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Build your own garden fountain: How to beautify garden and outdoor area with DIY solar fountain

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A solar powered water feature in the garden area can not only be soothing, but also environmentally friendly. You can also improve garden and backyard yourself with a solar fountain by using your own inventory. Create a simple and low-maintenance installation for which you will not need a lot of accessories. The result will surely be a beautiful and calming water feature that would look great in many gardens, backyards and patios. Here are some examples that you can draw inspiration from to realize such a DIY project.

Wireless and inexpensive – Design your garden and outdoor spaces with solar fountains

eco-friendly bird bath and water feature with solar fountain garden or patio design

To avoid annoying power cords and stick to a modest budget, you can consider such a DIY project. Moreover, such a small solar fountain can be quickly and easily assembled and mounted from existing or recycled flower pots. There’s nothing quite like the soothing splash of water while you sit outside and enjoy your garden. This adds a whole new level of relaxation to the experience. Plus, you can still grow plants in it , which can make the installation even more attractive.

creative garden design with recycled materials and sun powered water fountain

You will need two large flower pots, one larger than the other, to make this garden fountain. If you already have large flower pots on hand, the whole thing will cost even less, although you can also use other vessels for this, such as galvanized buckets. To adapt the solar fountain garden or a terrace, or balcony, you can decorate it with river pebbles or other stones.

summer garden with flowering perennials and a diy solar fountain made of glazed pots

If you need to buy new pots for such a tier fountain, it is best to look for large planters made of clay, resin, plastic or glazed flower pots. You don’t have to use the same flower pots as here, as you can adjust the water flow according to the type of sprinkler head you use. Accordingly, the shapes and dimensions can vary depending on the available space and personal taste.

Solar powered water fountain with planting.

flower pots painted in light blue and stacked as solar fountain garden under the sun

This is a simple DIY project that provides beauty and flowing water anywhere in the garden or around your house or apartment. With a solar fountain, you don’t have to worry about long wires or electrical outlets and you can enjoy the beauty of your favorite annual flowers growing in the pot below. This also means that you can place it almost anywhere. If you want to be even more creative, you can also paint the pots to your liking as well as plant low-maintenance plants and change them. In addition, you can follow the steps below as well as make your own improvements.

Instructions with clay pots for solar fountain garden or backyard.

solar powered fountain pump ideal for small installations with plantings

  • First, start with two pots that you can put inside each other. Lift the smaller pot with an upside down plastic flower pot.
  • Paint the pots with craft paint, spray paint or leave them in their natural state. You can use an outdoor sealer or polish to protect your paint, or just let it wear naturally.
  • Then add potting soil around the plastic pot. The top pot will hold the water, so you will need to plug the drainage hole if there is one. Leave the drainage alone on the larger lower pot.

  • You can use a metal container in which tea lights come, and smash it to cover the hole. However, anything you have can be used for this step, such as some duct tape.
  • Next, turn the pot upside down and spray foam sealant into the hole to make the pot watertight. You’ll need to wait 12 hours for the foam to cure, but after that you can cut it flush with the pot with a craft knife.
  • Then plant flowers or pretty plants of your choice in the space between the two pots. Anything that trails and fills in would be a good choice for this planter, such as rockweed, lobelia or nasturtium.
  • Next, fill the top pot with water and add a solar well insert. Place it wherever it gets light.

Solar powered fountain pump

solar powered water pump with solar panel eco friendly use for solar fountain garden

This solar water fountain comes with different nozzles. Without a nozzle, you get a nice effect with little bubbling. Some of the nozzles spray several inches into the air. The great thing is that you can place this anywhere as long as the solar panel gets enough light. However, you will need to keep an eye on the water level, which will slowly evaporate over time. This is certainly a pretty addition to any garden bed, near the house or even further away from it.

Decorative fountain with gravel

small solar fountain garden with gravel and decorative flower pots set as accent

As an accent in the front yard or courtyard, a wireless solar fountain can be an affordable outdoor beautification option for any household. The materials you can use, again, consist of any two pots you can find anywhere. Look for suitable designs for your garden area, but they should be in two different sizes. Use a smaller pot to place inside the larger one on a plastic tray. In this case, you can use a bag of river pebbles or other pebbles instead of planting.

Step-by-step instructions

a large pot filled with river pebbles and protected with plastic lid

  • Find a sunny and level spot and place the larger pot on the level surface. Then turn the other plastic pot into the larger planter.
  • Then fill the large pot with rocks to weigh it down and place a plastic tray on top.

decorative mini fountain powered by solar water pump

  • Place the smaller pot on top and place river pebbles all around it as well. You can also fill the bottom pot with soil and plant flowers, as in the example above.
  • If you can’t find a tray, just fill the entire pot with pebbles. You can also use a tray if the stones are not enough to make a flat surface.
  • Then just drop the solar water pump into the water and it will start working as long as it is sunny.

Mini solar fountain garden with pond plants

beautify backyard or front yard with decorative water feature and plants

With all the beautiful pond and water plants and the sweet splashing of the water, you can feel like you are sitting by a small stream in the mountains. Everyone loves garden ponds, but they usually require a lot of maintenance and care to set up piping, power cables, etc. This outdoor solar fountain is made from an old galvanized tub and a simple solar fountain pump, and is easy to build and maintain. Enjoy it throughout the year, or simply move the fountain to a sheltered location in cold weather when the temperature drops below freezing.

Building instructions

make diy solar fountain garden or mini pond with water plants

  • To create this decorative fountain, you can use a variety of containers such as galvanized buckets, wooden barrels cut in half and recycled, or simple pots.
  • A solar-powered water pump with a solar panel is all you need for this. Thus, a DIY water fountain or even bird bath can be created in the sun or in the shade, as long as the panel is in the sun.
  • After you have chosen the location, it’s time to add water and water plants. Pond and water plants are optional, but they make the water feature even more attractive. Plant roots also help keep the water clean and free of algae growth.
  • First, fill the tub or large pot halfway with water. You can add more water after you have placed all the plants in the tank.
  • Then place the water pump in the freestanding basin, placing the panel somewhere out of sight in the sun if necessary.

place pond plants suitable for water as a mini garden in a container

  • When creating the outdoor solar fountain, pay attention to the splash radius of the water. This will affect where you place the fountain and other garden furniture and decorative items.
  • Keep your solar fountain water clean and free of mosquitoes by running it often to prevent standing water.
  • Algae grows where there is a lot of sun or nutrients in the water. Therefore, it is best to place the fountain in partial shade or use plants to shade the water.
  • You can even add small fish to your mini solar fountain and pond to make it more lively.