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Advent wreath to hang: Simple DIY ideas for a special mood at Christmas time

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Do you know the feeling? As much as you love the Christmas season, decorating and the whole atmosphere, somehow you always stand in the room at the end of decorating and think to yourself that you’ve actually had enough of the old Christmas decorations and would like to add some pizzazz with new and more modern things. We have a great idea on how to make your living room shine again with just one change to one particular Advent decoration, namely the Advent wreath. Make room on that already small dining or coffee table by making an Advent wreath to hang yourself!

Tips for safe use

Artificial flower garland to decorate a hanging wreath for Advent decoration

In our pictures and examples you will see real, burning candles. However, you should use such only if you are really present during the burning time. The risk of a candle tipping over and falling down and starting a fire is too high. However, it is best to opt for non-hazardous LED candles . Nowadays there is a wide range of models that closely resemble the real ones, so you do not have to give up the romance of wax candles.

Advent wreath for hanging do it yourself instead of buying it.

Rustic, Scandinavian Advent wreath to hang from metal frame and with fir greenery

Although a hanging wreath may seem complicated at first glance, you can actually make a stunning Advent wreath to hang yourself with simple tools. Apart from the fact that you can buy a frame and creatively design it, for example, a door wreath can also be transformed or simple wire can be used. We show you a few inspirations:

Make your own wreaths with vines

DIY Advent wreath to hang with vines and green branches

For this beautiful idea you need only a few materials:

  • Vines
  • any greenery (e.g. eucalyptus or ivy)
  • floral wire
  • candle holder
  • Candles

Simple craft instructions for homemade wreaths

Form two rings of any size from the vines. It looks especially pretty if the bottom wreath is slightly larger than the top one. You can then wrap the vine blanks with the greenery. To tie them, simply use florist’s wire. Of course, any other materials can be used. Artificial poinsettias, for example, are very popular for Christmas decorations, but you can also incorporate fairy lights.

Create hanging advent wreath with wire and table candles

Also with wire you tie the candle holders. As you will quickly notice, they will not be particularly stable in this way, which is why we would like to point out once again that real candles should be avoided. Now connect the two Advent wreaths with three or four pieces of wire of the same length. On the top one, also tie as many strands and tie them together at the top, tying a loop for hanging.

DIY idea with frame made of wood and poinsettias.

Large hanging Advent wreath with pillar candles and poinsettias

This hanging Advent wreath is really very large and imposing, and it is especially suitable for hanging above a large dining table. Poinsettias are used to decorate it, as well as some other decorations suitable for the Christmas season. Since the Advent wreath frame together with planters will be quite heavy, be sure to choose sturdy string for hanging. Parcel twine, for example, is well suited.

You don’t have to be a professional craftsman to do this project. You can have the boards cut to size at the hardware store, so all you have to do is screw them together at home. Also, drill holes for the candle holders. It is best to take those for pillar candles, since this Advent wreath for hanging will be very lush and narrower candles would hardly stand out.

Advent wreath hanging design with a frame made of wooden boards

Then insert the candle holders into the holes provided, additionally gluing them with fixing compounds. Now you can distribute the planters and glue them with plenty of hot glue. Around it decorate the wooden frame now with any other materials such as dried orange slices and pine cones (gladly also hanging), fir greenery, berry branches and so on.

Finally, tie string so that you can hang the wreath from the ceiling and put the flowers in the planters.

Advent wreath for hanging made of metal – buy frame and make it yourself.

Advent wreath to hang do it yourself - instructions and ideas for decoration

As mentioned earlier, a ready-made rack is also a wonderful option for a simple DIY project. Opt for a plain model, which you can then decorate to your liking. You can use floral wire to tie down fir greenery and other branches or cones, wrap a string of lights around the rack, tie down Christmas tree baubles, or even tie vases to the rack and fill them with fresh flowers.

Modern racks for filling

Metal frame to fill with conifer branches

There are also bulbous metal racks with a modern look that are specifically designed to be filled. Thus, you have the opportunity to customize the inside by adding any amount of branches and other decorations. We suggest you also leave some branches sticking out to the outside for a more versatile and natural look. The wire frame also gives you the option of letting any hanging decorations hang down.

Advent wreath to hang do it yourself – ideas for every taste.

Buy metal frame and decorate it yourself with Christmas decorations

Such homemade models are just perfect if you have not really found what you like in stores. DIY projects bring with them the advantage that you can create unique Christmas decorations yourself, which will fully suit your taste. And we would not be surprised if next year your friends and relatives will also choose an Advent wreath, hanging in all its glory.