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Fall crafts for kids: DIY ideas with colors and decorations that your little ones are sure to love!

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Autumn is the perfect time to keep your kids busy with crafts. And if you take your little ones for a daily or weekly walk through the park, this is the opportunity to collect leaves, acorns, sticks and stones that they can then have fun crafting. With our roundup of fall crafts for kids, the crafting fun doesn’t have to end. Kids will love these adorable DIY projects to craft with fall-themed colors and embellishments, and they’re suitable for young kids in daycare, too!

Making owl out of muffin tins with kids

This is how easy it is to make owl from muffin tins with kids

Materials needed:

Paper muffin tins
Paper craft sheets in yellow, orange, brown and blue
Decorations in the form of leaves
Wiggle eyes
Chalk marker
Glue and scissors

Start by smoothing out the muffin tins to make circles

Here’s how to craft the owl from muffin paper:

  • Start by smoothing out the muffin tins to make circles. Be careful not to tear them.
  • Fold the muffin tins inward from both sides, leaving a narrow gap in the middle. The gap should be narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.
  • Make a small fold from the top to the bottom. Get out your chalk markers and decorate the owl’s wings and tail.
  • What is our owl missing? A beak! Cut small triangles out of the orange and yellow construction paper for the beaks. Then cut a branch out of the brown paper so our owls have a place to sit.
  • Time to put it all together! Attach the googly eyes and beak to the owl’s head. Attach the branch and leaves to the blue background and finally attach our owls to the branch. That’s it!

Make your own paper scarecrow

You can make scarecrow from paper by yourself with your little ones

Materials needed:

Brown clay paper – 3 pieces per scarecrow.
Scissors or paper cutter
Hot glue
White glue
Large wiggle eyes
Orange, yellow, green or red construction paper
Pipe cleaner (optional)
Raffia raffia

Follow the instructions here to make a pinwheel for the scarecrow

Here’s how to craft the scarecrow for kids:

  • Follow the instructions here to make a pinwheel . Cut the brown paper into a square. Then use hot glue to help you glue the pinwheel.
  • Cut out the scarecrow hat template found below.

Cut out the free scarecrow hat template you can find here

  • Have the children transfer the hat template to a piece of paper of their choice. Cut it out.
  • Cut the raffia to the desired length of the scarecrow hair. You will only need two small strands for each side of the hat.
  • Glue the raffia in place by placing a pile of glue on both sides of the wheel. You can use the hat as a guide for where the hair should go. It will be a mess and the glue will drip into the crevices. Just know that the white glue will dry and the raffia will stick.
  • Add the glue to the top where you want the hat to sit. Place the hat in its place. Again, it will stick when the glue begins to dry.
  • Using white glue, glue a ribbon to the hat.
  • Glue on the wiggle eyes.
  • Cut a triangular nose out of paper and glue it in the center.
  • Glue on a mouth. The children would love to cut their own mouths out of paper. Or you can use a pipe cleaner for the mouth.
  • Let everything dry completely before moving on. This way, the paper craft for kids is ready.

Colorful autumn wreath made from egg carton

How to make a colorful autumn wreath from egg carton in autumn

What you need:

2 – 3 egg cartons
Scissors (kitchen scissors are best)
Acrylic paint in autumn colors
cardboard for the wreath base
thick white glue

Autumn crafts for children – instructions:

  • Cut out a wreath shape from the cardboard. You can draw a small plate for the outer edge and a plastic lid for the inside.
  • Paint the wreath brown and let it dry.
  • Cut flower shapes and leaves from the egg carton cups, from the flat areas.
  • Paint the flowers and leaves with acrylic paint and let dry. While the flowers are still wet, they are quite pliable. So if you want to shape them a bit, you can try, but once they dry, they are very sturdy.
  • Place the flowers and leaves around the wreath in an appealing way and when you are happy with the design, glue the flowers onto the wreath.

Fall crafts for kids: handprint tree

Fall crafts for kids - a handprint tree is perfect for fall decorations

Supplies for a handprint tree:

Cardstock – brown, yellow, red and orange
Paper towel roll
Glue stick
Adhesive tape
Paper plate
Green paint
Pine cones and sticks for decoration

Steps to craft an autumn handprint tree:

  • First, paint your paper plate green and set it aside to dry.
  • Cut slits in the bottom of the paper towel tube and glue it to the paper plate.
  • Glue the tube to make a handprint tree
  • Then draw your hand and arm on the brown cardboard so that the “trunk” of the tree is long enough to cover the paper towel roll.
  • Glue the “trunk” of your handprint onto the paper towel roll.
  • Now trace normal handprints with the orange, yellow, and red cardstock.
  • Now you are ready to tape your handprints to the tree!
  • To cover the tape at the bottom, add some pine cones and sticks for decoration. Glue them down if you want them to be permanent. You may need to use hot glue if you want them to stay permanent. Have adults do this part or use cold hot glue that is suitable for children. So you are sure to please the whole family with these colorful fall crafts for kids!

How to please the whole family with these colorful autumn crafts for kids