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Decorative mushrooms for the garden do it yourself: Creative DIY ideas from different materials

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When it comes to garden decorations, there are no limits to your imagination. If you find colorful garden figures such as gnomes and little animals in the flower beds beautiful, you will simply love these ideas for homemade decoration mushrooms for the garden! You can make such a playful garden decoration yourself from various materials and set atmospheric color accents in the garden, even when the flower splendor is over. Discover the most beautiful DIY ideas with us!

Decorative mushrooms for the garden make yourself from old things

Simple decoration mushrooms for outside make yourself

The upcycling trend is just on the rise. You use old and seemingly useless items to create something new and beautiful . We now show you a few upcycling ideas that you can use to craft beautiful decorative mushrooms. Get inspired and turn the garden into an enchanted forest like from a fairy tale.

Great decorative mushrooms from baking pans

Upcycling idea for decorative mushrooms as garden decorations

If some old round baking pans are available at your home, you can use them for interesting DIY projects. For example, for crafting large decorative mushrooms for the garden, the Gugelhupfform is wonderful as the mushroom hat and as a stem you can use a PVC pipe. Instructions as well as other ideas can be found below.

Materials for making decorative mushrooms for the garden

For this project you will need the following materials:

  • Gugelhupf molds
  • PVC pipes (about 6-7 cm in diameter)
  • Red spray paint
  • Cream colored spray paint (optional)
  • White acrylic paint and brush

Instructions toadstools craft as a garden decoration

The first step to crafting these mushrooms from old materials is to prepare the mushroom parts. If you want to craft toadstools, first spray the baking molds with red lacquer and let them dry well. In the meantime, you can spray the tubes cream (or just leave them white).

Once the red varnish is completely dry, paint white circles on the bundt pan with a thin brush and let them dry again.

Large decoration mushrooms for garden make yourself from Gugelhupf PVC pipe

Now all that remains is to assemble the mushrooms. The middle part must fit directly into the tube. So in this case, you do not need glue or other means of fixing the mushroom hats. To place the mushrooms in the garden, dig a small hole in the ground, insert the tube and cover with some soil. Done!

Cool upcycling: mushrooms from tin shells and wood

DIY decorative mushrooms for garden from metal baking molds and wood

It does not necessarily have to be Gugelhupffformen and PVC pipes. You can use any round tin bowl or dish and paint to match. There are also alternatives for the mushroom stem. Very beautiful and natural look this garden decoration, if you use driftwood. Put some silicone glue in the painted bowls and glue the piece of wood in the middle. Let the glue dry and the beautiful decorative mushrooms are ready.

Fairy tale garden decoration with decorative toadstools in the garden

Tip: To make toadstool heads with perfectly round dots, you can first paint the shells white, glue circles of paper or painter’s tape on them and only then spray them with red paint. After that, when you peel off the circles, the round white dots will be visible underneath.

Making mushrooms as garden decorations from clay pots

Decorative mushrooms from clay pots make yourself for the garden

Clay pots in different sizes are another option for crafting original garden decorations. In addition to playful clay pot figures, you can also craft the beautiful decorative mushrooms for the garden from them. For a mushroom you need a clay pot and the saucer of a larger pot. Otherwise, the mushroom hats will look much too small.

Garden decoration mushroom from clay pot and plate DIY

Here’s how to make a mushroom from a clay pot and a large trivet:

First paint the clay pot white and let it dry. Then paint the coaster red (or other color of choice) and let dry. Using a drinking glass, draw circles on the bottom of the coaster with a pencil and then paint them with a brush and white paint. Once the paint has dried, spray both elements with clear varnish to make the paint waterproof. All that remains is to place the clay pot with the coaster on it upside down anywhere in the garden. If you are worried about the kids or an animal knocking the coaster over, just tape it to the bottom of the pot.

Mushroom hat made from a pot lid

Garden decoration DIY upcycling pot lid mushroom

To make the mushroom hat for the decoration mushrooms, they can use almost anything that has a curved shape. For example, the old pot lid is perfect for garden decoration from old items. The procedure is the same as for the other two projects: Paint the lid, paint it and put it on a suitable stem. In this example, an ornamental column was used.

Make your own garden decoration mushrooms from glass

Garden decoration mushrooms make your own from glass vases and bowls

Crystal and glassware can also be used to create fabulous decorative mushrooms for the garden. These look a lot more elegant than the toadstools and reflect the sunlight, which conjures up beautiful light shows in the garden. However, you must be careful not to place the mushrooms in direct sunlight at the height of summer, as there is a risk of fire. Position these decorative mushrooms only in the shade or use them to beautify the garden in autumn and winter.

Make beautiful decorative mushrooms from glass yourself

To make these beautiful mushrooms, you will need glassware that replicates a mushroom hat upside down, such as bowls or dishes and thin and tall glass for the mushroom stem, such as a glass vase. Rinse them out first and let them dry thoroughly. Then place the vase upside down if needed (depending on the model, this step may be omitted) and position the glass bowl upside down on top. To make the decorative mushrooms more stable, you can glue the bowl to the vases with silicone glue.

Decorative mushrooms for the garden from crystal dishes make your own

You want to embellish the simple glass mushrooms? Then you can, for example, fill the vase (mushroom stem) with colorful glass marbles. This can help to weigh down the mushrooms so that they also become more stable. For light accents in the evening, you can fill the vases with solar lights instead.

Pretty decorative mushrooms in the garden made of colored glass

To make this project truly upcycling, you should only use dishes that are not otherwise used. This can be, for example, bowls and dishes with cracks, or old glassware that otherwise just collects dust in the basement.

Upcycling idea for old dishes: make decorative mushrooms for the garden yourself.

Simple mushrooms from dishes tinker as a garden decoration

You want to reuse your old dishes? Then be sure to check out our article with craft ideas using old china dishes. Another great option for upcycling would be to turn them into decorative mushrooms for the garden yourself. For example, you can use soup plates or bowls for the mushroom hats and vases, canning jars or even drinking glasses work quite well as mushroom stems. Whether you paint the dishes or leave them in their original colors is up to you.

Mini mushrooms from plastic eggs

Cute mini decoration mushrooms for the garden craft

Decorative mushrooms for the garden do not necessarily have to be large. These cute mini mushrooms make for atmospheric splashes of color in the lawn or flower bed and are super easy to recreate. For example, you can use the leftover plastic eggs from the kids’ Easter egg hunt for this. And of course, if they feel like it, the little ones can join in on this DIY project.

Mini mushrooms as garden decorations make yourself from plastic eggs and popsicle sticks

For the mushroom stems, you can improvise here too. Craft sticks, popsicle sticks or small twigs are perfect. To craft the decorative mushrooms, you should first divide the plastic eggs and glue a popsicle stick in each half. Let dry briefly and the mushroom is ready to stick in the garden or in a flower pot.

Make your own mushrooms for garden decoration from concrete

DIY decorative mushrooms for the garden made of concrete

If you want to make the mushrooms completely yourself, then concrete is the right material for it. From concrete you can make both mushroom hat and mushroom stem yourself – for this you only need suitable molds.

To create the mold, fill a planter with soil and play with it until you have the desired mushroom hat shape. Then line the mold with plastic wrap and pour the concrete mixture into it.

For the shape of the stem, you can use a plastic bottle, for example, by cutting off the neck of the bottle and the bottom. Position the resulting tube in the middle of the already poured concrete and fill them with it as well. Then let it dry for at least 24 hours (even better a few days). Then take the decorative mushroom out of the mold and paint it in any colors you like (apply several layers of the paint if needed). Finally, apply a coat of clear varnish and decorate the garden with the homemade concrete mushroom.

Decorate decorative mushrooms with mosaic

Garden decoration do it yourself mushrooms from pots with mosaic decoration

The cute decorative mushrooms that decorate your garden, you can make them even more beautiful with mosaic. For this project, the mushrooms made of concrete or clay pots are the most suitable. Decorate them with selected mosaic stones, glass stones or tile shards, so that an interesting pattern is created. Many tips and more cool projects for garden decoration with mosaic can be found in this post .

Decorative concrete mushrooms embellish with mosaic

To make mosaic on the finished concrete mushrooms, simply glue the selected little stones with silicone glue or concrete, let the glue dry well and then grout the resulting pattern.

Decorative mushroom from glass embellish with mosaic

You can also decorate glass mushrooms with mosaic. No grouting is necessary here – you simply glue the mosaic to the glass jar. However, for a uniform look, in this case, you’d better use glass mosaic.

We wish you a lot of fun with tinkering!