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Boot holder build yourself: This storage solves the problem of wet boots!

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The rainy weather in autumn and winter makes waterproof rubber boots an absolute must-have. But the sight of wet and dirty shoes in the hallway after a walk or a day in the garden is unbearable. Considering that a family of four has even more pairs of shoes to keep outside the door, a practical storage solution is recommended. As is so often the case with space constraints, it’s best to think vertically ! With a DIY boot holder for the wall, you can hang your boots to save space and let them dry in a decorative way.

make your own boot holder for wall mounting

What’s more, this wooden boot holder even features a storage area that’s perfect for gloves, scarves and decorations. Best of all, the boot holder is very easy to build yourself and even easier to customize to fit your available space and needs. The boot holder described in the instructions is one meter long and has room for four pairs of boots, but you can adjust the dimensions to hang more or fewer boots.

Build your own boot holder – materials and tools:

Build boot holder from wood yourself

You will need:
– a wooden board 16 cm x 2 cm with a length of 500 cm or two á 250 cm
– measuring tape
– hand saw
– wood glue
– Clamp and spreader
– round bar Ø 25 mm L: 1000 mm
– sanding machine
– Sandpaper grain 60
– Sandpaper grain 120
– pencil
– Flat drill for wood Ø 25
– cordless drill/screwdriver
– Wood scraps
– tack cloth
– Paint
– clear varnish
– paintbrush
– two shelf angles, triangle, 120 x 200 mm
– eight screws 20 mm
– six countersunk nails 38 mm
– hammer

Step-by-step instructions for the boot holder

Wooden boot holder with shelf

Step 1
Cut three pieces from the wooden boards, each 1 meter long. One piece will be used for the boot rack and two pieces for the shelf that hangs above it.

Need to store more than four pairs of boots? Simply add 18 to 20 inches for each additional pair of boots you want to hang.

First, join the two boards to build the shelf. Apply wood glue to the long edge, press the boards together and clamp them in place with clamps. After the glue has dried for the time recommended by the manufacturer, remove the clamps.

Cut round bar with handsaw

Step 2
Take the round bar and cut nine 28 cm pieces. Sand the edges to remove any splinters.

Step 3
Take the third wooden board, measure 4 cm from the bottom edge and draw a line along the entire length. Then make all the marks along this line at 9 cm intervals. Each of the nine marks will indicate where you need to drill.

Mark holes with pencil

Step 4
Drill 25 mm dia. holes in the wood board using the flat flat drill bit for wood. Place a piece of scrap wood under the board to prevent you from drilling into your work table, then hold the drill bit vertically and drill through the board at each mark. Sand the inside of the holes.

Make your own wooden boot holder with round bars

Step 5
Place the round bars in the freshly cut holes. Although the round bar should fit snugly in the hole, you should line the holes with wood glue before gluing them into place.

Fix round bars with wood glue

Once all nine are upright, check to make sure they are all perfectly vertical and in line with each other. Allow the wood glue to dry as long as recommended on the package.

Step 6
To get a smooth surface, sand the shelf (from step 1) and the boot holder completely. Use a coarser 60 grit sandpaper for the first pass and then a 120 grit sandpaper. When you are finished sanding, remove the dust with a tack cloth.

Wooden board sanding with hand sander

Step 7
Since boots are usually wet and muddy, it’s important to treat the wood so that it’s water resistant – after all, you want the boot holder to last more than one season. Paint can help with this, especially if it has some sheen to it, such as a satin or semi-gloss paint.

paint boot holder diy in a matching color

Paint the part of the boot holder with the round bars with two coats of black paint. To keep the natural look of the wood as a contrast, you can also paint the shelf with only two coats of transparent paint. After the paint has dried, apply a final coat of clear lacquer.

attach boot holder to wall

Step 8
Once the coats of paint have dried, assemble the boot shelf using two shelf angles and screws.

First, position one shelf angle 2.5 inches from each end of the shelf and slide them so that the top aligns with the top edge of the shelf. Attach the 13 cm long side of the shelf bracket to the wooden board with 20 mm screws. Screw the 20 cm side of the shelf bracket to the bottom of the shelf.

Reinforce the shelf brackets by hammering a couple of countersunk nails (38 mm) into the back of the boot holder along the back of the shelf.

boot holder wall mount with cordless screwdriver

Step 9
Finally, mount your boot holder to the wall. You can either mount it low so that the shelf becomes a handy hallway table, or slightly higher so that you still have enough room underneath for another shelf or bench.

space saving storage for boots in hallway

When you want to fill the boot holder, simply turn the boots over and squeeze each shaft to fit between a pair of round bars. This will prevent the boots from slipping through.

Outdoor boot holder

boot holder for wall outside in front of house entrance

With this handy storage, wet boots will no longer get in the way! By the way, the homemade boot holder can also be placed outside on a covered patio, in the garage or in the garden shed. Have fun with the replica!