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Boho flower pot DIY: check out our original and elegant DIY ideas!

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Spring is a time to create beautiful things and freshen up your home. No Modern Boho Home is complete without texture and greenery – and what better way than with plants and some funky boho flower pots, stands and hangers! Terracotta, clay and copper planters are widely used in modern boho, as well as wicker and rattan and, of course, macramé. They not only look original and interesting, but also make good use of space, for example, if you have empty walls that you want to decorate with something fresh and beautiful. Here we show some ideas on how to make a boho flower pot yourself.

Boho flower pot basket make from a straw hat

Recycle straw hat for a cute boho flower pot

Are you fascinated by boho style decoration? Making a boho plant basket is incredibly simple. All you need to do is recycle a straw hat.

  • To protect the inside of the straw plant pot, spread glue all over the inside. Wait until it is dry before proceeding.
  • The top of the hat will be the straw flower pot. Make the first cut with a box cutter, and then with scissors. Trim the edges if necessary so that the basket is the same height throughout.

Make boho flower pot yourself

  • To add the finishing touch, glue the edge of your boho planter together with the trim. You can also add other decorative elements like another border or larger tassels. Use scissors to cut off any pieces of straw that might come off the planter.
  • Insert your flower pot with the saucer and your boho flower basket is ready.

Make boho reed planter yourself.

DIY Boho flower pot - simple and beautiful

Interior design gets a natural look with DIY boho plant pots.


5 x 10 cm embroidery hoop interiors
A pack of 25 cm reeds
Glue gun, hot glue
10 cm planter

  • Start by cutting the reeds in half. The final product will be 10 cm tall, so cutting the reeds in half will give you the perfect size to work with.
  • Take an embroidery hoop, dab on a small dot of hot glue and press the first reed to the top of the hoop.
  • Continue gluing the reeds to the inside of the embroidery hoop. Once you’ve gone all the way around the frame, gently wiggle the sticks to make sure everything is firmly in place.

Boho reed planter do it yourself

  • Next, take the second embroidery hoop and slide it around the reeds on the opposite side. You will see that the planter is slowly taking shape.
  • Pull the reeds inward and apply the glue in small sections around the embroidery hoops. Press the reed into the glue to hold it in place.
  • Cut off the loose ends with scissors. Sand the rough ends to create a smooth surface.
  • Then slide the flower pot into the reed container.

Cute boho flower pot made from cotton fabric – elegant and modern

Boho flower pot DIY for a colorful spring feel


Two yards of cotton fabric for the coils (large basket).
One yard of gauzy cotton fabric to wrap around the bobbins (large basket) or 20 yards of cotton yarn
Plastic tapestry needle

DIY flower pot made of textile is a creative idea

Step 1.Cut half a meter of cotton fabric and tie it around the end of three strips of fabric (for example, from an old T-shirt; one must be 1 meter longer than the others).

Step 2. Place the end of the knotted cotton on top of the cotton fabric and wrap the long end around both to cover them.

Step 3.Fold the wrapped end like a circle and wrap the place where the two ends meet with the thin cotton fabric.

How to make a flower pot yourself

Step 4. Wrap the cotton cloth twice more and then thread the needle into the thin cotton. Pierce it through the center of the coil and pull it tight.

Step 5. Wrap the fabric two more times, and then sew around both the outer layer and the layer of fabric underneath. Keep turning the cotton cloth in as you do this. This will give it both shape and strength.

Step 6. When the cotton cloth is used up, tie a new 1-meter strip at the end and tie a knot. Open the cotton cloth and place the ends of the thin cotton inside.

Follow our tips for making a flower pot from textile

Step 7.Twist the cotton cloth again to hide the ends, and then continue wrapping and sewing.

Step 8. When the diameter of your planter is large enough, begin sewing the next layer of cotton fabric directly over the last layer to form the sides of your planter. Continue by wrapping twice around one layer of cotton fabric and then once around two layers of fabric.

Step 9.Whenever you run out of fabric, cut two more strips and place them near the ends of the cotton fabric that is running low.

Instructions for boho flower pot from textile

Step 10.Use the longer piece of cotton fabric to further wrap the section to hide the end and the beginning.

Step 11.Continue wrapping and sewing until the flower pot is as tall as you want it to be. Hide the end of the cotton fabric by wrapping it 4-5 times with the thin fabric, then sew through all five wraps. Pull through, cut off the end and tuck it back under.

Decorating flower pots with lace is a very original idea

Planter with lace refresh

This is a very simple yet fresh project, as it will make your flower pots bright and beautiful.

Materials needed:

Terracotta pots

  • Paint the glue on the pot.
  • Glue the top on and then brush an extra layer of glue over it to seal it.
  • Allow your new pots to dry completely before using them.

DIY flower pot decorate with lace