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DIY privacy screen for garden and terrace – upcycling ideas from old objects

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If you have a garden, you have the ideal place to relax and unwind in the fresh air during the warm season. At least, if no nosy neighbors live next to it. To protect privacy, you definitely need a privacy screen for the garden. The variants for this are almost infinite – privacy fences, screens or high hedges are considered the most popular of them. These options may be practical, but they also have disadvantages. On the one hand, they cost a lot of money, and on the other hand, the purchase often requires a little more time. If you are just looking for a suitable privacy screen for your garden or patio, you can take a look at the following ideas made of recycled materials. They are really cheap compared to classic privacy screens and add a personal touch to the garden.

What can you use as a privacy screen?

Privacy screen for terrace from shutters painted blue

The ideas for a DIY privacy screen from recycled materials are very diverse. In principle, you can use anything that you can assemble to block the view. Very classic ideas include pallets, wooden slats, old crates, etc. If you (or someone you know) has just completed a renovation, be sure to take a look at all the things that are planned for the trash. Old things like doors and shutters make great privacy fences.

Make privacy screens for the garden yourself: the best upcycling ideas.

Upcycling in the garden privacy screen wall from shutters

To help you visualize our ideas, take a look at the following examples of upcycling privacy screens for the garden. You may find an idea here for materials that you already have at your disposal.

DIY cheap privacy screen for the garden from old doors

Paint old doors and build privacy wall

Large things such as interior doors are perfect for building a good privacy screen. They can be arranged in such a way that they completely block the view. This also allows you to create interesting accents in the outdoor area.

Build screen yourself

DIY privacy screen terrace upcycling old doors

To build a screen yourself from old doors, you may first need to give them a new coat of paint. You can use colors that go well with the rest of the garden decor and fit harmoniously into your garden. If the interior doors have glass elements, then you can make them opaque with window film or glass paint.

You then make a kind of screen out of the doors by assembling the individual door leaves using hinges. You can then use this screen to shield the seating area on the terrace. Now nothing stands in the way of your relaxing afternoon outdoors!

Entire privacy fence made of doors

Privacy fence from old doors upcycling in the garden

If you have several doors at your disposal or you can buy some cheaply, then you can build an entire privacy fence from them. Interior doors are high enough to block the view completely and will successfully protect your privacy. They can also be painted and decorated as you like and add a playful accent to the garden.

Privacy screens for patio and garden made from shutters.

Privacy screen terrace upcycling simple shutters

Similar to doors, you can also upcycle your old shutters. They are narrower than doors and don’t look as bulky outdoors. Use as many as you need, and build your own screen without spending a lot of money on it.

Privacy screen from shutters build blue paint

Shutters and folding shutters come in so many sizes and designs that you can build a truly original and unique privacy screen from them yourself. If you wish, you can also give the shutters a new coat of paint, but even in their worn appearance they look beautiful. Whether to use the elements as they are or to process them a bit depends mainly on the garden style.

Do it Yourself privacy screen for garden shutters decorated with vases

You can then further decorate the homemade privacy screen for the garden as you wish. What do you think of these pretty upcycled vases made from old glass bottles?

Build a cheap privacy screen from pallets

Use pallet wood for cheap DIY privacy screen

Among the classic materials for DIY projects in the garden are without a doubt still the worn pallets. They can be separated into several parts and assembled into various furniture and elements for home and garden . You can also build a privacy screen for the garden or the terrace yourself from this material really cheap.

Pallet wood to give away can be found everywhere on the Internet and even a short drive to the industrial area of your city can be successful. Where there are loading docks, there are usually stacks of disposable pallets meant for the container. Just ask if you can take some with you. Most workers will be happy to do so, as you will save them work.

Privacy wall made of pallet wood

Paint pallet wood and build privacy wall

Fences and garden walls are not always completely opaque. Often they are equipped with decorative elements such as gitzers, which look beautiful, but do not protect from prying eyes. If there is also such an area in your garden, you can make it opaque with the help of recycled materials.

Pallet wood privacy screen DIY decorated with fairy lights

Pallet wood is usually specially treated for outdoor use, but you can still give the wooden slats a protective coating to be on the safe side. You can use exterior paint for this, for example, to add a colorful accent. Then you don’t necessarily need to screw the wooden slats down – you can simply tie them together with rope. Finally, add a string of lights to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

Upcycling idea – small privacy screen made of pallets with planter box.

Small privacy screen for balcony from pallets

If you need a narrow privacy screen for an area in the garden or for the balcony, you don’t necessarily have to take apart the pallet wood. Just place two disposable pallets on top of each other and screw them together. You’ll have a cool DIY privacy screen made from recycled materials.

DIY privacy screen made from glassware and old wooden window

Fancy privacy screen for garden DIY old wooden window decorated with glassware

Old glass such as plates, bowls and jars can be used for many creative craft and building projects in the garden. For example, round glass plates are perfect for a homemade privacy screen. They add a vintage touch to the garden and also create beautiful light reflections. Colored glass is best for this, but transparent plates with decorative elements are also fine. The main thing is that you can not see through it.

DIY privacy screen from recycled material wooden window glassware

To make such an original privacy screen, you still need an old window with a wooden frame. First, thoroughly clean the glass panel with detergent, and then make it completely clean with a dry cloth. Use outdoor silicone glue to stick the glass plates, cups and bowls to the glass. Arrange them so that there are as small gaps between them as possible. Then fill the gaps with glass shards or glass beads.

Glassware privacy screen do it yourself for hanging

Such a privacy panel will look even more original if you use colored glass. The elements of colored glass will form beautiful light reflections when exposed to sunlight, giving the garden a fairy-tale look.

To provide a better privacy screen, several individual panels with glass decoration can be hung one above the other.

Make your own privacy screen from wine bottles

Fancy idea for DIY privacy screen for the garden from wine bottles

A privacy screen can also be used to hide unsightly areas in the garden. In the example above, a greenhouse was hidden behind the homemade privacy screens made from wood and wine bottles.

For this upcycling project, empty wine bottles were used, first drilled through and then pushed onto sticks. These rods were built into a homemade wooden frame and made into an original privacy screen.

Glass bottles on rebar as privacy screen

Approximately 7-10 bottles were needed per rod. For an entire privacy screen, you should expect about 60-70 glass bottles, depending on the size. Even real wine lovers may not have so many wine bottles lying available. However, if you ask your friends, relatives or neighbors, you may find the necessary amount.

Colorful privacy screen made of glass bottles

The special thing about wine bottles and glass bottles as a whole is that you can find them in many different colors. Thus, they can be turned into original privacy screens, which will create more atmosphere in the garden. With us you can also find more DIY projects with glass bottles for the garden.

DIY privacy screen for garden and terrace – upcycle old curtains.

Upcycling idea for old curtains

The privacy screen does not always have to be massive and bulky. Even with some curtains you can protect your privacy whenever you want. And for this idea, you don’t necessarily have to buy new curtains.

Use red curtains as DIY privacy screen

For example, if you are planning to renovate the living room or bedroom, you can simply use the old curtains outside. These are perfect for a porch or a pergola, where there are posts to which you can attach the curtain rods. This idea becomes even more affordable if you use old bed sheets instead of curtains. Just sew on some loops or use twine to hang the sheets from a tree in the garden.

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