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Garden decoration from glass make yourself: Ideas for beautiful glass figures!

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Do you have lonely glasses or old crystal vases in the basement that you no longer use, but also do not want to throw away? Then get inspired by the next upcycling ideas for glass garden decorations! These original garden figurines are a great garden art project even for crafting beginners. All you need are some used glass bowls, plates, vases and dishes, the right glue and a desire to craft.

Make your own glass figurines for garden

make your own glass garden plugs

Is this glass art really suitable for use in the garden? You may wonder if the glass figurines can break easily, and the answer is no! These are usually made of very thick glass. They can definitely survive a fall on the lawn or garden floor (which are much softer than a tile floor in the house). Also, the figurines will stand more sturdily if you bury them a few inches deep into the ground at the bottom. One advantage, however, is that they can be easily removed for cleaning or storage. Just be sure to use the recommended adhesive so they can withstand hot and cold outdoor weather conditions.

use old dishes for making garden decorations


– Silicone sealant/silicone adhesive for outdoor use. It is best to use transparent, waterproof silicone adhesive. It comes in cartridges or squeeze tubes. Despite the description, it does not become completely clear when dry, which may bother some people. Other garden artists say they prefer to work with E6000, but it is more liquid than the silicone glue.

– Used glassware you like. Look in thrift stores, yard sales or your kitchen cabinets.

– Optional: decorations to glue on. Just make sure these should also be weatherproof. Such as flat-bottomed marbles, coins, trinkets, etc.

How to assemble the garden decorations from glass

Make your own glass figurines for garden from glassware

Make glass sculptures for the garden yourself – instructions:

1.Wash and dry the glasses. You can also clean the glass pieces with alcohol wipes. To achieve optimal adhesion, the surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry and free of grease.
Decide on the arrangement of the individual elements: The items you want to glue together must be close together.
3. use small glass plates to create a flat surface between two vases that otherwise cannot be glued together.
4. work in sections: Join the pieces in groups of two. Follow the instructions for drying time. Only after drying, join them together and let the whole thing dry again.

Bird bath from glass vases and bowls

When your glass artwork is ready, dig the base into the ground a few inches deep to keep it stable. If needed, you can also add some small stones around the base.

A pretty birdbath

Bird bath from glass dishes for garden homemade

In addition to a decorative pillar, you can also make a glass bird bath by adding a shallow bowl or plate to the very top. When shopping for bowls, keep in mind that bird baths should be really shallow, as birds can slip and drown in deeper water. Don’t use anything deeper than 2 inches. A bee trough is also a great project if you want to make garden decorations yourself.

Have you quit smoking? Here’s how you can repurpose that old ashtray

Birdbath with ashtray and vase made of stained glass

Bird feeder station

garden decoration colorful glass

Another great idea for pretty and practical garden decorations are these glass bird feeder stations. To craft them, you simply need a vintage candy kidney and a candlestick or narrow vase.

Bird feeder station made of glass candy dish

Glass flowers are a real eye-catcher in the flower bed

Glass flowers as beautiful garden plugs

Recycle mismatched plates, bowls or candlesticks into beautiful glass garden flowers. These eye-catching garden decorations are sure to be unique and don’t need watering either!

Make your own glass garden centerpieces

garden decoration glass flowers beautiful and cheap

The more colorful the glass flowers, the better. This will make you stand out better on the green background of the garden. To paint the plates, use paint and colored pencils specially designed for stained glass.

Bake the glass pieces according to the baking instructions on the paint bottles. (Usually these are: bake at 170 °C on the top rack for about 20 minutes). But be careful: very thin plates can break in the oven. And be sure to open the windows or turn on the range hood, because the colors can smell strongly while baking. Turn off the oven and let the jars cool completely before removing them.

Glass flowers as garden decoration homemade

Lay the largest plate flat on the table. Apply silicone to the bottom of the next largest piece and press it onto the plate. Continue applying silicone to the bottom of each of the smaller pieces until the flower is assembled. Allow the entire piece to dry overnight.

The next day, apply silicone to a small vase that is flat on one side and press the vase upside down onto the back of the flower. You can use a copper, metal or PVC pipe that fits into the opening to attach it. Let it dry overnight.

Stick the pipe into the ground, stick the flower on the pipe and you’re done! Make a few more – the glass flowers look great in groups of two or three.

Funny owl from glass

Glass garden plug funny owls

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and probably also one of the cutest birds in the world. She also makes a great figure as a garden decoration. With her big eyes made of colored glass bowls, she looks incredibly impressive! The owl has two forks as feet and a spoon as a beak.

Mushrooms made of glass grow in the garden

Make your own garden decorations from glassware

These cute mushrooms can be conjured up from just two elements: a bowl and a vase. Optionally, you can fill the vases with glass marbles or simply decorate the heads of the mushrooms as you like.

glass decoration for garden do it yourself - funny mushrooms

Glass garden decorations: guardian angels for your garden

garden figures made of glass

These graceful angels also make excellent glass garden decorations. Crescent-shaped bowls are best for wings, but you can also achieve a beautiful look with two small bowls.

These DIY angels can also be used as grave decorations

glass art for garden from old vases

Each glass angel is unique

Glass decoration for garden - beautiful angel figurines

Wind chimes made from recycled materials

Upcycling idea with glass bowls and old spoons

Sound and wind chimes can be made from very different recycled materials: old CDs, tin cans, keys, graters , old cutlery and much more. The noble-looking glass best fit spoons and forks in vintage look, as well as various decorative crystals that break the light a thousand times and make it sparkle. By the way, these wind chimes are also ideal for keeping pigeons away from the balcony .