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For gift certificates print templates free: last minute gifts for Christmas & ideas for packaging

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Everyone has a friend or relative or two for whom you just don’t know what the perfect gift would be. No wonder that the most common gift among Germans is the voucher. We would like to help you prepare for Christmas gifts by offering you free printable templates for vouchers and ideas for wrapping them.

Beautiful gift certificate templates and simple packaging ideas

Vouchers templates free print for Christmas for friends and family

If a gift certificate seems too impersonal, think again. After all, you can not only design and package a gift card yourself, so you still invested time and love. The bottom line is that you are also giving the person something this way that they can redeem according to their needs. If the person likes to spend time with you, you can use the voucher for a restaurant, a visit to the cinema, a shopping tour or another type of excursion . You can write down a specific value. In any case, it’s better than something that will just sit around and may not even be liked.

Gift certificates are also a wonderful last minute idea if you didn’t make it in time to get a Christmas gift.

Gift certificate wrap Christmas

Vouchers templates free print as a family gift for Christmas

If you still think a gift certificate isn’t particularly creative, make up for it with the packaging. Of course, the gift certificate can simply be put in a beautiful envelope, but there are other interesting ideas that are sure to delight you!

Creative Gift Ideas Christmas – Gift Certificate in a Snow Globe

Voucher beautifully packaged in a DIY snow globe

After you print and label free templates for the gift certificates, create a small winter wonderland in the lid of a wide preserving jar. Glue fir trees and artificial snow or absorbent cotton and gladly a figure or two. Come up with something arbitrary. Finally, stick your voucher inside using double-sided tape, for example, and seal the jar. Perfect, right?

For more ideas for DIY snow globes, check out this article .

Roll with decorations instead of envelope

Gift wrapping with kitchen roll or toilet paper roll

Surely you have seen such types of gift certificate packaging before, but just did not think of it. So simple and yet so beautiful to look at: Simply roll up the finished voucher and tie a piece of ribbon, string or twine around it so it doesn’t roll up again. In addition to that, you can also attach some Christmas decorations, like berry branches, snowflakes, Christmas characters or whatever else you can think of.

DIY packaging christmas design with washi tape

Another variation would be to use a kitchen paper roll. This should be it longer than the rolled up coupon card (smaller coupons also fit in toilet paper rolls), so that you can press in the open ends and close them. Then design the roll Christmasy or wrap it in wrapping paper that overhangs the sides a bit to create a popping candy.

For Christmas vouchers templates print for free

Vouchers templates free print for Christmas and ideas for gift wrapping

Below you will find for Christmas gift certificate templates that you can download for free and then print and fill out. All you need is a color printer. If you don’t have one, you can also visit a copy store for this purpose.

Important note about filling in our templates:

In the areas after “for” do not write the name of the recipient, but what the gift certificate is for. Here are a few voucher sayings for Christmas:

  • For a cozy (Christmas) meal in a restaurant of your choice.
  • for a delicious (Christmas) brunch with lots of laughter in your favorite café
  • for a Christmas breakfast in bed with champagne/pancakes/cheese and sausage platter ( here you will find ideas for charcuterie boards)
  • for a funny-romantic Christmas movie of your choice (as you like for a movie night with DVD at home or with a cinema voucher template)
  • for a cozy weekend in your favorite hotel

Design your own gift certificate free of charge with our templates

Free Printable Christmas Motif Voucher Templates

Gift certificate for lovers, best friends or family members with snowflakes

Vouchers templates free print for Christmas as a last minute gift idea

Write down an amount of money and let the recipient choose for themselves

Gift voucher make yourself and pretty packaging

Vouchers to print for a personalized last minute Christmas gift

Candy canes as motif for gift vouchers - free download

Gift Certificate Template For Christmas From Kids

Gift certificate templates free print for Christmas from the children