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Gloves for kids creative decorating – upcycling & craft ideas for kids gloves

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Gloves are without question a great thing in winter. They keep our hands nice and warm and, depending on the material, dry. However, many children have a different opinion. Some find it hard to get used to the fact that there is something on their hands and thus do not want to wear any. For this reason, children’s gloves are usually offered in bright and cheerful colors and even with decorations. But how about designing them yourself? You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to create a kids glove. We’ll show you a few useful ideas and hacks around “gloves for kids” that will get your little ones through the winter just fine. Also learn how to keep the gloves from getting lost by attaching them to the jacket. And if a glove does get lost or broken, you can make great dolls out of the rest.

Designing gloves for kids - decoration ideas and inspiration for crafting with old gloves

Creatively design gloves for children

Turn gloves for kids into a shark - decorate mittens with felt

Martha Stuart impresses once again with a creative tutorial, this time all about the children’s gloves. Turn the boring monochrome mittens into funny animals and you will see that the children will then much prefer to wear them and even proudly present them to your friends. In the example you can see a shark, but with a little imagination you can also make other animals. For a shark you will need the following things:

  • blue gloves for children (mittens are best)
  • blue felt
  • white serrated braid
  • white embroidery thread
  • needle
  • white buttons

Simple sewing instructions for blue mittens - design animals

Along the front seam of the mitten, sew the serrated braid in place. This way you will get the teeth for the shark. Then sew the white buttons for the eyes. Then add the nostrils with a few stitches. Now you need three fins from the blue felt: 2 equal side fins and one dorsal fin. You can look for templates on the web or draw them freehand and cut them out. If you make them freehand, cut out a model of each type of fin first and then use them as templates for the others. It is best to make the fins for the other glove at the same time, so that both gloves will be the same for children (2 dorsal fins and 4 lateral fins).

Now sew these fins on the back of the mitten, with the dorsal fin in the middle and the other two on the side. Repeat these steps with the other mitten as well. In a similar way, as mentioned earlier, you can make other animals. For example, how about a crocodile made of green gloves, on which you sew a jagged element instead of fins for the crocodile’s carapace? Or an elephant made of gray mittens with a trunk and big elephant ears?

Monster mittens for children

Gloves for children decorate with felt without sewing - craft little monsters

Even easier to apply such motifs on the gloves and mittens, because you do not even need to sew for this (but you can, if you find the characteristic seam on felt attractive). Think about any monster . You can get really creative with this, because there are no rules for the classic monster and you can design them however you like. Perfect, therefore, to involve the children in the DIY project.

  • Gloves for kids or mittens
  • Felt in any colors
  • Textile glue or needle and embroidery thread
  • Scissors and pencil

Ideas for motifs for gloves for kids - monsters made of felt fabric with wiggle eyes

Draw the individual elements of the monster on the felt and cut them out. After that, you just need to glue them on the back of the glove or sew them as you like. By the way, both gloves for children do not necessarily have to have the same motif. You are welcome to choose different monsters, which will look even funnier. But if you do make both the same, it is recommended to use the first elements as a template for the second, so that the two monsters really become identical.

Decorate fingertips

Upcycle gloves for kids and turn them into monster claws or design them with flames

The fingertips of the gloves for children can be really creative. In the example you can see once models with claws as well as those with flames on the fingertips (here you can find a costume idea with fire ). Both models are made of felt. As you can see, for this purpose the fingertips were cut off and the respective elements were glued to the inside with textile glue. However, you will agree that this is not a good idea for the winter. For this reason, we recommend that you simply open the seam in these places, put the elements on the gloves inside out, and then likewise sew the tips back up inside out. In doing so, the decorations will be sewn in as well and will be better fixed.

Turn the children’s gloves into paws

Simple idea for paws on the bottom of gloves - crafts for carnival and for everyday life

Even easier to turn the gloves for children into such paws. You just need to cut out circles (5 per glove for the fingers) and an element in the shape of a cloud (or equally round). Then glue these elements to the bottom of the gloves with textile glue. This way you can make paws in a variety of colors. Or how about making tiger paws out of orange gloves by creating the top with some black tiger stripes as well?

Funny jellyfish

Creative outfit idea for girls with pink jellyfish on gloves in winter

Aren’t these jellyfish really funny ? Cut out the elements from felt. You can use any colors for this. You are welcome to make the tentacles a little shorter, so that they do not interfere when wearing gloves. The jellyfish body is on the back of the hand area and the tentacles point down towards the fingers. Of course, you can experiment with the direction and come up with something of your own.

Pretty decorate with pumpkins or diamonds

Craft colorful diamonds from felt and give kids gloves a new look

You can use a variety of things to decorate mittens and children’s gloves. Glitter stones, beads and homemade figures (for example, roses and other flowers) and motifs made of felt are just a few of the variants. However, small, swallowable parts are not suitable for gloves for a child up to 2 years, because they could be swallowed. Therefore, do not use small parts for gloves for toddlers. At the top of the picture you can see two creative ideas.

The idea with pumpkins is perfect for the autumn season. The second one will make the hearts of many girls beat faster. Diamonds were made from felt and then spread them on the glove. You can use any kind of motifs to create and simply adjust them to the size of the glove of children.

Planets for boys and girls

Kids gloves with planets design for boys and girls

You can see which elements you need to cut out for a Saturn in the instructions above. Of course, you can also add other planets. The idea is super for all kids who are interested in the universe. If the planets are to be for girls gloves, you can of course decorate them with glitter or add rhinestones for stars. If your child is excited about planets, a space party would be perfect for the next birthday after all!

Attach kids gloves to jacket

Fasten children's gloves with string so they don't get lost

Now that you’ve been so creative and hardworking, it would of course be a shame if your kids lose these trinkets. However, this happens quite often with little ones. You can avoid this by simply attaching the gloves for kids to the jacket. A piece of string is all you need for this purpose. You can sew the string to the openings of the gloves. Then put the gloves through the jacket sleeves and they are secured.

An even simpler variant are special tapes with clamps, which are also pulled through the sleeves. You then attach the mittens or gloves to the clamps.

Reuse a broken glove

Turn broken or old gloves for kids into little monsters - creative recycling idea

Gloves for children that no longer fit, but also those for adults, for example, slightly torn, you can use for a great craft afternoon. Namely, they can be made into small figures, like the monsters from the picture above. Craft funny faces with buttons , wiggle eyes and felt, stuff the gloves with filler and sew all the openings. While crafting, you can also cut off a glove finger or two. The variations are numerous!

Craft finger puppets

Turn gloves for kids into finger puppets for a puppet show

If you add a face to the fingertips, the children’s gloves in turn turn into funny hand puppets with which you can make a puppet show. Puppets, monsters or even animals can be created. For this purpose, both the whole glove can be used, as well as just the finger parts, which they cut off and then design. In this way, the individual finger puppets can also be used separately.

Decoration idea for everyday life or for playing - Create little monsters between your fingers

These two ideas are suitable for playing and for a puppet show, as well as for everyday life. Design the area between the index finger and thumb. Cut two strips from white felt, serrated on one side (pinking shears can be helpful here). Glue or sew one of the strips to the bottom of the index finger and the other to the top of the thumb. You already have a mouth with teeth. Then cut out a larger jagged strip from green felt for the back and finally glue on a wiggle eye. It is best to use textile glue.

Or how about the other monster with bat wings ? His eyes are made of small pom-poms, which are provided with wiggle eyes and then glued to the index finger. You make the teeth as you did with the other monster. If you want, you can then also add wings. You can experiment with the colors, of course.

Monster and spring flowers

Glove upcycling idea for big and small - monsters and spring flowers made of felt

Just because it’s fall or winter doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to spring flowers right now. The colorful flowers can be easily crafted from felt and then decorate the children’s gloves. Those who find the flowers on the fingertips rather annoying, can also easily decorate the back of the hand with a few homemade flowers.

Funny hen, chicks and eggs

Funny craft idea with mittens - make your own chickens with felt fabric

More suitable for playing or just crafting is probably this funny idea. One of the gloves becomes a hen, while the other represents two chicks and two eggs in a basket. You can try this craft idea for Easter, for example, using old gloves for children or adults. If you want to achieve a certain 3D effect, you can also stuff the gloves with filler and sew them up. Already you get a great Easter decoration!