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Beautify rain barrel with spray paint or acrylic paint – Beautiful DIY projects to enhance the garden.

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As useful as the rain barrel is for the garden, it is usually not particularly pretty to look at. If it is also a thorn in your side, you could, on the one hand, disguise the rain barrel and hide it in this way. However, there is another way to make the water barrel more attractive. Namely, you can design it in a variety of ways, making it a decorative eye-catcher in your garden. We have a few ideas on how you can transform the water barrel. Whether you want to beautify a boring plastic rain barrel or one made of metal, a little paint will make a really big difference!

Beautify a rain barrel with spray paint

Embellish rain barrel in vintage look - using branches as stencils

You don’t have to be an artist or a professional handyman for our first idea to beautify a rain barrel. All you need is spray paint and some twigs with leaves or flowers and you’re ready to get started decorating your rain barrel. However, before you start spraying, it is important to clean the barrel first. For this, it is best to use warm water and soap if necessary, or else a vinegar solution . This is necessary because otherwise the colors will not adhere for long. After cleaning, let the barrel dry. Apply a primer and let it dry.

Embellish rain barrel with spray paint and leaf motifs

When using spray paints to beautify the rain barrel, be sure to work outdoors and wear protective goggles. After all, even the slightest gust of wind could blow the paints into your face. Gloves are also recommended so you don’t stain your hands. Once the barrel is dry, you can start designing. If you want, you can first apply a light color as a base, in case you want to create a dark water barrel with equally dark motifs. But you can also, for example, beautify a blue rain barrel (or any other dark color) and spray it directly with light motifs.

Old metal barrel spray paint and design leaf pattern

So how exactly you design the barrel , depends entirely on your taste. In the example, first sprayed a few stripes on the surfaces. Then you can take the first branch and hold it in any place. Spray paint over it. Here you spray the paint always in short intervals. Take the branch away again and you have transferred your first motif. Continue in this way with all your branches and flowers until you are satisfied with the result.

Stick-on stencils for beautiful upcycling.

White rain barrel with dragonflies and twigs

If you want to decorate the garbage can with spray paints, you can also use stencils instead of leaves to transfer certain motifs. With them it is really wonderfully easy to work and create a pretty design in no time. So they are a good help if you want to beautify the rain barrel.

Paint barrels

Embellish rain barrel - painting patterns and pictures with acrylic paints

Do you have a talent for painting? Then the garden barrel will give you the perfect canvas for your latest work of art. Even in this case, you should first thoroughly clean the barrel, let it dry and then apply a primer. This is the only way to ensure that your painting will last. Use acrylic paints , if you beautify the rain barrel, which you can finally seal with a transparent spray paint.

Embellish rain barrel with self painted pictures

To design a water barrel by hand, you do not have to choose complicated images or scenarios. Simple flowers or other floral motifs, dragonflies, a sun and clouds, a tree and even colorful handprints will be enough if you want to beautify the unsightly rain barrel – a great project even for creative kids! In our gallery you will find a few such ideas.

Tips when you beautify a metal rain barrel

Embellish rain barrel with cheerful motifs - fish and bees

Especially if you want to paint an older metal barrel and thus upcycle , there will be a little rust here and there. This should definitely be removed, because it would spoil the look of your design. Remove rust quite simply with fine sandpaper. Then also thoroughly clean the metal garden barrel. The metal rain barrel is best cleaned with white spirit, which you then rub well.

Beautiful rain barrels for inspiration

Painting flower meadow on rain barrel or cartoon characters

Below you can see a few beautiful designs. There are both more complicated and simple ideas for beginners . If you want to beautify your rain barrel, this is definitely a great way to get really creative for once. Even simple Indian or tribal patterns, as well as the handprints of children make really beautiful on the barrel and enhance this visually in a wonderful way. In no time you get a great decoration for the garden!

Metal water barrel with fence and flowers

For painting, use various tools such as brushes or sponges to dab on the colors to create a wide variety of motifs, patterns and textures. A few colorful flowers in front of a white fence, as in the example above, will transform the useful but unsightly garden accessory into a real eye-catcher that will attract everyone’s attention.

Plastic barrel with colorful flowers

Beautiful rain barrel garden decoration design - flower motifs, face and owl.

Abstract picture in motley colors

Embellish rain barrel with abstract image of raindrops in bright colors

Image with theme “Africa” and simple leaves

Embellish rain barrel with Africa motif or simple leaves

Flowers with butterflies and little man with theme “Friendship”.

Ideas to paint water barrel with flowers, butterflies or manikins

Green rain barrel beautify – flowers are simple motifs to paint the barrels

Garden decoration with painted rain barrels - white flowers on green barrel

Metal barrel with face

Painting metal barrel for water with face and planting it

Embellish rain barrel with a lettering in gold

Embellish rain barrel with lettering in golden color

Mountain landscape and wood optics

Painting mountain landscape on a garden barrel or wood look

Zentangle as motif

Zentangle on a garden barrel paint and bold and cheerful colors

Painting pond on the garden barrel

Rain barrel beautify with picture of a pond with fish and water lilies

Funny self painted decoration for the rain barrel

Creative design of garden barrels with 3D effect for drops