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DIY decoration for the garden: How to build a tier fountain yourself and create an inexpensive water feature

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If you want to add a unique element to your garden, you can build a tier fountain yourself. Such a charming fountain made of flower pots or recycled materials, which can stop with purchased versions, will definitely enliven your garden area. In the process, you can not only save time and money, but also show off your own creations. So get inspired by the following decorating ideas and DIY projects for your outdoor space to wow your guests at summer gatherings.

How to build a tier fountain yourself with simple steps

easy to build your own garden decoration from a tiered fountain and place it in your garden bed

There are many types of fountains that you can install in your garden. If your outdoor space does not allow for a garden pond that serves as a water feature, you can let your own garden fountain do the work. Such units in the garden or backyard are a great addition to the outdoor space for many reasons. Namely, one of them is that such a water feature helps to beautify the outdoor space in an inexpensive way.

natural looking garden decoration with DIY tiered fountain

Any two or three tier fountain can turn into an attraction for garden. Moreover, such a DIY project would not take much time in a weekend. On the contrary, the simple to build tiered fountain can be easily realized and create a special atmosphere with water sounds in the garden area. Leave the huge and expensive sets, because you can do well with a DIY fountain. However, consider your space and the landscaping of your backyard or garden when deciding which fountain to have. You can easily start with a two-step project.

Tools and materials

build a tiered fountain in your own garden with simple tools and inexpensive materials

  • Cordless drill
  • 2 (or 3) ceramic pots
  • Water pump
  • Plug for drainage
  • Waterproofing
  • plastic saucer
  • plastic pot (about 20 cm in diameter)
  • Pebbles or small natural stones


add diy three tier fountain made of ceramic pots and pebbles as beautiful garden decoration

  • First, place the drain plugs on the holes and press them firmly on the holes of the large ceramic pot.
  • Then add the sealant around each plug.
  • Turn the pot over after it has set and again apply sealant to the bottoms.
  • Then let the whole thing dry overnight.

pierce the bottom of a ceramic planter and tinker with plugs and seal for pump

  • First drill a hole, which will be for the pump tube, in the plastic saucer.
  • Fill the large ceramic pot with water.
  • Then set the water pump by turning the plastic pot upside down and positioning it with water on the bottom of the large ceramic pot.
  • Place the pump on the overturned plastic pot, making sure that the hose of the pump is facing up.
  • Then fill the large pot with water to just below the rim.

drill a plastic saucer from a flower pot in the middle for a hose for the purpose of water play

  • Assemble the level by placing the saucer on top of the water-filled ceramic pot, leaving the pump tube protruding from the center hole.
  • Place the smaller ceramic pot on the saucer so that the pump tube comes through the drain hole.

build a three-tiered and potted tiered fountain yourself and equip it with a pump

  • Then put a nozzle of your choice on the end of the pump tube to speckle the water
  • Then place some stones in the pot and saucer and spread them in place.
  • Connect the pump and enjoy your new fountain!

How to make a tier fountain yourself from galvanized water jugs or watering cans

make your own tiered fountain with galvanized water jugs and give the garden a rustic look

Making a simple water feature to display outside your patio area can also be a great idea. So, if you need something rustic with a vintage look that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in, this can be the right DIY project for you. Again, a simple water pump will do, as well as old watering cans that are galvanized. With little effort, you can then create a fabulous and inexpensive water feature. Not to mention, it’s pretty easy to put together.

Tools and materials

use simple water pump as an accessory for diy fountain in the garden

  • Cordless drill
  • 2-3 galvanized watering cans or water jugs
  • 1 large galvanized tub or 1/2 barrel
  • Small water pump and water hoses (recommended about 20 cm)
  • Hanging clamps (anything that can get the job done)


drill holes in the handle of a galvanized watering can with a cordless drill and use it as a water feature

  • First, find an area in your yard, such as a fence or wall, that you can use as a support background. A landscaped area makes for a better environment.
  • You should place your large galvanized tub far enough to catch the water that flows from the lower water pan. One to two feet from the fence should be sufficient. Don’t worry about perfect placement at this time, you can adjust it later.
  • Next, determine how high you want your first water jug to be. For this, it would be best if you place the two water jugs about 50 cm apart.
  • Once you have made your placement, you will need to drill a hole in the handles of each water pitcher. This is a must, otherwise the jug could move around a lot, causing you to lose water and burn your pump.

insert a hose through the neck and opening of a galvanized garden jug

  • Then attach the top bracket hanger to your fence and hang the jug. Also, feel free to step back to see if this is to your liking. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and visualize the finished project.
  • Now you need to drill another, slightly larger hole in the back of your top watering can. The exact hole placement doesn’t matter, as you will run the water hose through the hole and then through the spout. Drilling a hole in the back of the watering can hides the hose. The goal is to make this water feature look like it is pouring water without any pipes connected.

reuse old objects in the garden and create a water feature in vintage look yourself

  • The only thing left is the hardest part – adding your final watering can. You’ll need to turn on the pump to see where the water is going. This will give you the exact placement where you need to install the watering can. It will also tell you where to place the other fixture. Mark the spot so you know where to install the bracket. You can also mark the handle of the water jug so you can drill your final hole accurately.
  • This little water feature has so much potential to beautify your garden naturally.