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Winter decoration for the windows: make your own winter wonderland for a cozy and elegant home

Do you love winter more than any other season? Is it the season of fairy tales for you, where the action takes place in a small mountain town, its streets covered with fluffy snow? But if you live in the big city and don’t want to wait for the snow anymore, why not invite winter into your home? Enchant your living space with our simple ideas for winter decorations for the windows for a cozy and elegant home.

How to decorate the windows in winter?

Winter decoration for the windows - simple and cheap DIY ideas

It turns out that with little money it is possible to transform the windows in winter in an incredible way.

Cheap winter decorations for the windows from paper or old newspapers.

Winter decoration for windows - make snowflakes from newspapers

Sometimes all you need is some paper and string and a little time. Cutting snowflakes from newspapers or using old used books can show your literary side. With some string, tape and a good pair of scissors, you can quickly decorate your windows in a personalized way for the winter days. If you fix the snowflakes at different heights directly on the glass, they will look wonderful from the outside as well. This home decorating idea is kid-friendly and can easily become a tradition. An hour or two in the afternoon will ignite family joy not only for the day, but every time you look outside and see the words you chose.

Garland with Christmas cards or pictures

From old Christmas cards or pictures make a garland for hanging

Have you collected the Christmas cards you’ve received from your family over the years? Then this decoration idea is just right for you. Hang a string over the window and add the cards. You can also use family pictures instead of cards. With this garland you will add a lot of liveliness and personal character to the room.

Elegant winter decorations for windows in white

Small houses made of paper for winter decoration for the windows

When the weather is too cold to go outside and hang lights or other decorations, create the perfect dreamy winter wonderland right at your window. This decoration idea is easy to make on a lazy afternoon with the best music playing in the background and some warm coffee by your side. You can use paper, window markers and tape to create this winter decoration for the windows. Add lights, too, for a festive feel.

Add a snowy touch to your windows by using white wreaths, flowers or baubles. Get an elegant look by stringing beads like a window garland and adding small white dots on the glass to simulate snowflakes.

Winter decorations for the windows with lights

Decorate the glass panes with window lights

Lights always add a festive touch, but they are not just for Christmas. Stars, snowflakes or just glowing baubles add a touch of winter magic to any window. Use small dainty lights or even a large glowing star.

Make your own window stickers

Winter decoration for windows - making window stickers from white glue

Make your own snowflake or star stickers with white glue. Stick them on the glass panes to give any room a wintry feel.

In just a few steps, create your stickers in the shape you want:

  • Draw a snowflake or star outline on a sheet of wax paper.
  • Apply white glue inside the outline until you have filled it. Try to make the white glue lines as thick as possible.
  • Create more white glue figures by following the previous step. The glue will take 1-2 days to dry completely. You will know it is finished when the glue hardens and becomes completely transparent.
  • Once dry, carefully peel each figure off the wax paper.
  • To make them stick, lightly wet the flat bottom of each snowflake or star with a damp paintbrush.
  • Carefully adhere the wet side to the glass surface of the window. Press down on all the pieces so they adhere well to the glass.
  • The stickers will look a little cloudy because of the moisture, but they will become completely transparent when dry.

How to make frozen winter decorations for the windows with Epsom salt?

Make your own frozen winter decoration for windows with Epsom salt

It is easy to learn how to make ice frosted windows with Epsom salt. If you’re dreaming of a white winter but the weather isn’t cooperating, you can at least make your windows look frosty with this simple craft.

This is a great project for the kids no matter what time of year it is. It has nothing to do with how hot or cold it is outside. And you only need three things to make it:

  • 120 ml of warm water
  • 80 g Epsom salt
  • 2 drops of blue liquid dishwashing detergent.

Mix the Epsom salt with the lukewarm water until the salt dissolves. Add one to two drops of blue dishwashing liquid.

To create a frosted window effect, dip a microfiber cloth in the Epsom salt solution. Wipe the window pane with the solution. Then dab a dry paper towel over the wet window glass to absorb excess moisture. Allow the solution to dry completely, which may take at least a couple of hours. As the liquid evaporates, the magnesium sulfate will return to a crystalline form that resembles ice crystals on a window.

Easy cleaning:

Once you’re ready to look through the windows again, wipe down the windows with a favorite window cleaner, such as equal parts vinegar and water. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the windows.