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Feeder column with stand provide: Simple DIY ideas for your feathered guests

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Provide bird food in the winter , of course , is a wonderful thing. But in the process, we also attach importance to the fact that the feeding station is pretty to look at and does not spoil the look of the elaborately landscaped garden. Birdhouses and feeders are usually located on a high shrub or tree. However, not every garden has a suitable one to offer. Or maybe you have trees, but much too far from the house and you would actually like to be able to watch the birdies feed. A bird feeder stand would be a wonderful option. There are great metal models to buy, with hooks attached that allow you to hang the birdseed. But you can also make such a bird feeder stand yourself, and today we’d like to show you some ideas so you can create a great bird feeder station.

Work for the garden with metal pipes as a feeding station for birds

Have you noticed that your bird feeder is no longer able to withstand the large crowds? Then why not feed the birds with several such columns, as well as tit dumplings and other types of feeders. To arrange everything compactly in one place, you can combine the feeding column with stands. Here are some simple ideas to do it yourself:

Feeding column with stand from old parasol

Feeding column with stand make yourself from an old parasol

You have bought a new parasol, but the old one fortunately still in the shed? Or do you plan to buy a new one in spring anyway? The old one is just fine if you want to combine any feeder column with stand. And you don’t even have to do much to do it. Just remove the fabric and you can set up the stand as usual and hang bird feeders on it, creating a versatile feeding station for birds.

Scaffolding of a parasol unfunction into a bird feeder stand

Of course, you can also transform the stand a bit beforehand. For example, you could sand the wood and then give it a fresh coat of varnish – whether it’s a natural wood tone or beautifully colored. By the way, you could also upcycle an old clothesline in this way and use it for new purposes. The clotheslines are perfect for using this feeder for titmouse dumplings, birdhouses and other feeders.

Old umbrella upcycle for feeding column with stand and rain cover

Both a parasol and an old umbrella can make a wonderful canopy for birdies when it rains. Simply tie the umbrella to a pole or other type of stand, or leave the fabric of the parasol on the framework. Keep in mind that the latter provides only limited rain protection.

Old rims

Old wheel with spokes for hanging birdhouses and other feeders

Wheels of an old wagon, bicycle or wooden from a carriage are also wonderful to present your feeding column with stand. The wheel is simply put on a metal rod with a suitable diameter and ready. Now the feed dispensers can be hung on the spokes with hooks.

Stand for feeding column for birds build yourself with tubes

Feeding column with stand made of copper pipes for the garden

Whether made of PVC or metal does not matter – pipes are simply the perfect material to quickly and easily place a feeding column with stand in the garden, which fully meets your expectations. You can create as many branches as you like, simply by using matching connectors. Do you want the stand to be elegant and eye-catching? Use copper tubes! Would you rather have it a little more discreet and in such a way that the stand blends in with the natural surroundings? Go for green plastic tubes that will be barely visible against an evergreen shrub.

Bird house and feeding pillar with stand made of green PVC pipes

Be sure to build the stand high enough to keep cats from getting to the birds. Otherwise, you will put your feathered friends in mortal danger with your feeder with stand, and after all, this is not the purpose.

From wooden beam

Build your own garden decoration with wooden beams and boards for hanging bird feeder columns

A simple wooden beam will also serve you best if you want to build a feeding column with stand. Build feet for the beam if you want it to be mobile or concrete it into the ground. Then you can screw metal hooks on the top end, or you can screw a wooden board on each of the four sides of the beam. Then drill holes in these wooden boards to hang the birdhouses or attach hooks.

Scaffolding for feeding columns and birdhouses with protection from squirrels

Do you want to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder? Then cover the beams with a metal downspout that they can’t climb up, but will slide off.

Use wooden beams for a bird feeder with stand - DIY ideas made of wood and with metal hooks

With wooden ladder

Birdhouse stand made of old wooden ladders for a useful garden decoration

Get your old wooden ladder out of the shed or garage, because it is not only perfect as a stand for flower pots and decorations, but can also carry and display the beautiful birdhouse. It is best to paint it in a nice color beforehand and screw the birdhouse well. If cats regularly visit your garden, this idea is less suitable, as it would be easy for cats to climb up the ladder. Or you can remove the running boards.

Wrought iron elements

Rod made of wrought iron for simple bird feeder stand to hang birdhouses

Without much effort, you can place a feeding column with stand in the garden, using a ready-made element for fences made of wrought iron. Just drop by a blacksmith near you or browse online stores. You will need a straight element that ends with a curlicue on one side. You stick the rod into the ground and the squiggle serves as a hook from which you can hang a bird feeder, for example.

Scaffold from pipes on a metal column as a feeding station with protection from squirrels

Painting felled tree and use it as a stand

Painting tree with branches for a natural bird stand