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Craft winter decorations for windows: Cool ideas for adults to decorate the windowsill or window pane

  • DIY

Is it also quite humid and unpleasant for prolonged outdoor activities in your region right now? Just save your free afternoon by using fun craft ideas to make decorations yourself instead. Especially the window panes and frames look kind of bare now that all the Christmas decorations are missing. Therefore, conjure up coziness in the room again by crafting our ideas for winter decorations for windows and decorate the window areas with them.

A modern wreath for the window pane

Winter decoration for windows - wreath with artificial flowers and fairy lights

A metal ring and some winter decorations – in principle, that’s all you need to make such an attractive wreath as a winter decoration for windows. You can be really creative and let your imagination run wild. An embroidery hoop is also perfectly suitable if you prefer to use wood.

  • Metal ring
  • any decorations like: Artificial flowers in green and white or with silver glitter, fairy lights, garlands, snowflakes.
  • floral wire
  • possibly hot glue
  • Ribbon

Use the floral wire to tie the individual elements to the ring. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach some individual pieces. Tie ribbon to the ring to hang the finished window wreath.

Winter decoration for windows craft – Small winter landscape for the windowsill.

Craft winter decorations for windows - Decorate the windowsill with a landscape on driftwood.

This cute winter landscape is simple to make, but looks really stunning in the process. You can put it on the windowsill and even light it up as you like, or you can display it hanging in front of the window. Here’s what you need for the winter window decoration :

  • Driftwood
  • Wire
  • Mini fir trees
  • moss
  • small houses, made of cardboard or wood (you can also make them yourself)
  • stars made of wood, felt, ceramic, craft clay or cardboard (you can make them yourself with a punch)
  • Yarn
  • wire cutters and pliers
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic paints and brushes

How to make the window decoration for winter

Craft instructions for a homemade winter scene with cottages and stars

  • Cut a piece of wire about 1 meter long and shape it into a U-shape or an arc.
  • Tie the ends of the bow around the ends of the branch with the help of wire cutters.
  • Paint the little house in any color and let it dry. If you like, draw details such as window frames, doors, windows, etc.
  • Think about them, where you want to position each element and glue them with hot glue.
  • Finally, spread clumps of moss here and there, which will help you hide the glue of the other elements.
  • Glue yarn to the stars and tie them to the wire bow.
  • Place the decoration or tie yarn to the arch and hang it in front of the window.

DIY tutorial with mini fir trees on driftwood branch

Winter decorations for windows craft – Transparent Christmas tree balls winterized.

Winter decoration for windows - Hanging window decoration with branch and Christmas balls

Do not pack away all Christmas decorations yet, because with some of them you can still craft beautiful winter decorations for windows. Anything that is neutral in color or winter colors is suitable and this includes the transparent fillable Christmas baubles. Fill them with artificial snow, snowflakes or glitter and hang them on a branch, which you can also decorate with pine cones and fir greenery to hang on the window. You can make snowflakes out of paper or absorbent cotton and hang them on the branch as well. Even empty, the balls look very attractive, as the example proves.

Hang a birch branch in front of the window pane and decorate with pine greenery and stars

Simple, purist and icy – A semi-transparent lantern

Winter decoration for windows - wire lantern made of frosted glass with parchment paper

This model of a winter lantern is frosted glass, but you can still imitate it with simple means. Instead of glass, just use transparent paper and you will get the same wintry effect! If you can’t find a ready-made metal frame that meets your expectations, you can also build one yourself.

Use only LED candles and do it under supervision, due to the increased risk of fire from the paper!

  • Take two metal rings of the same size for the bottom and the top.
  • Connect them together with a homemade wire mesh. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as this is just a decoration and you won’t be carrying the lantern around.
  • Cut a circle the same diameter as the rings from the parchment paper to make a base for the winter decoration for windows (optional, the lantern can also be left open at the bottom and just put over the candle).
  • Cut a rectangle of parchment paper, the length of which is slightly larger than the circumference of the lantern, and roll it into a cylinder that you glue together. Place it in the wire frame.
  • Now you can form another handle from wire and tie it to the frame.
  • Place the lantern by the window and a large LED candle inside.

How about making another wire lantern as a winter decoration for windows and put it there? The arrangement would also look really great in a group of three (preferably at different heights)!

The classic: snowflakes all over the window

Snowflakes are classics and also bring joy to children

You’ve probably already come up with the idea yourself, but we’d still like to show again how incredibly romantic and fitting simple snowflakes are for decorating window panes. Whether made of paper and glued to the window pane or hung from it as garlands, made of wood or other materials or simply by painting the windows with them in winter, the perfect atmosphere is guaranteed with these sweet motifs. In addition, you can also craft them with the kids in the winter, so the whole family will enjoy.