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Garden decoration with glass bottles: Fancy upcycling projects

  • DIY

A homemade decoration gives a personal touch to the outdoor space. That’s why in today’s post we’ve put together several ideas for garden decorations using glass bottles. Whether modern statues or simply a beautiful lantern for the garden table: the old bottles can be imaginatively upcycled.

Garden decoration with glass bottles: Make a lantern yourself

garden decoration with wine bottles make lanterns yourself

You have old glass bottles ? Then you can cut them in two and turn them into a lantern. For this purpose, you will need the following materials and accessories:

  • A glass cutter, which is suitable up to a glass thickness of 10 mm. Even better is the bottle cutter, with which you can fix the bottle. This way you get a straight cut
  • a bucket full of ice water
  • a pot
  • sandpaper for glass (different grits: 80, 140, 240, 600 and 100)
  • a polishing sponge for glass (optional)

Here’s how to cut a glass bottle:

1. first score the bottle with the glass cutter. It is faster if you tape the bottle all around with paper tape. The tape edge will serve as your guide. Hold the glass cutter with one hand and turn the bottle slowly with the other.

2. Fill 2 liters of water in a pot and boil it. Then you can pour the hot water over the scribed edge. Alternatively, you can use a lighter to heat the edge.

3. place the bottle in the bucket with the ice water.

4. after 10 minutes, check if the bottle breaks at the cut edge. Do not squeeze the bottle, just tap it lightly first. If it does not break, repeat the process.

Wine bottles paint ideas for garden decoration make yourself

5. now you need to sand the edges. The best way to do this is to sand them first with a coarse grit and then with a fine grit. So start with an 80 grit, then sand them with a 140, 240, 600 and 100 grit. Finally, you can polish the edges with a polishing sponge for glass.

Now you can color the glass bottles with glass paints. Add a bit of color to the bottle and turn it over or roll it on the work surface so the color spreads evenly. Then let them dry – this can take several days.

Garden decoration with wine bottles: plant pot.

Garden decoration with glass bottles do it yourself vase instructions

Now you can use the bottle as a decoration in the garden. With such a glass bottle, you can make various garden decorations yourself. It can be decorated and planted with twine, bows and lace.

Garden decorations with glass bottles: Make wind chimes yourself

Upcycling garden decoration from painted glass bottles make yourself

With metal balls and a chain, you can also make beautiful wind chimes for the patio or garden. However, hang them out of reach of children and pets.

Fancy garden decoration with glass bottles: Craft a “garden tree”

Garden decoration with wine bottles tree from rope and wire

The next fancy idea for DIY decor has crept into the hearts of American amateur gardeners. There are now numerous DIY instructions and ideas for a “garden tree” made of glass bottles. For the metal tree, simply wrap a ground stake or stake with rope. Craft the top of the tree out of wire. Insert the wire ends into the bottles.

Garden decoration do it yourself tutorial with colorful glass bottles

Alternatively, you can craft a “shrub” out of wire and bottles. Cut several pieces of wire of different lengths, wrap them together at one end and stick them into the ground. Now you can decorate the “branches” with colorful glass bottles.

Fancy decoration in the garden with glass bottles make yourself

Easier and faster you can just nail nails in a wooden post and hang the bottles.

fancy garden decoration ideas with glass bottles tree

If you have more time, then you can build the “tree” from copper pipes and green glass bottles. Decorate it as you like with wooden and glass beads.

Craft bottle light from old wine bottles

fancy garden decoration from glass bottles do it yourself ideas

Color a wine bottle in an accent color and decorate it with rhinestones, twine or glitter spray. You can also use an already decorated wine bottle. Drape a string of battery-powered lights inside the bottle and use double-sided tape to stick the power bank with the batteries to the bottom of the wine cork. Insert the wine cork into the neck of the bottle. Here’s a tip: if you invest in a remote control, you can turn the string of lights on and off quickly and easily.

Paint the wine bottle and use it as a vase

Garden decoration with wine bottles vase paint yourself

If you want to use the wine bottle as a vase, then you should not color it from the inside, but paint it from the outside. Use acrylic or glass paints to quickly create interesting motifs.

Make bottle fountain yourself

DIY bottle fountain with wine barrel and glass bottles make yourself

Old bottles can also be used to make other beautiful garden decorations yourself. The next craft idea can be done with two wine bottles, a wine barrel, wire, plastic tubes, a glass ball and a glass bottom plate in the shape of a round arch. First, drill a hole through the center of each glass bottle. Place the pump in the bottom of the wine barrel. Attach plastic tubing to the wine barrel and hang the wine bottles from it. Now all that’s left is to run the hoses through the tubes and the wine bottles. Hide the pump with the glass bottom plate. If you wish, you can decorate it as you like with sea glass. Next, assemble the glass globe. Hide the hoses with artificial or real plants.

Embellish raised bed with glass bottles

fancy garden decoration with wine bottles make raised bed yourself

A raised bed made of glass bottles not only looks very decorative, but is also very practical. You can expand the raised bed at any time. To make the wall of wine bottles really hold, you can glue the bottles together. It is best to create several modules from wine bottles glued together, which you can then easily take apart if necessary. By the way, the glass bottles can also serve as path edging.

Wine bottles decoration ideas for the garden path

Creative amateur gardeners put a 30 cm layer of sand on the ground and buried wine bottles with the opening down 20 cm deep. The end result is a decorative garden path or a cool seating area in the garden.

Table fire with whisky bottle make yourself

Garden decoration with glass bottles ideas for the garden table

Not only wine bottles are great for lanterns. For the next DIY idea for table fires, you can use an old whiskey bottle. You still need the following materials: wick for oil lamp, lamp oil, a burner head with brass extinguisher cap. Fill about 250 ml of lamp oil into the bottle, pull the wick through the burner head, leaving about 2.5 cm sticking out. Round off the edges of the wick that is sticking out. Attach the burner head to the neck of the bottle by first gluing the threaded washer to the neck of the bottle and then screwing in the burner head.

Garden decoration with bottles do it yourself tutorial