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Build your own concrete garden fountain – Simple instructions for creating a spherical concrete fountain.

  • DIY

If you build a concrete garden fountain yourself, you can use it to decorate your outdoor space cheaply and for a long time. Due to its robustness, this material is suitable for any outdoor weather conditions and fits perfectly with wood or greenery. In addition, through such a simple DIY project, you can enhance your garden with a great water feature over the weekend. So give your desired retreat the soothing sound of rippling water with a sturdy concrete fountain. If you can mix concrete, then the task will be easy and you can add a homemade ball fountain to your garden as an accent.

Before you build your own concrete garden fountain yourself

build your own diy spherical fountain as a garden fountain from concrete and beautify the outdoor area

With a key element like a garden fountain, you can impress your guests. Therefore, you should add more personality and style to your garden area with well-planned design and careful selection of decorative elements. Accordingly, outdoor fountains can be a great addition to a backyard or garden patio, blocking out background noise like traffic or annoying neighbors. After all, a little rippling water makes everything fade away a little more.

create diy decoration in garden from concrete and accent it with plants and water

You can build this DIY fountain for the garden as shown, or vary its shape and size by using different objects as shapes. However, if you raise it, you should check the power of the pump to make sure it can lift water to the top of the ball. The great thing about this concrete fountain, however, is that it has a dry base. This means that water hits concrete and flows below the surface into a small depression where the pump picks it up and pushes it back up.

place concrete fountain decorated with black kisel stones on a garden terrace or in the backyard

In addition, the absence of standing water prevents algae and mosquitoes in the garden area , which saves you from additional care and maintenance. Another advantage with this project is the fact that the fountain is made of durable, solid concrete. When you build with this material, you can expect it to withstand just about anything. It can be more than satisfying to create something sturdy out of simple materials.

Materials and tools needed

spherical water fountain in the garden as a decorative element can enhance the design

  • Cardboard tubes to use as a concrete mold
  • 1-liter plastic container, such as an empty paint pot
  • Empty light ball made of glass or plastic
  • PVC pipe
  • Silicone for sealing
  • Square or rectangular tub made of plastic for the base of the fountain
  • Concrete mix or cement made of coarse sand and fine gravel
  • Garbage bag
  • Cooking spray
  • Adhesive tape
  • Small pebbles or gravel
  • Water pump and hoses
  • All-purpose knife and hacksaw
  • Bucket or wheelbarrow for mixing
  • Trowel
  • Rubber gloves and safety goggles
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape and pencil

How to build a concrete garden fountain yourself – instructions.

place a paint bucket in the middle of a wooden board and surround it with pvc pipe and cardboard tube

  • First, measure and mark on a cardboard pipe 300 mm from one end to the outside. Connect the marks to draw a line and cut the pipe. Use a 20mm flat drill bit to drill a hole in the bottom of the plastic container to fit the 20mm diameter. You will need two PVC pipes – one about 600 mm long and one 350 mm long.
  • Place the plastic container in the center of a square piece of scrap wood. Push the PVC pipe through the hole to a depth of about 50 mm. Place the tube over the top of the plastic container. Mark the end of the tube where it comes out of the mold so you know if it will move while you pour in the cement mixture.

use a wide cardboard tube and build the base of a concrete garden fountain yourself

  • Then put on your rubber gloves and mix the cement: 1 cement : 1 coarse sand : 1 fine gravel with enough water to make the concrete sluggishly pourable or consistency or mush. You should be able to squeeze out a handful of the mixture and have it hold its shape in your hand.
  • Use the trowel to fill the cardboard tube. Be sure to keep the plastic tub centered as you pack the cement. Use the tip of the trowel to gently push the mix to make sure there are no gaps or pockets. Continue adding concrete mix until you reach the top of the mold. Make sure the PVC pipe stays centered as well. Also smooth the top of the mold and tap the tube to remove air pockets.

Add the ball

fill a light sphere with concrete and pierce it with a pvc pipe as part of a concrete fountain

  • First, spray the inside of the sphere with the cooking spray and fill it with the cement mixture. Then place it on a flat surface and insert the taped end of the PVC pipe until it touches the bottom center of the sphere. Again, fill with cement to level it with the top of the opening. As the PVC pipe moves, use tape pressed to the top and attached to the sides of the sphere to hold it in place.

how to build your own concrete garden fountain and cut the pipe with a bow saw

  • Allow the concrete to cure overnight. Then cut the sides of the pipe with a utility knife to remove it. Use a hacksaw to cut the PVC pipe even with the top of the base.

break the spherical top for glass or plastic water fountain in a garbage bag with a hammer

  • Put on your gloves and eye protection and place the ball in a plastic sheet or trash bag. Tap it with a hammer until it breaks and falls away from the concrete. Use the tines of the hammer to lift off stubborn pieces and then dispose of them safely.

make the opening of a sphere for a concrete garden fountain with a hammer

  • Use a hammer to drive a dowel through the PVC pipe and break through the tape and any concrete buildup at the opposite end. Clean the edges of the pipe with the knife. Use the saw to cut the pipe flush with the concrete.

Create the base for the fountain and assemble it.

take out concrete mixture poured in a cardboard tube from the shell after drying

  • Dig a hole to accommodate the size of your plastic bowl. It should be shallow enough so that the edge of the tub is flush with the ground.
  • Level the bottom of the hole so that water can collect in the center.

install a water pump for a garden fountain and check the power of the water flow

  • Wash away any loose dirt and place a layer of pebbles or gravel on the bottom of the tub. Attach a piece of hose to the pump and center the pump on the bottom of the tray. Add more pebbles to hold it in place. Run the power cord to the outside edge of the tray and cover it with rocks.
  • Run the hose through the PVC pipe in the bottom of the column and place it in the center of the tray filled with stones.

pvc pipe through an opening in the base of concrete garden fountain build and install yourself

  • Test the fit of the sphere on the base by passing the tubing through the PVC pipe. Trim the tubing flush with the pipe at the top of the sphere.
  • Spread outer silicone around the top of the column and the bottom of the sphere. Place the sphere on the column so that the PVC pipes are touching. Add silicone to the space between the tubing and the PVC pipe on top of the sphere, but avoid getting any of it into the tubing. Allow the silicone to dry thoroughly before running water through the hose.

assembling concrete fountain with ball and base on gravel in a trough set up

  • Fill the basin to the top with water. Then turn on the pump to check the water flow to the ground surface. Always unplug the cord when you are not around and refill the tub before each use. You can also watch the video below to get a better idea of the whole construction process.