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Drying and dyeing pampas grass: With these methods you make the stalks durable for decorative purposes

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Pampas grass looks very decorative not only in the tub and in the bed. The dry stalks are also at home, in a vase, absolute eye-catcher. We explain how you can dry and dye the pampas grass. So nothing stands in the way of crafting a creative autumn decoration!

Drying pampas grass: when to cut the stalks?

Dry pampas grass and put in vase

Decorating with pampas grass is one of the most beautiful retro trends. In the 70s and 80s, dried pampas grass adorned many living rooms. Nowadays, the decoration celebrates a true comeback and brings a Scandinavian touch to your own four walls. Together with a ceramic vase with a simple shape, the grass creates a particularly effective ensemble that exudes a touch of nostalgia.

If you want to use pampasgra s for decorative purposes, then you should cut the stalks immediately after flowering. You can cut 3 to 5 culms from one plant. You should use a sharp knife or garden shears when doing this. Also, wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from the leaves.

Follow these steps:

  • Cut the stalks close to the ground.
  • Remove all leaves and flowers from the bottom of the stems. Trim them to the desired length.

Hanging blades of grass upside down instruction

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Tie several stalks together at the bottom of the stems with twine or floss. Then tie the bundles to a coat hanger.
  • Hang the stalks in a warm place indoors that is protected from the wind. The pantry, glazed patio or conservatory work well.
  • Let the straws dry for about three weeks. Then you can use them as decorations as you like.

Blow dry the blades of grass to make them fluffy.

Make pampas grass durable with hairspray

  • Then shake the blades up very gently.
  • To keep the pampas grass fluffy for as long as possible, you can blow dry the blades on the lowest setting. Run the blow dryer slowly and carefully from the bottom up.
  • The dry blades of grass are very brittle. You can fix the pampas grass with hairspray. (If you want to dye the grass, then this step can be omitted).
  • Display the blades of grass in a glass vase. Protect them from direct sunlight and high humidity.

Dyeing pampas grass: this is how it’s done!

Pampas grass dye in sky blue instructions for decoration

After you have preserved the pampas grass, you can dye it. So you get blades of grass in different accent colors such as orange, pink, white, etc.Especially popular are the so-called candy colors. The color palette includes various pastel shades that can spice up the interior. If you like this decoration, then you can dye the already dried pampas grass yourself. You will need the following materials:

Pampas grass step f(r step dyeing

  • Aluminum bucket or an old pot
  • a brush, flat
  • newspaper
  • dry blades of grass
  • white acrylic paint and other acrylic paints of your choice
  • a dab of washing up liquid
  • water

For this purpose, proceed as follows:

Pampas grass dyeing with acrylic paints instructions

  • Take the dried stalks and blow dry them on the lowest setting from the bottom up to make them as fluffy as possible.
  • Even if you have already purchased dried straws, you can blow dry them. (As long as the manufacturer doesn’t say otherwise, of course. Best to still check with the store in this regard).
  • Always wear rubber gloves. Take a deep bucket or an old pot and fill with water. Boil the water briefly and dissolve the white acrylic paint into the water first. Then dose the second shade as desired (the less paint you add, the lighter the grass will be).
  • Add another blob of dishwashing liquid to the water. Mix it all together with the flat brush.
  • Then dip the grasses upside down in the bucket and remove them. Use the brush to spread the paint so that all the blades are evenly colored.
  • Hang them upside down in an off-sun place to dry. Don’t forget to line the area under the grasses with newspaper.

Our tip: you can prepare several containers and make different shades of one color. Also super beautiful looks brightly colored pink pampas grass in combination with other dried flowers and grasses.