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Build garden path from wood yourself: How to create a simple walkway from pallet wood!

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Are you planning to create a new garden path? We have already shown you some quick and inexpensive DIY projects that can be done even in a weekend. One of the most beautiful and simple ideas from our list is the garden path made of wood. For this, you can recycle old wood, for example, and save the money on expensive materials. How to create such a walkway in the garden yourself and what you need to consider, you will learn in this article!

Build cheap wooden garden path yourself: Step-by-step instructions

Make simple and cheap garden path yourself from wood

If you’ve ever wanted a winding path in your garden, you’ll love these simple instructions! Since this wooden garden path is so simple, you can make it in an afternoon with pretty much any piece of wood you have on hand!

These are the tools and materials you’ll need:

  • Recycled wood (planks, boards, pallets or similar).
  • Garden rake
  • small garden trowel
  • fresh topsoil for the garden

Step 1: Prepare the area

DIY garden path step by step leveling soil

First, you need to determine where you want to create the wooden garden path. For example, this can create easy access from the driveway to the front yard or separate the garden into different areas.

If necessary, remove all sorts of plants such as overgrown shrubs, ground covers and weeds to make room for the garden path. Now add some fresh garden soil to create a cushion for the planks.

Step 2: Collect wood

Recycling in the garden scrap wood for construction project

Gather scrap wood and cut it to the desired width. For example, you can use pallet wood, wooden planks or wooden planks. Basically, the thicker the planks, the longer the walkway will last.

Step 3: Level the ground

DIY garden path made of wood Embed wooden planks in the ground

Level the ground for the walkway (deeper than the driveway, if necessary) and make sure that the planks are level with the adjacent area (driveway, patio, etc.) after installation. This will prevent the garden path from becoming a tripping hazard.

Step 4: Positioning the boards

Create garden path cheaply from wooden planks

Position the boards so that the path is somewhat cushioned. Gently wiggle each board into place so that it is lightly embedded in the soil and holds its position. The extra garden soil will help stabilize the wooden planks.

Add more boards until you have completed the wooden garden path. For an attractive look, you can consider a slight curve if the selected area for the garden path allows it.

Tips and instructions DIY garden path from wood

Then add some soil between the wooden planks to make them hold better. Walk the planks a few times to make sure they don’t wobble. Add more soil to stabilize if needed.

The little curved pallet wood garden path is now perfect for connecting the different areas of your (front) yard. Such a simple project that has such a big impact on the look and use of the garden.

Tip for finishing

Garden path made of wood like weeding

Leave the boards a little loose so they can be easily lifted for weeding. To do this, lift a few boards at a time as needed, weed and replace.

DIY wooden garden path: frequently asked questions.

Tips garden path from pallet wood DIY

Would you try this simple project in your own backyard? Before you get to work, here are the answers to some of the questions that may arise.

Does the wood need to be treated?

If the wood is not treated, it may last itself a few years before it starts to show rot. If this happens, you can simply replace the planks. Treated wood, however, would last longer. So if you want to build an inexpensive wooden garden path that will really last, you should treat the wood first.

How can I make the wooden garden path non-slip?

Treat reclaimed wood planks for outdoor application

Since wet wood can be slippery, you can make it slip-resistant with a simple sealer. Just sand the boards first and coat them with a mixture of varnish and sand. Especially if you have small children running around the yard all the time, don’t skip this step at all.

Do the boards stay in place?

Yes, they do! The key is to easily embed the boards into the ground. For this reason, it would be recommended to use slightly thicker wood so that you can afford to lose some of each board in the ground.

What about pouring gravel first?

Arrange wooden planks on layer of gravel

If you want the boards to last longer, then you can add a layer of gravel as a base. A layer of bark mulch would also be beneficial against weeds. These options are not only practical, they also look really nice visually.

How to build garden path from wood with boards as a base

Another option would be to stabilize the boards from the bottom and embed them in the ground instead, so that the top planks do not rot.

More ideas for an inexpensive wooden garden path

Recycle scrap wood in the garden DIY walkway from pallets

If you are looking for an inexpensive project to build a walkway for the garden, then there are many more options to choose from. Get inspired and get going!

Garden path made of scrap wood on red mulch

DIY garden path made of scrap wood on red mulch

DIY simple walkway from two euro pallets

Two pallets walkway in the garden build yourself easy cheap

DIY simple garden path from inexpensive wood

Build sidewalk from euro pallets on weekend

Garden path with natural look made of wooden slices

Cheap garden path from wood slices

DIY wooden garden path instantly enhances the garden!

Garden path cheap make yourself from scrap wood