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Garden decoration for vintage do it yourself: Nostalgic ideas that are pretty and useful at the same time

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A beautiful vintage-style garden decoration is really easy to make yourself and is a wonderful idea for any hobbyist. With simple materials, which they probably even already have at home, you can conjure up beautiful things without much effort. For example, you could use old things and upgrade them instead of throwing them away. We have collected a few creative ideas that you could choose if you want to make vintage garden decorations yourself.

DIY vintage garden decoration – repurpose wooden ladder

Garden decoration for vintage make yourself - Short ladder as a shelf for flowers

Your old wooden ladder is broken? We would say that is wonderful, because now you can use it for decorative purposes. Since it is old, it already has the perfect look for this style without you having to paint. If the ladder has wide treads, you can use it like a shelf and display flower pots or other decorative figures on it.

Hanging flower pots on a ladder with rungs

However, ladders with thin rungs are no less suitable – namely, on them you can present hanging decorations. Simply lean the ladder, for example, against a free wall, a tree or a privacy fence.

Useful decoration for the garden from old garden tools

DIY garden decor for vintage - cool climbing aid made from old garden tools

Your old garden tools are no longer of any use to you? Then craft something useful out of them! A trellis is practical for various plants and with this variant, especially ornamental plants come into their own wonderfully. After you make this vintage garden decoration yourself, climbing plants are especially recommended, which also exude a touch of vintage. Made the climbing aid is really simple in the following way:

Take three tools (shovel, rake, pitchfork, spade, rake or whatever else you have available) and place them in front of you in a fork-like fashion. The lower ends are closer to each other than the upper ends. Now slide wooden strips horizontally under the tools at roughly equal intervals and tie everything together at the cross points with twine or rope. You can also use nails.

Plant tower from old metal buckets or tubs.

Garden decoration for vintage do it yourself - Tower from metal buckets for flowers

Did you think that rust holes could be useful? For such a tower of buckets for planting, you actually are! Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait extra time for your buckets to rust holes. If necessary, you can drill holes yourself. These should be located at the edges of the bottom. Then run a stick through the holes and let the buckets hang offset to the side. Now you can plant them as you wish. Hanging plants look especially pretty .

Old doorknobs as vintage style garden decorations.

Gardeners with herb garden can use door knobs for drying

If you have a spice bed and regularly dry herbs, you can benefit from this cool decoration idea. You don’t need anything more than nice, old doorknobs that you can attach to a screen or a wall of the shed, for example, to hang your herbs on for drying. Remember to leave enough space between each knob so that the herb branches are also well ventilated. This useful idea will look decorative even when it’s not in use.

Hanging porcelain cups and jugs

Garden decoration for vintage do it yourself - curtain from porcelain cups for the seating area

A tree, the beam of a pergola or other place to hang just makes a wonderful place to put old porcelain cups at different heights, creating a curtain of a special kind. If you have a small sitting area under a tree in the garden, for example, you can make it more romantic in this way. Since the cups are only slightly tilted at the end, you can even spread a few tea lights in them and create a special atmosphere in the evening hours.

Vintage garden decoration ideas – original door wreaths

Garden decorations for the front door - door wreaths made from garden tools and garden hose

Even door wreaths you can make from old things. If you want to make such a vintage garden decoration yourself, you can use small hand garden tools or even pieces of garden hose to create interesting designs. In doing so, let your imagination run wild. See what things you have available and experiment with the composition. You can use blanks of straw, for example, or willow branches as a base and attach all the decorations to it using wire.

Bench with decorative character

Quick and easy to make DIY decoration - garden bench made of wood and stone

Sure you can buy a garden bench, but a homemade one is more unique! And you do not even need a lot of materials for this purpose. A few straight cut stones that you stack on top of each other as legs, and an old wooden board that you nail to the top stone. Of course, the bench will be more stable if you mason the stones. However, this is not absolutely necessary if you don’t build it too high and use wide enough stones. This is a great idea if you have some stones left over from building your garden wall.

Build a bench from stones and old wooden board

By the way, instead of using this bench for sitting, you can also use it for displaying some flowers. So the bench quickly transforms into a pretty side table. Let your creativity run wild when making vintage garden decorations yourself!

Old garden decoration in vintage style – upcycle shutters

Turning shutters into decoration for the garden with air plants

Wooden shutters are just way too beautiful and practical to be used as firewood, even if they no longer adorn your windows. Instead, they are the perfect background for various decorations. For one, you can attach hanging decorations to the slats. On the other hand, air plants are also perfect, because they do not need soil. Nevertheless, pay attention to the proper care of such plants .

Or how about making such a faux beehive from twigs? Such pieces of bees were used by beekeepers in earlier times and just scream “vintage”. You can hang it or use it as a table decoration for the garden or patio table, but also decorate side tables and the like.

Garden decoration for vintage do it yourself - Old dresser planting with herbs and flowers