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Build your own tabletop fire: 3 easy DIY tutorials for a fire bowl, tabletop fireplace and oil lamp

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A table fire provides light and warmth on cool summer evenings. In the trade, there are various models to choose from, but handy do-it-yourselfers can build a table fire themselves. Made of metal, glass or concrete: we explain how you can make an oil lamp, a table fireplace or a fire bowl yourself.

Table fire build yourself: Fire bowl made of concrete

Table fire self build from concrete instruction

A fire bowl made of concrete gives itself minimalist and looks good on a modern, as well as on a rustic or iron mosaic table. In order for the fire bowl to attract everyone’s attention, you can fill it with anthracite gray lava stones. The lava stones are known to every grill master for their heat conductivity. To be on the safe side, you should check if the garden table can support the total weight of a concrete fire bowl and the lava stones. A medium-sized bowl can weigh around 20 kilograms by itself, and when filled with sand and glass beads, it will weigh more than 25 kilograms.

Table fire from concrete pour with bio ethanol kindle

For the DIY project you will need the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • special heat-resistant glass beads, which are suitable for filling fire bowls
  • sand or gravel
  • metal mesh
  • a plastic or ceramic bowl of the appropriate size
  • a plastic container
  • cling film
  • a wooden bar (for mixing the concrete)
  • a pair of tongs
  • a can of firing paste (suitable for outdoor use)

Table fire make yourself from concrete with glass and ethanol


1. first mix the concrete , following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Turn the bowl upside down and place it on the work surface with the bottom facing upwards. Gradually pour concrete onto the bowl until it is completely covered. 3.

Cover the bowl and the concrete with the plastic wrap and allow the concrete to dry.

When the concrete is completely dry, carefully remove it from the bowl. You may lightly tap the bottom as you do this.

Fire bowl from concrete make yourself and light with ethanol

5. Turn the finished concrete bowl upside down and place it on the garden table. Using a drill bit for concrete, drill a hole in the center of the bottom (to allow rainwater to drain).

Then place the can of fuel paste in the center of the bottom of the bowl, cut the metal grid to size and place it on the opening of the can.

7. fill the bowl first with gravel and then with the decorative glass beads.

Build table fire yourself: Fire bowl from old ceramic planter.

Table fire make yourself from ethanol gel and clay pot instructions

Don’t feel like mixing concrete? You can save effort and time by using a ceramic or clay planter instead and turning it into a fire bowl. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this idea is that you can quickly assemble the fire bowl and then take it apart when needed.

Table fire build yourself from clay pot instruction

As a burning agent, you can again use a can of burning paste. Very carefully ignite the gel with a stick lighter. If the planter does not have drainage holes, you can proceed as with the concrete bowl and drill a hole with a suitable drill bit.

Never leave a fire bowl burning without supervision. After use, stow it out of the reach of children and pets. After each use, extinguish the fire (simply place the lid on the can). Always check to make sure the fire is really out.

Make oil lamp from an old whiskey bottle

Oil lamp from old bottle itself make instruction

For the next idea you will need the following materials:

  • Lamp oil, transparent
  • wick for oil lamps
  • Threaded tube with nut
  • funnel
  • a whiskey glass

Oil lamp from old bottles itself make instruction for table fire


1.Drill a hole in the top of the bottle or cut it out with a sharp knife. Make sure that the hole is larger than the diameter of the threaded tube.

Screw the threaded tube to the bottle cap and secure it with the nut. 3.

Cut the wick to size and insert it through the threaded tube. The wick should not touch the bottom of the bottle.

4. fill the flaming agent into the bottle (use the funnel).

Screw the lid on tightly. Wait half an hour for the wick to soak up the lamp oil.

Build table fire by yourself: Convert old ceramic vase

Build table fire yourself instructions for table fireplace from old plant pot

If you have a small garden table, where there is little space for a table fire, then you can opt for the following space-saving DIY idea. We will explain how you can convert an old vase. It should be made of stone, clay or ceramic. Glass and plastic vases are unsuitable, as the materials may melt/break.

Table fire self make instruction from old plant pot

Place the fuel medium (it is best to use fuel paste as fuel) in the center of the vase. Then fill the vase with coarse gravel, river or lava rocks. For safety, you can cover the can with the fuel paste with a stainless steel grid.

Such a table fire is also ideally suited for grilling, for example, marshmallows. Marshmallows (called “mouse bacon” in Germany) are a popular candy in the USA. They are made from sugar and beaten egg whites and taste especially delicious when grilled over an open fire. Simply take a long shish kebab skewer, stick a marshmallow on it and hold it about 30 cm above the table fire until it turns golden brown.

Make your own table fire from glass and metal

Table fire from bio ethanol build yourself tutorial

You can also make a table fire yourself from metal and glass. For this purpose, you can either convert an old vase made of metal and glass, or make the table fire yourself from refractory glass and an old plant pot.

Make your own table fireplace from metal and glass instructions

Fireproof glass for fireplace and stove is available in hardware stores. Measure the length and width of the metal plant pot and have the glass cut there accordingly. Buy silicone glue for aquariums, because unlike other silicone glue is completely transparent.

Table fireplace make yourself from glass and old bucket of metal

At home, first clean the glass with alcohol. Then line the work surface with foil. Then carefully apply the adhesive around the edges and glue the four sides of the glass together. Press the sides together briefly and support them with books, vases or teapots. The glue will cure completely in one day. Then you can use a cutter knife to cut off the glue residue on the sides. Then you can assemble the table fire. Use the silicone adhesive to attach the glass detail to the planter. While the glue is drying, you can cut a metal grid to fit. Then place the burning medium in the planter and place the grid on the edge of the planter. Make sure the grid is stable. When the adhesive hardens, you can fill the tabletop fireplace with decorative stones.

Build your own fire bowl from concrete and glass pieces and ethanol

A table fire provides warmth on cold autumn days and cool summer evenings, and creates a romantic atmosphere. After the end of the garden season, you can empty the fire bowl or table fireplace, clean it and store it in a dry place. Especially concrete bowls should in no case be left outside in winter. Because the temperature fluctuations can lead to cracks. But even a metal table fire can rust and then becomes unsightly.