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Boho lamp do it yourself: exciting DIY projects for chandeliers, lampshades & floor lamps

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Boho style home decor is on the rise right now. People put the stylish accents in rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms to create a feeling of lightness. Boho living style is dazzling and natural at the same time and is characterized by a carefree atmosphere. Are you currently looking for bohemian style living ideas? How about a homemade boho lamp? In today’s post, you’ll find a few exciting projects to try!

DIY boho lamp with tassels

Boho lampshade do it yourself from yarn

Lighting plays a big role in home decor. It is the final touch that ties the whole look together. Want to add some lightness to your home by making a boho lamp yourself? Then check out the DIY project below!

Here’s everything you need to make this tassel boho lamp:

  • cream colored yarn
  • empty picture frame, 13 x 18 cm
  • scissors
  • black textile paint
  • large bowl or bucket
  • rubber gloves
  • old plastic tablecloth or plastic sheet
  • three metal hoops in different sizes, e.g. 50 cm, 35 cm and 25 cm in diameter
  • brass effect spray paint
  • metal link chain, 250 cm long
  • pliers
  • cable and socket for hanging lamp
  • Ceiling hook

Step 1: Make your own tassels

Step by step make your own tassels for chandeliers

Wrap the yarn 30 times around the empty picture frame (50 times if you use a thin yarn), and then cut the yarn from the ball.

Cut a 20 cm piece of yarn and use it to knot the wrapped piece to keep it in place. Tie the twine into a tight double knot. Do not cut the ends of the yarn – you will need them to attach the tassels to the chandelier.

Cut the strands of yarn on top of the frame (leave the yarn on the bottom uncut), and pull the yarn off the frame.

Fold the yarn strands in half and bring the knot you tied to the center.

Cut a 30 cm piece of yarn and tie it into a tight double knot around the tassel, about 2-3 centimeters from the top.

Wrap one of the ends of the knot tightly around the tassel five or six times, then tie the short end to the long end. Smooth the long end into the remaining strands of the tassel. Cut off the excess strands at the bottom.

This completes one tassel and you will need a total of 100 tassels for this boho lamp.

Step 2: Dye tassels and metal hoops.

Instruction boho lampshade tassels dye tire spray

Prepare a tub of black textile dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put on rubber gloves and dip the bottom half of each tassel into the dye 10 to 12 times. Let the excess paint drip off and lay the tassel flat on a plastic sheet to dry (preferably overnight).

While the tassels are drying, spray both sides of the metal hoops and the link chains with the spray paint and let them dry completely. It would also be recommended to spray the cord for the lamp as well to create a uniform look.

Step 3: Make your own boho lampshade and finish the chandelier.

DIY boho lamp tutorial for stylish chandelier

Once the tassels and metal hoops are dry, tie the tassels to the three hoops until the hoops are completely covered.

Then cut eight pieces of yarn – each 30 cm long. Place the large hoop on the work surface and the medium hoop inside the large one. Tie them both together at four equally spaced points. Then place the small hoop in the middle and tie it to the medium one.

Turn the chandelier over. Use pliers to tie three separate 50 cm strands of metal chain together at three equally spaced points on the large hoop.

Take a 150 cm piece of metal chain and use the pliers to open the link at one end. Connect the open end of the chain to the three shorter chains attached to the chandelier, and then close the link.

Tip: To make the 150 cm long strand, you can connect three 50 cm long chains together.

Hang the chandelier at the desired height by attaching one of the chain links to a sturdy hook on the ceiling. Use a lamp socket to install the light in the ceiling.

Turn on the lights and admire the pretty boho lamp you made yourself!

This homemade chandelier made of dyed tassels is a real eye-catcher, combining boho vibes with earthy notes and creating a bold statement in the room. Such a neutral color palette won’t compete with the rest of the decor, but will round it off nicely.

You can also craft the boho chandelier with tassels in a single color

Boho lamp made from tassels DIY chandelier

The design with tassels is perfect for boho bedroom

Simple boho lamp with fringe for bedroom

DIY boho chandelier with beads and feathers

Boho style ceiling lamp DIY with yarn beads and feathers

Boho style decor can also be colorful! With some bright yarn, lots of colorful beads and some feathers, you can also make this beautiful boho chic lamp for the ceiling yourself. The base here is an old ceiling lamp. Here is everything else you need:

  • Hanging basket for flowers made of wire
  • yarn in bright color
  • colorful wooden beads
  • feathers
  • three screw hooks
  • scissors

Boho lamp with fringes do it yourself cool DIY

First remove the covering from the ceiling light. Hold the wire basket to the ceiling and mark where to place the screw hooks. Screw them into the appropriate places.

Remove the chains from the hanging basket. Cut the yarn to the desired length, depending on how much you want it to hang. Cut the strands twice as long because they will be folded.

Begin tying the folded strands of yarn to the top ring of the wire basket, using the single anchor stitch. Once the whole basket is covered, thread colorful wooden beads in the desired places.

Instructions for DIY ceiling lamp in boho chic style

Take the yarn in sections (7-8 strands) and pass the threads under the bottom hole of the hanging basket, then back up and down through the center of the yarn section. All the yarns should hang in the center of the lamp. To add some boho flair to your DIY lamp, tie some feathers to any threads.

Tip: Use a light fixture that emits little or no heat for this ceiling lamp to avoid a fire hazard.

Make macramé boho lamp yourself

Stylish macramé pendant lamps in boho style

The macramé is one of the most popular symbols of boho style. Whether it’s a wall hanging or a beautiful hanging flower, hand-knotted creations are definitely not to be missed in a boho chic living room.

DIY boho lamp with macramé

So how about making a macramé boho lamp yourself? The technique requires a little more skill, but if you know how to knot macramé yourself, you won’t find this idea complicated at all. This is what is needed to make a macramé pendant lamp yourself:

  • Cheap lampshade (for example, from Ikea).
  • scissors
  • cotton rope

Before you start knotting, disassemble the lampshade so that only the framework remains. Then cut the cotton rope to the desired length and divide it into individual strands, which you can iron as desired. Then it’s time to tie the knot! First, fold the strands in half and tie them to the lampshade framework using the anchor stitch knot. Then continue knotting until you are happy with the design of your boho lamp!

Crochet Boho Lamp

Can you crochet a boho lamp

Are you good at crocheting? Then you can make a stylish boho cover for your lampshade yourself! With a crochet hook and some crochet yarn in a matching color, you can create beautiful creations that will perfectly complete a bohemian-style room. You can crochet such a cover both for a hanging lamp and for a bedside lamp.

Make boho raffia lamp yourself – a simple upcycling project.

Boho craft lamp DIY bedside lamp upcycling

The raffia is one of the most popular materials for boho style. With natural raffia, you can give your old bedside lamp a great natural look that will fit harmoniously into the boho bedroom.

For this simple DIY idea you need a table lamp with textile shade, natural raffia, scissors and hot glue.

Dress up lampshade with raffia

All you need to do is to cover the lampshade with raffia. To do this, remove the lampshade from the stand and use a clean feather duster or the vacuum cleaner to clean it. The shade should be completely free of dust. Prepare several strands of raffia about 10 cm longer than the height of the lampshade.

Then start gluing the raffia strands one by one around the entire shade, taping the ends to the inside of the shade. Keep doing this until you have covered the entire umbrella.

When you’re done, you can add a strip of tape around the inside edges of the shade to keep the glue from coming loose from the heat.

DIY hanging lights from natural raffia

Make your own boho style lamp from raffia

Here’s another idea for simple pendant lights made of raffia, perfect for bohemian-inspired decor. You only need a few things for this, but the result is really impressive. Here are the materials:

  • Natural raffia
  • a conical object like a vase or funnel made of cardboard
  • a blank of baking paper
  • napkin glue
  • foldback clamps or tape

Instructions craft lamp in boho style hanging DIY

Place the vase upside down on the table and glue a piece of cardboard on top to create a conical shape. (Alternatively, you can make a funnel out of cardboard, but it will be less stable). Cover the “cone” with baking paper by taping it down or securing it with foldback clamps.

Idea for DIY boho lamp on the wall

Cut the raffia into strands. Then begin dipping each strand of raffia into glue so that the glue is spread along its entire length. Starting at the top, wrap the strand around the cone, leaving a hole large enough for the lamp socket or power cord to fit through. Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the cone and then let the glue dry thoroughly, preferably overnight. Then carefully remove the vase and baking paper and pull the lamp socket through the craft lamp. Your pendant lamp is ready to hang!

Boho floor lamp DIY from rattan

Boho style floor lamp do it yourself simple DIY

This stylish floor lamp is the perfect addition to any boho style room. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or hallway, you’ll add a beautiful accent to your home with the simple yet elegant design.


  • Viennese wicker
  • Lampshade frame
  • Bast ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Boho lampshade made of rattan DIY tutorial

First, measure the diameter and height of the lampshade frame. Add 5 cm to both measurements and cut a piece of braid. Then glue the braid to the lampshade with the hot glue gun. Trim off the excess and glue raffia tape along the edges to create a clean edge. That way, your new boho lampshade for your floor lamp is ready to go!

DIY boho lampshade for table lamp

DIY boho lampshade made of wooden sticks and raffia

You can also use wooden sticks to jazz up a simple lampshade and give it a boho flair. Here are the necessary materials for this DIY project:

  • old bedside lamp with shade
  • thin wooden sticks (1-2 longer than the height of the lampshade)
  • natural raffia
  • Hot glue

DIY boho table lamp made of raffia and wooden sticks

Disassemble the lampshade of your bedside lamp and remove the cover. Glue the wooden sticks to the lampshade frame one by one, using hot glue to secure the two ends. Leave between 5 and 10 millimeters between the sticks. When the boho lampshade is finished, wrap natural raffia around the top and bottom edges to cover the metal ring.

Make stylish boho lamp yourself from a wicker basket

Simple boho lamp DIY from wicker basket

To make a beautiful boho lamp yourself, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive materials or master complicated knotting techniques. All that is needed for this project is a ceiling socket (which you ideally already have), a shade support ring and a (lightweight) wicker basket.

Boho lamp for ceiling from wicker

To turn the basket into a stylish boho lampshade, cut a hole in the bottom of the basket using pliers. Make sure the hole is wide enough for the socket to fit through. However, the diameter should be a little smaller than that of the shade support ring.

Once the hole is cut out, slide the basket over the socket until it reaches the base of the mount and screw the umbrella ring onto the socket to secure the basket. After you’ve securely fastened the basket, all you have to do is insert a beautiful LED light and your DIY Boho lamp is ready!