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Crafting with seniors in winter: These DIY ideas are the perfect activity on cold days

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Not only children love crafting. Creative design can also prove to be a useful hobby for adults. Especially in old age, crafting with seniors gives them the opportunity to practice fine motor skills. In addition, working with different materials brings joy. Making something yourself step by step is experienced as meaningful by everyone. You also feel like part of a community when a whole group is crafting together.

Handicrafts with seniors in winter

Winter decoration with seniors tinker instruction

Crafting is not only fun, but also promotes certain skills. Therefore, it is a meaningful activity not only for children, but also for adults. And seniors also enjoy making something new and giving free rein to their creativity. It can prove particularly valuable for patients with dementia.

But again, one wonders, what craft ideas are suitable for seniors? In principle, anything that is not too complicated. Painting something, cutting something out from templates, making simple decorative figures yourself – there are enough craft ideas that are well suited for this age group. Of course, it is even more important that these craft ideas are well suited as group activities. We list some suggestions for winter.

Decorate pine cones with glitter and make a garland

Handicrafts with seniors in winter painting and decorating pine cones

The first idea is super easy, fun and doesn’t require any special motor skills. You will need white acrylic paint and glitter. First, pour the white acrylic paint into a bowl and then pour glitter in powder form into another bowl. First apply the acrylic paint to the cones and then roll them in glitter. If you wish, you can tie the pine cones together and make a beautiful garland.

Crafts with seniors: Winter fairies made of wood

Handicrafts with seniors wooden figures paint elves

For the cute winter fairies made of wood, you will need figure cones (craft supplies), metallic paints, clay cardboard, fineliners in red and black, small glitter stars (sprinkle decoration from craft supplies) and scissors. First, paint the faces of the wooden figures with a neutral shade of pink. Then draw the faces of the fairies. Meanwhile, seniors can cut out the fairies’ wings from paper and then paint the fairies. Then glue a small star on the forehead of each figure and attach the wings with glue.

Winter decorations that encourage fine motor skills: Owls made of absorbent cotton and felt

crafting with seniors in winter make owl with absorbent cotton yourself

With a little skill, you can turn cones into pretty owls. The materials needed are as follows: Cotton, felt fabric and wiggle eyes. The instructions are as simple as can be. First, cut out all the felt fabric pieces. Then fill in the gaps between the cone scales with cotton. Then attach the felt pieces. After that, glue the wiggle eyes as well.

Craft ideas for seniors: Window decoration with snowflakes made of glue

Handicrafts with seniors in winter snowflakes as window decoration

The next DIY idea also succeeds quickly and easily. You need transparent baking paper, glue and glitter. First, draw a snowflake on the baking paper. Then apply glue to it. Sprinkle the snowflake with glitter in powder form and let it dry. Then carefully detach it from the baking paper.

Occupation for dementia patients: make your own penguin from old socks

Crafting with seniors make your own penguin from socks and sand and felt

From an old sock and felt fabric you can quickly and easily make a penguin figure. Decorate it with a decorative ribbon and spice it up with another sock with Christmas motifs, which will serve as a “hat”. Finished is the cute decoration idea.

Crafting with seniors: melting snowman on paper plate

melted snowman craft with seniors with paper plates ideas

The next decoration idea is perfect for families with young children. If grandma and grandpa come to visit, then you can include them in the crafting. This will be fun for the whole family. For the melting snowman, you’ll need a paper plate, a ball of Styrofoam, three buttons, a detail of white clay cardboard, a nose of orange kitchen sponge and two brown pipe cleaners.

Painting for seniors with dementia

painting with cotton swabs with seniors in winter

For many dementia patients, painting can prove to be a favorite activity. It’s not always easy, but painting a beautiful picture is fun and boosts self-confidence. In addition, painting encourages creativity.

Crafting with household items: penguin from egg carton

Penguin from egg carton crafting in winter with seniors

With a little creativity, cute penguins can be made from egg carton in just a few minutes. For the DIY idea you still need clay cardboard in orange for the feet and beak, wiggle eyes and clay cardboard in white for the belly. Cut egg carton to size, paint black and assemble the penguins.