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Winter decoration for outside after Christmas: These ideas will make the outdoor area cozy and beautiful in winter

Christmas may be over, but winter is just arriving. And the best way to make the outdoors more pleasant despite the gloomy weather is with atmospheric decoration. Winter decorations for outside after the holidays have many elements in common with Christmas decorations, but without the red and gold accents, Christmas characters, and festive lighting. Do you also want to make your home entrance, patio or balcony cozier in winter? Then take a look at these wintry and beautiful outdoor ideas!

Decorate the entrance to the house after Christmas

Winter decoration for outside make home entrance cozy in the cold season

If you want to continue enjoying the coziness of winter after Christmas, then consider a cozy winter decoration. This means not only the living room, but also the outdoor area and, among other things, the entrance to the house.  This area is the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit, and it’s worth creating a welcoming overall look. However, after Christmas comes the big question: can my Christmas decorations stay after the holidays or do they have to go? The answer is, it depends. A neutral, minimalist Christmas decoration that doesn’t include any colorful, festive elements may also be used as winter decorations for the months ahead. However, classic Christmas decorations such as decorated Christmas trees, red bows and ribbons, Santa Clauses and elves are better tucked away until next December.

Winter decorations for outside – decorate the front door!

Wreath made of white orchid flowers and snowflakes stickers for the front door winter decoration

Start with the front door. Contrary to popular belief, a wreath is a good idea any time of year. Natural material wreaths are best for winter, but you can also consider other ideas, such as a DIY wreath made from an old sweater or a door decoration made from white artificial flowers like these orchids. If you think your front door decor still needed a wintry accent, add some snowflake stickers to the door panel and side panel.

Ideas for a welcoming entryway in winter

Beautiful winter decoration for the area outside the front door

The trick to creating a cozy and inviting front entrance is to use the appropriate materials and colors. Be sure to consider the color of the exterior walls and front door. They will set the tone when you choose the decorative elements. Basically, you simply can’t go wrong with wood, dried flowers, candles and textiles in neutral colors like beige and gray.

Ideas for winter home entrance decoration with artificial flowers

If you’re a passionate gardener, you may have a few pots and containers to spare, especially in winter. Use them (and those made of zinc, among others) to show off beautiful arrangements of evergreen branches or even artificial flowers. A few hints of the long-awaited spring also go down well with outdoor winter decorations.

White accents ice skates and natural materials as winter decoration for outside

Still to remind you of winter and its beauty, you can use sleds, ice skates or vintage snow shoes as part of the decoration. Hang them on the outside wall or get an old wooden ladder for the purpose. Combine with artificial white flowers, snow-covered branches and logs and a few pine cones to create a whole winter ensemble.

Wire baskets filled with firewood and green branches as winter decoration for the house entrance

To add a rustic yet modern accent, you can also fill stylish black wire baskets with logs and evergreen branches.

Natural materials decoration for the front door

If you have focused exclusively on natural materials for your Christmas decorations that have no direct connection to Christmas, then you can keep these decorations until the end of winter.

Garden and terrace winter decoration

Winter decoration for the terrace stack wood decoratively

It would be much too bad if you do not visit your garden and terrace all winter. Yes, you can’t spend long hours at the garden table in low temperatures like you can in spring and summer, but with the right decoration and a few warming elements, your terrace will instantly become more friendly. For example, outfit your garden chairs with faux fur covers and bring a few cozy blankets outside. A small fire bowl that you can move back and forth is an added bonus. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea or hot chocolate in the fresh air, too.

Make your own lanterns from ice as decoration for the house entrance

If icy temperatures are on the way, you can use the power of nature to your advantage and make a free ice decoration yourself. All you need are balloons and water, nature will do the rest. Fill the balloons with water until you reach the desired size of the ice lantern. Then put the balloons in a suitable bucket so that they stand upright and wait for the water to freeze. Then fill a little hot water in the center to make a hollow, pour out the water and place a tea light in the center. These lanterns will make their snowy front yard even more beautiful.

Christmas decoration for the house entrance in zinc bucket design

A little greenery on the patio or in the garden goes down well in any season. In winter, when there is no green lawn to be seen, you can fill a zinc tub with evergreen branches, eucalyptus, succulents and hyacinths to create a beautiful outdoor arrangement.

Winter decorations for outside on the balcony

Balcony design and decoration in winter

And what about the balcony? If you think that “balcony” and “winter” do not belong together in the same sentence, then you are wrong. Because the balcony can provide pleasant outdoor moments even during the cold season, if it is suitably decorated. Suitable for winter decoration after the holidays include illuminated lanterns of different sizes, soft, cozy cushions and blankets, as well as a few cold-loving plants such as the Helleborus and cyclamen.

Winter decoration for balcony candles lanterns and textiles

Lighting is also an important aspect of winter decor for the balcony, especially if you plan to use your small outdoor room in the afternoon and evening hours. It doesn’t have to be opulent lighting, though. Just attach a string of lights as well as a few lanterns to make the outdoor area cozy and inviting.