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Advent wreath DIY from natural materials and create a real festive atmosphere for the whole family!

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The Advent wreath is an old German tradition that has gained much popularity in recent years. Most Christian households and churches practice this custom during the Advent season. This meaningful sacrament is easy to implement and can either be simple and cost little, or be very elaborate and cost more, handmade or store bought, with fresh greenery or permanent greenery. Of course, you can make your own Advent wreath from natural materials and this could bring you joy and fun!

Advent wreath from natural materials itself tinker

Advent wreath is a wreath or a circle made of evergreen plants, which can be made in different sizes. It is either hung from the ceiling with ribbons (preferably purple) or placed on a table. The devotion is usually held during the family dinner or during the family night prayer. Four candles are attached to the wreath and stand upright, equally spaced.

Materials needed

Advent wreath is an old German tradition, which in recent years has gained much popularity


Moss wreath form or wire frame
floral candle holders
other materials of your choice like green plants
Live evergreens of your choice


3 purple and 1 pink tapered or pillar candle, depending on the wreath or
4 white candles

Ribbons and decorations:

Purple ribbon
Pine cones, seed pods, red berries, etc.

DIY instructions

Advent wreath from natural materials do it yourself - simple and cute for the whole family.

1. the base:
(a) If you are using a moss wreath form: The mold must be pre-watered and filled with moisture for the evergreen. This should be done overnight, excess water should drip off. Then you need to wrap this pre-soaked mold with green florist wreath foil.

b) There are several types of ready-made wreath wire forms that you can buy, or you can form your own wreath from strong wire or even coat hangers. You can also buy a real Advent wreath form, which consists of a simple ring and candle holders.

2. candle holders
a) Florist candle holders are usually inexpensive green plastic holders available at any craft or garden store or flower store. If you are using a mold made of moss, you can insert them directly into the mold. Otherwise, they need to be securely attached to the wreath with floral wire or hot glue.

Make your own Advent wreath from natural materials and create a real festive atmosphere for the whole family

b) For moss or foam molds, large nails or spikes can be attached to the bottom of the wreath so that the pointed side sticks out the top and is high enough to stand the candles on. The spike should not be too wide or it will split and break the candle. If you are using a large pillar candle, this option would be ideal.

c) Use heavy floral wire and wrap it around the bottom of the candles (about 5 cm), then attach the ends to the mold. This must be very tight so that the candle can not move.

d) There is a wide selection of candles and candle holders in almost every store. There are several types of attractive holders that can be attached to a wreath form. Just make sure that the holder holds the candle and that the flame does not get too close to the green plants.

3. green plants
a) The selection of live evergreens is endless: yew, any type of pine, cedar, fir, bay, holly, boxwood, spruce, hemlock, balsam branches, even magnolia leaves can make an interesting look. Use what is available in your area, what is easy to care for, and what you like.

For smaller branches, you can also attach each piece to the form with strong floral wire

How you cut your greenery depends on the type of shape. If you only have a wire frame, you will need branches that you can tie together with wire and attach to the frame with floral wire. If you are using shapes like foam, you can take small twigs or leaves and attach them to floral sticks and insert them throughout, or if the twigs or leaves are sturdy enough, you can insert them without sticks.

Check with your local craft store to see if there is a spray or compound you can add to your leaves to make them non-flammable.

b) There are a variety of types of artificial greenery. You can buy prepared flowers and insert them into your form. For smaller branches, you can also attach each piece to the mold with strong floral wire.

Another option you can consider is buying artificial garland, especially for smaller frames, such as wire. Measure the garland around the mold and cut it a little longer than the ring. Secure the garland around the wreath form with floral wire. Shape the branches so that they cover the mold.

Making Advent wreath from natural materials - Christian households practice this custom during the Advent season

4. candles
As candles become more popular, this is by far the easiest item to find. Usually these are tall, tapered candles, 3 purple or violet and 1 pink. You can find these almost anywhere. If you plan to burn the candles each day, it is helpful to have a few extra to replace them the first and second week of Advent when they burn down.

If you can’t muster these colors, use white or ivory candles and attach ribbons to the candles (don’t let the flames get too close) – three with purple ribbons, one with a pink ribbon.

Most candles are made of kerosene wax, which burns and drips quickly. Beeswax candles burn cleanly and smell wonderful when you find them. As you continue this tradition through the years, just keep an eye out for bargains and specials on purple and pink candles.

If you’re using a different type of candle holder that can accommodate other candle sizes, look for pillar candles or other shapes that you can insert into the wreath.

The devotion is held during the family dinner or during the night prayer

5. ribbons and decorations
The wreath should not be elaborately decorated to show the difference between Advent and Christmas. You can add pine cones, seed pods, red berries to the greenery. You could attach purple bows to the wreath and hang the wreath with purple ribbons. But aside from this type of decoration, the wreath should be kept simple to remind us of the penitential nature of Advent.
For the Christmas season, you can freshen up the green, change the candles to white, red or gold and the ribbons to cheerful Christmas colors.