the pump and clog it.
  • Aquatic plants do best in a sunny, wind-protected location. If possible, place the container near an electrical outlet for the pump. Otherwise, you can use a solar water feature. Keep in mind that once the vessel is filled with water, it will be very difficult to move.

Build mini pond yourself – Here’s how:

Sparrow gargoyle attach to the mini pond

1. attach the water spout.
Drill a small hole in the edge of the mortar bucket to mount the bubbling ornament. As needed, you can bend the metal pin to align or position the gargoyle.

Planting mini pond with mini water lilies

2. spread this cat litter
Fill the vessel with soil on one side and insert the water lilies or other deep water plants. Then spread cat litter on top and level the surface with your hand.

Planting mini pond in two stages with different water depths.

3. put the shallow growing plants
Use a divider to divide the mini pond in half. Plant the shallow growing border plants and spread more cat litter on the bottom. In the deeper level, place a plastic cup for the pump in the kitty litter. Pull a sheet over it to keep gravel from falling in.

Create mini pond in a mortar bucket - instructions and.

4. spread the gravel
Above the cat litter, spread the gravel. Make sure to keep one level deeper than the other. The floating leaves of the water lilies also need enough space to spread out on the surface of the water.

Mini pond with pump and water feature build yourself instructions

5. connect the pump to the water spout.
Connect the pump to the gargoyle with a vinyl hose. If needed, use a 1.5 cm transition piece between the 1 cm tube and the pump. Push the pump into the cup so that the suction cups hold it to the bottom.

Mini pond with water feature do it yourself with sparrow gargoyle

6. use a nylon stocking as a filter
Cover the pump with a nylon stocking to prevent the gravel from clogging the pump. Then cover the pump with gravel.

Now you can finally fill the vessel with tap water! It is best to let it run in via a saucer.

Properly maintain the mini pond

Mini pond in a wooden barrel cut in half with water lilies and duckweed

Maintaining water gardens is a breeze. Fill them up as the water evaporates, and remove dead leaves occasionally. The plants keep the water crystal clear and free of algae. However, if the water looks cloudy, remove the plants, rinse the vessel and refill.

To encourage the growth of aquatic plants, you can use special fertilizer balls. They are pressed into the soil and slowly release their nutrients. In summer, it is advisable to get tablets against mosquito larvae. For a mini pond, half a tablet is enough.

Tablets against mosquitoes and fertilizer for water plants

You can overwinter water lilies by wrapping them in a damp towel and storing them in a cool basement or garage corner. Other plants are relatively inexpensive and grow quickly. For this reason, you can treat them as annuals and buy new plants each year. As mentioned earlier, you should choose dwarf water lilies for a mini pond so that their leaves do not completely cover the water surface. For larger water gardens, such as in half a wine barrel, water hyacinth (Eichhornia), duckweed (Lemnoideae) or water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) are suitable.

Dwarf water lilies feel comfortable in a large terracotta bucket

A mini pond in a mortar bucket is too small for koi or goldfish, but larger containers such as a wine barrel cut in half or larger terracotta buckets are ideal. (Note: water in metal containers usually gets too warm for fish.) Fish keep the mini-pond clean by eating algae, decaying plant material, and mosquito larvae.