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Crafting with hazelnuts for young and old: so easy to make animal figures and decorative ornaments in autumn!

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Autumn is the perfect time for adorable crafts with natural autumnal materials, and your kids will surely love making cute projects like the following. You can craft with hazelnuts and it’s easy with these beautiful DIY ideas!

Craft squirrels with hazelnuts

DIY decorative hazelnut ornaments with kids - So easy to make animal figurines or decorative ornaments in autumn

Materials needed:

Pipe cleaner, brown
Glue gun
black marker

Instructions for making the squirrels:

  • From the pipe cleaner, make the back of the squirrel’s body by shaping the tail and back paws. Then glue the front paws out of pipe cleaner.
  • Using a glue gun, glue two hazelnuts for the squirrel’s body and head.
  • Add ears made of pipe cleaners and glue them on the same way with the glue gun.
  • Draw the eyes and mouth with a black marker. We are done with these cute hazelnut squirrels!

DIY decorative hazelnut ball ornaments

DIY decorative hazelnut ball ornaments you can make yourself in a few easy steps

What you need to make your own decorative hazelnut ornament:

Styrofoam balls
Glue gun with glue sticks
Hazelnuts with shell

You can use any other type of nuts with shells or even acorns for this project. You can also use walnuts, but be sure to glue them to a larger Styrofoam ball.


  • First, put a pea-sized blob of hot glue on the Styrofoam ball and gently press in one hazelnut at a time. Hold the hazelnut in place for a few seconds before moving on to the next one. Continue working your way around the Styrofoam ball until it is completely covered with nuts.
  • It’s best to make an odd number of balls, such as 3, 5, 7, etc., and group them together for an impressive decoration. You can also make different sizes for a really interesting effect.

Make mini wreath as autumn decoration

Why not make a mini wreath as an autumn decoration with children at home

Materials needed:

A piece of colorful yarn

How to make a mini wreath:

You can use a cleaned cucumber lid and put a hazelnut inside. Then use the glue gun to apply glue to the side of the hazelnut and stick another hazelnut next to it. Repeat the steps until you have a complete circle.

Then twist the craft out of the lid, glue the last nuts together, add some twine and baker’s twine and you’re done. You can use the mini wreath as a fall decoration at home!

Hazelnut mice in a few easy steps

Such cute crafts you can make with the kids in the fall

Materials needed:

butter knife
ultra fine felt tip pen
Felt (you can also use an upcycled wool sweater)
Fabric scraps (small patterns work best)
Glue gun/glue

Hazelnut mice in a few simple steps to make yourself at home


  • Crack the walnut with a nutcracker. Make sure the walnut is positioned so that the seam is perpendicular to the pressure points of the nutcracker. Apply pressure only until the seam breaks easily. Insert the butter knife into the crack and rotate it until you can separate the walnut halves. Use the butter knife to remove the nut and any hard skins and clip off any pointed parts.
  • Take a hazelnut that will easily fit into the top half of the walnut. Draw a face on the hazelnut, using the pointed side of the hazelnut as the nose.
  • Cut out ears from felt. Glue the ears to the head, on the back of the hazelnut.
  • Glue the tail into the pointed side of the walnut.
  • Place batting in the center of the fabric remnant and bring the opposite corners together. Pinch the tips together and hold them with your left hand. With your right hand, squirt hot glue into the bottom of the walnut. Place the fabric and interfacing so that the pointed ends are dipped directly into the glue. Make sure there is still room for the head.
  • Add a little more glue to the top of the walnut and press the hazelnut into the walnut until it fits snugly. Such cute crafts you can make with hazelnuts in autumn!