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Advent wreath red and modern design: These cool and original ideas are made quickly and easily!

  • DIY

Everything revolves around the Advent wreaths, because the countdown is on – in less than a week is the first Advent and by then at least the wreath with its flickering candles should be ready! Can you also already hardly wait to welcome the magical Advent season with the beautifully decorated table? Craft it yourself a beautiful model in just a few steps. And since the trend in recent years goes in the direction of modern, we show you accordingly a few beautiful variants. So you can create a trendy Advent wreath red and modern!

The red poinsettia as the main element in the wreath

Advent wreath red and pink design with poinsettias and grasses

The poinsettia looks incredibly beautiful and has become a classic in Christmas decoration. So why not use it to create an Advent wreath red and modern? Here’s what you need for this simple project:

  • 6 red artificial poinsettias
  • Wreath blank made of plug-in foam
  • Dried flowers/grasses of your choice in red or similar color
  • candle holder for sticking
  • matching candles

Note: If you are using real flowers, you will need to moisten the stick foam later to make the flowers last. For this reason, you will then still need a suitable (waterproof) base, such as a plate, tray or similar. Keep in mind that the real flowers probably won’t last until Christmas Eve and you may need to replace them.

Craft instructions for Advent wreaths with plug-in foam ring as a blank

Place the ring in front of you and insert the candle holders at even intervals. Cut or pull the blossoms off the artificial plants and tuck them into the foam to cover the empty spaces between the candle holders. Then tuck in some of the dried flowers and grasses here and there to provide more texture.

Now stick the Advent candles into the candle holders and you’re ready to start the first Advent! These don’t necessarily have to be red in color, as in the example. Plain white candles are also perfectly suitable (if you want to have an Advent wreath red and white, for example).

Cool Advent wreath ideas in red – craft idea with star made of wood.

Advent wreath red design with poinsettias and stick candles in bordeaux

If you can find a ready-made frame made of metal for the candles, you can also recreate such a model with a little skill. You will need wooden dowels and other small wooden cylinders of different (two) sizes, which you arrange around the frame from the stick candle holder in the form of star prongs. For this purpose, you can also print out a star motif and use it as a base/template on which you then arrange the wooden elements. In the middle of three of the five prongs, leave space for test tubes that will serve as vases for the poinsettia flowers.

Glue the wooden elements together with glue or hot glue and decorate with the flowers and a few sprigs of pine greenery for a modern, minimalist design. Still not red enough for you? Spray paint the wooden star with red spray paint!

Image and idea from Stars Unite Europe

Advent wreath in red-green on a glass vase

Fancy idea for Advent wreath in red and green on a vase made of glass

Get a glass vase that you can fill with small Christmas balls and/or other decorations. The container should have a slightly smaller circumference than the wreath you will use, so that it can rest stably. As explained in the first tutorial, craft an Advent wreath with candle holders, red poinsettias and additional greenery (eucalyptus leaves, for example). Then glue the blank to the edge of the vase with hot glue (or just place it on top if the wreath will be in a safe place afterwards where it won’t be knocked over, respectively, if you are using LED candles ). Put the candles in the holders and you’re done!

Image and idea from Stars Unite Europe

Advent flower arrangement elongated in tray with moss

Advent wreath red and elongated with moss and Christmas tree balls

Fill a tray or box with stick foam and glue artificial moss on it. Insert metal candle holders with nail for pillar candles in a row and arrange red Christmas tree balls and any other decorations around them, fixing them with hot glue. Put the candles on the nails. We recommend using candles of different heights for a more modern and versatile look. Also, red candles would look especially good in this Advent wreath.

Bordeaux idea with dried flowers

Wreath in bordeaux from dried flowers for advent with table candles

If you prefer the shade of red to be more subdued, Bordeaux is just the right choice. This shade creates a calmer atmosphere than the bold shade of red, without being inferior to your preferred color in anything. If you want to forgo good old fir greenery this year, you can use dried flowers and plants for a more modern alternative. Use any wreath blank and tie or pin the flowers with floral wire or ivy pins.

Advent wreath red and modern design with moss

Red moss to create a straw wreath for minimalist Advent decoration

Anything but traditional, but interesting and beautiful is also this variant with red moss. A real eye-catcher, without question, which would also suit a maritime interior. That’s how quickly and easily it’s made:

  • Red artificial moss
  • Straw wreath
  • floral wire/ivy needles
  • candle holder and matching candles
  • glitter spray or clear varnish and glitter (e.g. gold spray for an advent wreath in red-gold)
  • possibly hot glue

Insert the candle holders into the wreath, using additional hot glue to hold them in place if needed. Gradually spread moss on the wreath and pin it in place with the pins. Now you can add some sparkle with the glitter spray to make the red Advent wreath look a little more festive. Add the stick candles to the Advent wreath and you’re done.

Tip: You can also use real moss. In this case, it is best to finish with the variant clear varnish + glitter, because in this way you also preserve the plants at the same time and make them last longer.