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Balcony Deko selbst machen – Peppen your outdoor space quickly & easily!

  • DIY

If you have not yet started to prepare your balcony for the summer, you should do it soon. Because the warm summer days are approaching and where better to enjoy the beautiful evening hours than outside? But to make the outdoor area really cozy and tempting, not only the right balcony furniture is important, but also the small details around it – decoration for the balcony gives it the final touch! If you want to decorate the balcony, of course, you will find in stores an infinite choice of options. But if you prefer something unique and also love to tinker and craft, you can also make your balcony decoration yourself. And we’re providing you with some great ideas today!

Balcony decoration with light

Romantic balcony decoration make yourself - light chain with small bottles for lighting

Would you like to illuminate with your decoration also at the same time the balcony, we recommend in addition to candles in lanterns (an idea you will find below) also light chains necessarily. The easiest option is, of course, to buy a ready-made light chain for the balcony decoration and simply attach it. But such a one can have everyone. Instead, we offer you this balcony decoration idea. Just buy a simple string of lights and glass bottles with corks as a cap. Pierce the corks with a piercing awl or other pointed object and put the light bulbs through the hole obtained until it is visible on the other side (inside the bottle). In this way, you can make the most diverse fairy lights as balcony decorations yourself. It is suitable, in addition to vials, many other items.

Balcony decoration for the wall with Hula Hoop

Make your own balcony decoration with a hula hoop and flowers for the wall

A simple hula hoop is a wonderful base for DIY balcony decoration ideas. It can then be hung on the wall, but can also be hung freely in the air in a suitable place or leaned against a wall. All you need to do is to paint the tire in a desired color using spray paint. After that, you can design it any way you want . Quite popular for this purpose are artificial flowers that are wrapped around the hoop. However, you can equally beautiful strips of fabric hanging down in one place or spice up the interior with macramé.

Decorate with homemade mirror

Balcony decoration make yourself - mirror design as wall decoration for outside

A mirror makes any area feel more homey. And if you design it yourself to boot , you get a unique balcony decoration. In the example, twigs were used, but of course you can come up with other things (for example, metal tubes, small stones for mosaic or sea glass, shells, artificial flowers and so on).

  • Cardboard
  • Mirrors
  • Decorations
  • Glue
  • bowl/plate with bigger diameter than the mirror (for a round version), ruler for square mirrors
  • pencil and scissors or cutter
  • possibly colors for painting, if you use sticks
  • string
  • hole punch

Make a decoration out of cardboard with a mirror and decorate it with branches

If you want to make the mirror as a balcony decoration yourself, you don’t need to be a crafting professional. Just lay the cardboard in front of you and draw a circle on it with the bowl or draw the same shape of the mirror, only bigger. Then cut out this shape and punch holes in the edge in two places to hang the mirror later (if the mirror already has a chain for hanging, as in the example, seal it with the glue).

Balcony wall decorate with mirrors - Simple handicraft instructions

In the middle area, that is, where the mirror will be, apply glue and attach the mirror. After that, you can design the overhanging edge of cardboard as you like, simply gluing the selected decorations.

Crafting with natural materials for balcony decoration - paint twigs and use as mirror frames

Vintage basket as a planter for plants

Balcony Deko selbst machen - Decorated basket as a planter for flowers and plants

Balcony decorations with plants are best for bringing nature into this small outdoor space. And with the right pots or planters, the plants will look even better. You can get a touch of romance by using beautiful woven baskets. You can additionally decorate these with beautiful fabrics, as in this example, if you make them yourself as balcony decorations. A wide strip of linen, over it a lace ribbon and maybe some yarn, they all glue on each other and the decoration is ready. Put the pot inside or use plug-in foam to put together a whole arrangement with moss and other decorations.

Simple lanterns

Simple lanterns as balcony deco do it yourself with glasses, yarn and flowers

That lanterns are beautiful balcony decoration ideas, we have already mentioned. We would like to present you a really very simple variant, which you can spontaneously create again and again. Take simple transparent glasses, which you can also design with acrylic paints. Around the glasses you tie string or yarn and between glass and string you can then stick fresh meadow flowers from a walk. Once they have withered, simply replace them with new ones. If you want this decoration to be more durable, just use artificial flowers. These lanterns will look even more beautiful if you sprinkle some sand on the bottom – real or colored decorative sand.

Scaffolding for hanging decorations

Simple decoration idea with slatted frame for hanging decorations

Do you have some great ideas for balcony decorations to hang, but don’t necessarily want to drill a lot of unnecessary holes in the wall? Then why not use a scaffold! Very popular for this purpose are pallets, but these can be quite heavy. A practical alternative is such a slatted frame for beds. Since on the balcony usually not too large walls are available, a grate for children’s beds is most suitable. This you simply hang on the wall at the desired height and beautifully you can hang on it any decorations such as plants, pendants, and even shelves and conveniently replace or add at any time. A really simple idea that you can do yourself as a balcony decoration, without having to be talented in crafts.

Homemade easel

Balcony Deko selbst machen aus Holz - Decorative ladder or easel for flowers and fairy lights

Get a few wooden slats in the hardware store (you can also have them cut on site) and build from them so an easel or ladder of wood , on which you can hang flower pots and other things. You can also paint the wooden strips to match the rest of the balcony decoration. Such a balcony decoration made of wood creates a special coziness. You are welcome to craft more balcony decorations and then display them on the easel.

Flower hanging basket as a balcony decoration DIY

Do it yourself balcony decoration - bluenampel with plates made of plywood

If the balcony is too small to put all the beloved plants on the ground or attach them to the railing, then hanging versions are just the right option. You can make such a multi-tiered hanging basket of flowers , using plywood cuttings. In the example, we are talking about squares with a round hole, but you can also use rings. Furthermore, the hole must be slightly narrower than the upper perimeter of the selected pots, so that the latter will fit through the hole only up to a certain point. This task will be easiest if you first get the planters, and then cut the plates in the hardware store and have them drilled through at the four corners (or in the case of a ring, in four places with equal distances from each other). After that, you can directly make the balcony decoration itself.

Craft instructions for hanging basket with plywood boards and string

Paint the plates in the desired color. After the paint dries, you can tie the string. Prepare four long pieces (better too long, you can shorten them later). Put them through the four holes and tie knots below the plate. Then at any distance from the first plate tie knots again, after which you thread the next plate. Continue in this way until you have tied all the plates together. Tie the four strings together at the top. Done!

Use scrap wood for planters

From wooden slats plant containers for the outdoor area build

Whether you use scrap wood or buy extra new slats, such planters will be real eye-catchers on your balcony! Especially charming here is the ombre look, which of course you can implement not only in blue, but in any color variations. It is best to have the strips cut to the desired length at the hardware store. At home, you then just glue them together and paint them.

Embellish what is already there

Decorate balcony lamp with pom poms and table with colorful yarn

If you have a balcony lamp with a rather boring lampshade, you do not have to buy a new lamp right away. Instead, you can make a lampshade yourself or jazz up the existing one a bit. Pom-poms like in the example are best suited for this, but by no means the only option. Textile or acrylic paints, glitter stones and many other elements can be used when you make such a balcony decoration yourself. Or maybe you want to give your old furniture a little makeover? Use acrylic paints or simple, colorful string to create interesting accents!

Make your own balcony decoration – wind chimes

Beautiful wind chimes tinker from different materials for the outdoor area

Wind chimes are one of the most popular outdoor decorations, and the balcony is no exception. In addition, these are also quite easy to make yourself, because you can use a variety of materials – beads, wooden elements, sea glass, shells and, and, and… Depending on whether and what kind of sounds it should make in the wind, you can choose the material and add bells or other sonorous things. Even with old cutlery you can make such a balcony decoration itself!

Wind chimes made of sea glass and old cutlery for pleasant sounds outdoors

Do you prefer it rather quiet or do not want to disturb your neighbors, just use items that are silent! Pom-poms, plastic beads, fabrics and the like. Or how about making a dream catcher as a balcony decoration yourself? It goes with any style, but especially with a boho decoration on the balcony.

Bird house as balcony decoration make yourself

Birdhouse dummies colorful paint with acrylic paints for a beautiful balcony decoration

If you are handy, you can build a birdhouse completely by yourself or use a kit for this purpose. However, if you want to save yourself this step, buy a plain little house made of wood and then simply design it in the desired colors, with any patterns and gladly with additional decorations. In this way, you can make a beautiful balcony decoration yourself, which will be useful to boot. Because with a little luck even some birds nest! But of course, the house can also be fake and the hole just painted on.

Or how about a simple feeding station instead ? A painted can with ribbon or string to hang it and a stick for the birds to land on will do just fine. But of course there are plenty of other options. And which grains are best suited, you will learn in this article .

Balcony Deko selbst machen - Crafting, jazzing up and building