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Cool craft ideas for 10 year old boys and girls to spark the imagination.

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Crafting is fun , trains concentration and promotes creativity. With the next age-specific craft ideas for 10-year-old children, you can motivate both boys and girls and invite them to experiment.

1. cool craft ideas for 10 year old boys

Cool craft ideas for 10 year old boys and girls with instructions.

We’ll start with several cool craft ideas for 10-year-old boys and explain how to make a rocket out of construction paper and straws, a mini catapult out of popsicle sticks, ninjas out of toilet paper rolls, and a Star Wars laser sword.

1.2 Cool craft ideas for 10-year-old boys: Flying rocket

Cool ideas for 10 year old boys flying rocket craft instructions

The first craft idea is for a flying rocket, which you can quickly and easily assemble from clay cardboard and straws. With this spaceship, the little astronaut will spend pleasant hours in the stars.

flying rocket from straws craft instructions for 10 year olds

You will need the following materials:

  • a stencil (alternatively, you can draw the spaceship freehand)
  • white clay cardboard
  • two straws of different sizes
  • transparent tape
  • scissors
  • a glue stick


Download the template, print it out twice and cut it out. Alternatively, you can draw a rocket freehand and then transfer the template twice onto clay cardboard. Now glue the spaceship to the top of the small straw . Then apply plenty of glue to the back of the detail and assemble the rocket. Insert the large one into the small straw and blow hard to “launch” the spaceship.

1.2 Cool craft ideas for 10-year-old boys: Mini catapult made from popsicle sticks

Mini catapult craft tutorial with PomPoms

You can make a mini catapult yourself quickly and easily from popsicle sticks and household rubber rings. You will need the following materials and supplies:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • household rubber bands
  • a bottle cap
  • small pom-poms that fit into the bottle cap
  • hot glue or universal glue
  • a cutter knife

Mini catapult for kids craft tutorial


1.Tie six wooden stems together at the two ends with household rubber bands.

2. cut two other wooden stems at one end of each side and tie them together with rubber bands.

3. at the other end of the top wooden stem, glue the bottle cap.

Slide the other six between the two popsicle sticks. 5.

5. press on the top of the bottle for the launch, holding the catapult at the front.

1.3 Craft ideas for ten year old kids: Ninjas made from toilet paper rolls.

Cool craft ideas for 10 year old boys Ninjago from toilet paper rolls

The next DIY project was inspired by the TV series “Ninjago.” You will need the following materials and supplies to make these cute ninjas out of toilet paper rolls:

  • two toilet paper rolls
  • paint colors: red and black
  • a flat paintbrush
  • two black straws (15 cm long)
  • one red and one blue bend drinking straw
  • a black marker


1. paint one toilet paper roll black and the other red. Leave one rectangle unpainted for the eyes. 2.

Draw the eyes and eyebrows with the marker. 3.

Wrap the red bend drinking straw around the red toilet paper roll and the blue one around the black one and knot them in front. Slide the first black drinking straw between the red bend drinking straw and the toilet paper roll. Do similar with the second black drinking straw. The ninjas are a nice decoration for the desk in the children’s room and can even serve as a pencil holder.

1.4 Cool craft ideas for 10-year-olds: Star Wars laser sword

Star wars sword craft from swimming noodles

Any boy will be happy to have a laser sword. Below we explain how you can make one yourself. You will need the following materials:

  • Floating noodles in green (or blue) and red.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Insulating tape

Laser sword made from glow sticks and foam and floating noodles


1. cut the floating noodles to size.

2.Wrap one end of each floating noodle with the aluminum foil and decorate with the insulation tape.

If you wish, you can ask party stores for matching light sticks and insert them into the opening of the floating noodle and then tape them on one end. However, you should make sure that the light sticks are suitable for children and that they can’t break while playing.

1.5 Make your own marble maze out of Lego

Marble maze from Lego do it yourself with boys ideas for 10 year olds

A marble maze promotes concentration skills. Guiding the marble through it is not an easy task. Analytical thinking is required. Playing is therefore a lot of fun for children. You can build marble mazes from wood, but it is much easier and faster with Lego. The best thing is that you can dismantle and rebuild the labyrinth over and over again.

1.6 Craft idea for 10-year-old boys: Snakes made of salt dough

Cool craft ideas for 10 year old boys snakes from salt dough

Salt dough is quick and easy to make and is therefore very popular among craft enthusiasts. The next craft idea is guaranteed to bring joy to kids and give them a chance to learn more about snakes. It is also a cool activity at children’s birthday parties. First, hand out wanted posters with useful information about various native and exotic snakes. The kids then have to shape and paint them out of salt dough.

Snakes from salt dough with boys craft cool DIY ideas

Possible snake species:

  • Top left: Grass snake
  • top right: collared snake
  • bottom left: Mangrove night tree snake
  • bottom right: corn snake

2. cool craft ideas for 10 year old girls

Pencil topper craft from yarn ideas for 10 year old girls and boys tutorial

Even 10-year-old girls love to tinker. We offer several ideas of what you can do yourself together with your daughter on rainy days. Of course, they may also be interested in snakes or Star Wars. But maybe she will also enjoy making cute pencil toppers out of pom-poms.

2.1 Cool craft ideas for 10 year old girls: Make pencil toppers by yourself

Cool ideas for 10 year old kids make pencil toppers from pom poms themselves

For this purpose, just make a pom-pom out of colorful yarn and glue it to the pencil. You can use hot glue.

2.2 Craft ideas for girls in elementary school: flower crown for princess.

Princess crown from flowers tinker for girls

If you want it to be quick, you can make a flower crown for princess together. For this purpose, you can buy a crown made of plastic and then first decorate it with self-adhesive rhinestones or paint it in your favorite colors. Then you can glue beautiful plastic flowers to it.

Cool craft ideas for 10 year olds make crown from flowers

Alternatively, you can buy a plastic ring, then wrap it with organza ribbon and decorate it with plastic flowers. The cute headdress will perfectly complement the outfit for Halloween or carnival.

2.3 Craft ideas for 10-year-old girls: Make your own lip balm for kids

Lip gloss for girls do it yourself tutorial

Next, we will explain how to make a lip balm yourself. You will need the following materials and supplies:

  • A container for the lip balm (online stores have egg-shaped containers).
  • Vaseline
  • 1 tsp beeswax
  • 1 tsp. coconut oil
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E
  • vanilla extract (edible)
  • sugar sprinkles (as decoration, if desired)
  • a small bowl
  • cotton swab

Instructions: put some petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and smear it on the inside of the lip balm container. Add a pinch of sugar sprinkles. Put all the ingredients for the lip balm in a small bowl and mix together. Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and melt the ingredients for the lip balm in the water bath. Then pour into the container and let it cool. After half an hour, refrigerate the container for 15 minutes.

2.4 Cool craft ideas for 10-year-old girls: A crown made from natural materials

Cool craft ideas for 10 year old girls crown from autumn natural treasures

A crown doesn’t have to be shiny. Natural materials add to the appeal of the next crown for a woodland fairy. You’ll need cones, autumn leaves, yellow clay cardboard, a stapler and glue.

Cool ideas for 10 year old kids make crown from autumn leaves yourself

First, cut a 10 cm wide strip from the yellow clay cardboard. Measure the circumference of the child’s head to determine the length of the strip. Then glue the ends together. Now you can attach the natural materials together with the child. For this purpose, you can use the stapler or glue.

2.5 Making jewelry for 10-year-old girls themselves: Bracelets with unicorn glitter

Cool craft ideas for 10 year old girls making unicorn bracelets

For these beautiful bracelets you will need the following materials and accessories:

  • An infusion device from the pharmacy (you only need the tube).
  • Glitter in different colors: pink, blue, silver, purple, mint green
  • hot glue or glue for plastic
  • a funnel
  • paper tape

Instructions: Cut the tube to size, tape one end with paper tape and use the funnel to fill it with glitter. Then glue the two ends of the tube together to make a bracelet.

Unicorn glitter DIY ideas for 10 year old girls

Alternatively, you can buy a small bottle and fill the glitter in there. You can hang the bottle from a rhinestone ribbon.

We offer several cool craft ideas for 10 year olds that will spark imagination and encourage concentration. After all, crafting is much more than a leisure activity. It offers the opportunity to learn something new through play and practice fine motor skills.