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Chalkboard for kids in the garden do it yourself: DIY projects and inspiring ideas

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When the weather gets nicer, you naturally want to spend as much time as possible outside. Spending time outdoors is especially important for both adults and children and makes them healthy. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a garden or at least a small outdoor area, then you can create a play corner outside where your offspring can entertain themselves in good weather. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a chalkboard for kids in the garden yourself. You can find a few DIY projects to copy as well as many inspiring ideas in the following sections.

Chalkboard for children in the garden instead of in the children’s room

Garden modern design with cottage chalkboard in children's play corner

Your kids want a chalkboard in the kids’ room, but you can’t stand the thought of chalk dust in the house? After all, when it comes to art projects, kids often make big messes. A chalkboard in the backyard offers itself as a great alternative to the traditional standing chalkboard in the house. It can keep your little ones entertained for hours and is super easy to clean.

Play corner for kids in the garden with chalkboard and sandbox

You don’t need much space at all for a chalkboard in the garden. It can easily be attached to the fence or positioned in a corner when it comes to a standing chalkboard. The chalk dust that floats in the air disappears right away and is not inhaled by children throughout the day. In this way, the little ones can have the long-awaited chalkboard at home completely without unnecessary dust.

How to build a chalkboard in the garden itself?

Large chalkboard for kids outside build wall

Build a chalkboard yourself is actually not a big witchcraft. So you can decide for yourself how big the chalkboard should be and what shape it should have. We now present three DIY projects that you can replicate yourself to give your kids a fun toy.

DIY chalkboard made of plywood with frame

Build chalkboard for the fence yourself

You can quickly build a simple chalkboard with a frame yourself, using simple materials such as plywood and wooden slats. If you want to save yourself the work at home, you can still have all the wooden elements cut at the hardware store. It is only important that you determine the exact dimensions of your chalkboard in advance. However, you must keep in mind that a chalkboard made of plywood is not waterproof and must be stowed or covered in case of rain or snow.


  • Pressure-treated plywood (for outdoor use).
  • chalkboard paint and paint roller
  • Pine slats for the frame (cut to fit)
  • Drill bit
  • wood screws (or nail gun)
  • Hooks for the back of the frame
  • Wood stain for the frame

DIY chalkboard for kids in garden with frame


1.Paint the pressure-treated plywood with board paint. For best results, apply two to three coats, allowing the paint to dry between each coat.

2. Stain the wood trim for the frame before attaching it to the plywood. You can apply the wood stain with an old rag.

3. screw or nail the pine strips to form the frame. Assemble the frame first and then attach it to the board.

4. screw the hooks to hang the frame.

5.Before you write on the chalkboard, you need to put chalk on it. Just rub a piece of chalk all over the surface and then wipe the board with a dry or only slightly damp cloth. Done!

Simple chalkboard without frame

Make hanging chalkboard for kids in garden by yourself

When kids get their hands on chalk in the garden, you’ll often find artificial creations not only on the patio, but also on brick walls, planters, and on the kids themselves. If you want to give your little artists a proper canvas for their masterpieces, the chalkboard is an excellent addition to your outdoor space.

This project does not involve building a frame for the chalkboard, which makes it even easier and faster to build. You can find the materials you need for it, as well as instructions, below.


  • Plywood board of desired size
  • Drill bit with drill insert to match the width of the rope
  • Polypropylene rope
  • Blackboard paint
  • Small buckets for sidewalk chalk
  • Wire rope to hang the buckets from the fence

DIY hanging chalkboard for kids for fence without frame


1.Paint the plywood with two or three coats of blackboard paint. Allow to dry in between.

2. Use a tape measure to determine where you want to drill holes to hang the rope. Mark the locations with a pencil.

3. Drill two holes in the plywood.

4. Feed the rope through the one hole. Tie a knot in the front. Hang the other end of the rope over the fence, pass it through the second hole and tie another knot. Cut off the excess rope.

5.You have the canvas, now you just need the tools! Drill a couple of drain holes in a small metal or plastic bucket. Stick the sidewalk chalk in it.

6.Attach a wire rope to the handles of the bucket and hang it on the fence. That’s it!

DIY weatherproof chalkboard for outside.

Build chalkboard for kids at sandbox

Plywood may be an inexpensive material, but it’s not weatherproof and probably wouldn’t even last through a season of rain and snow. Instead of plywood, you can use a cement fiberboard. Cement board is often used for siding because it is low maintenance and durable. At a cost of 15 to 20 euros per board, they also make an affordable DIY chalkboard.

As for the paint, commercially available chalkboard paint is usually not suitable for outdoor use. Instead, you can also apply black latex paint for outdoor use, which is very similar to chalkboard paint. So here is everything you need for this project.


  • pressure-treated pine wood slats
  • Cement fiberboard
  • screws for the exterior
  • Black latex paint for the exterior

Install chalkboard for kids in sandbox


1.Paint the cement fiberboard with the latex paint and let the paint dry.

2.Make a frame from the wooden strips and screw it to the board. You can also paint the frame if you wish.

3. chalkboard for children in the garden you can attach both to the fence, and to the posts of a sandbox as in the example above. To fix it, use either screws or construction adhesive.

Tip 1: Cleaning the chalkboard in the garden

Chalkboard for kids in garden paint with chalk before first use

After wiping the chalkboard with a damp cloth or sponge, chalk residue still remains? Especially chalk sticks that are waterproof often do not go away completely with normal water. A mixture of warm water, baking soda and vinegar can help against stubborn chalk residues. This solution together with a micro sponge should solve the problem.

Tip 2: How to make a chalkboard in the garden weatherproof

Make blackboard outside by yourself

The only downside to a plywood chalkboard in the garden is that it will weather over time. To prevent this, you can make the chalkboard paint yourself from outdoor paint and tile mortar. The recipe is quite simple – mix 1 cup of exterior paint with 2 tablespoons of tile mortar. This should ensure that the front of the board will be weather resistant. If you choose this option, then your chalkboard for kids in the garden does not necessarily have to be black either. In principle, any color will do, but we still recommend a darker tone to show off the chalk on it.

Also, don’t forget to paint the back and sides of the chalkboard with exterior paint. This way your chalkboard will stay beautiful for several years.

Learning and playing with the chalkboard

Design small play corner for kids in garden with DIY chalkboard

The possibilities offered by a chalkboard in the garden are virtually endless. While toddlers can mainly draw small pictures, the older ones can use the chalkboard for learning. The chalkboard will also come in handy for various games. There you can write down the score or in case of a draw-and-guess game, the chalkboard can be used instead of paper.

Creative ideas for a chalkboard for children in the garden.

Attach chalkboard for children with yellow frame to trellis

Do you want to create a creative play corner for the kids in the garden? Then the chalkboard is a great addition to it, which your children would surely enjoy. For a few more ideas on how to design the chalkboard for kids and best integrate it into your outdoor space, check out the photo gallery below.

Build a lid for the sandbox and create a chalkboard inside

Sandbox for garden with chalkboard cover

Many great ideas for a small or large DIY sandbox can be found in this article !

Chalkboard free-standing or mounted on the wall of the house? That’s up to you to decide!

Where to position a chalkboard in the garden ideas

The chalkboard fits wonderfully into the children’s play corner in the garden

Playground for children in the garden design with chalkboard

To make the play area more beautiful, paint the frame of the chalkboard and decorate it with colorful pennants

Design children's play area in the garden with large chalkboard

Mount a small hook on the frame to keep the buckets of chalk handy at all times

Install hook for bucket with sidewalk chalk

You can position a free-standing chalkboard for children anywhere in the garden

Standing chalkboard for children in the garden space saving

And why not paint the children’s table with chalkboard paint and turn it into a chalkboard?

Paint kids table with blackboard paint instead of chalkboard