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Fountain from car tires – recycled garden decoration to make yourself

  • DIY

Decorating with old tires is very popular. On the one hand, old tires are not very difficult to find (after all, you also regularly change the tires of your car), on the other hand, they are a wonderful way to recycle unused and reduce the unnecessary waste at least a little. If you want to use old tires for a garden decoration, why not opt for such a decorative fountain made of car tires! We will show you how easy you can build and design it.

Fountain from car tires – instructions

Fountain made of car tires in green color and with simple frame made of wooden slats

To make a fountain from car tires, you do not need to be a professional craftsman or experienced hobbyist. Even beginners can make a simple version of this car tire decoration . It only gets a little more complicated if you also want to build a canopy. But instead, a simple framework of three ledges, from which you can hang a flower pot or wooden bucket, is also suitable to add charm to the decorative fountain made of car tires.

Fountain made of car tires in brick look with old metal bucket for planting

You will need:

  • 3-4 tires
  • Glue or other strong adhesive
  • spray paint (suitable for outdoor use)
  • white paint
  • optional materials for roofing: wooden slats or beams and roof battens, tiles or roofing felt, corrugated iron, varnish
  • Decorations such as flower pot or bucket, potting soil and flowers to plant the fountain, etc.
  • Brush
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape/ruler/rolling tape measure
  • Drill
  • Garden shovel

Building a fountain from tires

Gluing tires on each other for a decorative garden fountain

Place the first tire in front of you (preferably right where the fountain made of car tires will be placed later, so you don’t have to move it) and apply glue to the surface. Glue the next tire to it and repeat this with the third tire. Now you can paint the car tires. Then paint the tires in the desired color, let them dry and apply another coat if necessary, if the first is not opaque. You can then paint the car tires with the white paints to create the joints and a brick look.

Paint fountain from car tires orange and build roofing

While the paints are drying, you can then build the roof. If you would like to make it easier, simply build three strips together in a U-shape. The distance between the two side ledges/beams should be the same distance apart as the diameter of the tire. You can then drill this frame on the tire or poke holes in the tire, insert the battens and then fix them additionally with screws. If you want to build a whole roof, add the appropriate roof battens, to which you can then attach the roof tiles or corrugated metal or roofing felt, after painting the wood.

Decorate fountain from old tires

Blue tire fountain with roof made of roofing felt or wood and in stone look

Then it remains only to decorate your fountain from car tires. Hang a bucket on the roof structure or plant it with pretty flowers for this purpose. Or how about planting the car tires ? For this, lay a drainage layer on the ground, then fill the tires with potting soil and plant your flowers.

Alternatively, you can simply close the opening of the fountain with a round wooden plate and then use the fountain made of car tires as a side table or to place flower pots.

Ideas for fountains with car tires

Brick look paint for the garden and bricks from tires

The great thing about a fountain made from car tires is that you can build it completely according to your ideas. Experienced craftsmen can try their hand at a more complicated roof, while beginners can make a pretty canopy even with simple tools. Below we have a few more ideas that you can use as inspirations when building a fountain from car tires .

Red fountain made of car tires with white stripes and roof made of sheet metal

Of course, the brick look is not the only design option for fountains made from car tires. A simple striped pattern like the example above is also perfectly suitable. Equally popular is the stone look. For it, you proceed in the same way as for the brick look: first apply the base color and then the joints, but this time they are not symmetrical, but irregular – just like real stones.

Recycling idea for tires and plastic bottles in bright colors

Do you want your car tire fountain to be made entirely of recycled materials? Then, of course, on the one hand you can reuse, for example, scrap wood or other materials from your shed. Or you do it like in the picture above: you stack the tires and then build the frame with roofing out of empty and painted plastic bottles instead of wood. Perfect for those who don’t like to work with saw, drill and hammer.

Artificial garden fountain with concrete and tin roof or painted in stone look

Here you can see an idea for the already mentioned stone look. Next to it you will get another inspiration. Mix concrete and paint the sides of the tires with it, if you like the concrete look. You can create a smooth surface here, or you can create a rough one like above – just the way you like it!

Brown fountain from car tires paint for a natural look

Brown is a color that looks natural and suits your garden especially well. For the canopy, you can use old wooden slats or build a grid from slats. You can then also design the fountain from car tires differently depending on the season – in spring and summer it can be pretty flowers, at Christmas Christmas figures or how about a creepy dementor made of concrete for Halloween?

Colorful car tire fountain as garden decoration in red with roof made of moldings

Yellow tires for good mood in the garden

Yellow fountain with small bucket as decoration for outdoor use

Planted garden fountain in purple and blue

Purple garden fountain to plant with flowers - colorful decoration idea

Making decorations for the garden yourself

Build fountain from car tires - instructions on how to recycle tires